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Found 253 results

  1. Hi, in the last beta of Affinity Photo for Mac (I'm using Mojave 10.14.2) the right click (or ctrl+click) doesn't work on spare channels so that it's not possible rename or assign it. Thanks
  2. Hi, so I have this question, I am using MacBook now, but want to change for windows in few months. If I buy Affinity photo today and install on MacBook, can I install it in the future on new Pc with windows without buying another copy? How it works? Greets.
  3. I am trying to save my document that I've put a lot of work into, but now it won't let me save it. I have tried saving it in various locations and names and get this same (attached) error. I have plenty of storage space on my laptop and am not using any external drives. I have tried simply creating a new file and copying the layers, but it still won't save the document. I am able to export the documents, which I have done, but I do not want to lose the source document. Another interesting thing, I saw that it is somehow saving the document though it tells me it isn't. But, when I try to open it, it says it is already open. So, I tried to duplicate the document and save that, got the error about it couldn't be saved but noted that it still "saved" something to my desktop. So, I closed the duplicate file and tried to open the "saved" file and still got the error that the file was already open. For reference, I am on a Macbook Air.
  4. andersoncosta

    EPS not loading

    Hi, I'm using Affinity Designer and Photo, and I figure out a bug using a Mac OS X HighSierra 10.13.6 (memory: 8GB, 1TB HD) The bug: Some EPS files don't open. An example: This file from Freepik - when I try to open this on Designer or Photo, it crashes Mac. If I don't Force Quit, all the system turns into completely unusable. Another bug with EPS: the file open with nothing. Completely white. But it opens good in another softwares. An Exemple is: Alfaparf Milano logo from Brands of the world website The result is exactly the same using Designer or Photo. Best Regards, Anderson Costa
  5. Hello! I downloaded the Affinity Designer test version about 14 days ago. The test license expired a few days ago. Today I purchased the full version in the App Store. When I open the app it shows that my test version has expired and that I need to insert the product key to proceed. I didn't receive the product key because I bought the full version in the App store. What can I do? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi folks, anyone noticed the colour change when converting down from 32-bit to 16-bit? Searched the forum for a while and it doesn't come up. I'm working with 32-bit EXR render and at some point you need to convert down to a lower bit depth and when you do any editing on the scene, it changes the colour. Do the same in Photoshop and it stays correct. You can try it with anything: Exposure or Curve to make it visible. Set up the exact same settings in both AP and PS and convert down to 16 bit and then compare both images. Or even just do it in AP. Have your layer stack in full 32 and change the format down to 16 and then switch back and forth to see the difference. I think this is a huge drawback. Whatever is handling the conversion in the background, somethings off. Cheers, Bo
  7. As you can see in my signature my Mac Hardware is getting to 'that' age. Affinity Photo quite often responds slowly (slower than I expect it to). Upgrading my setup is a likely cure but - you know what comes next - financially challenging. Originally AP proved to run snappily enough but now goes down regularly (Raf raw files). I have enquired of this site and Serif as to the reason for this with no success. So opinions please. Will a substantial updating eg. iMac 27" maxed out be the solution or is there a mid price option that can do the job. I do know the old adage of top of the range lasts longer but nowI have reached the final upgrade point that seems a little like 'fuzzy logic'. I do not intend moving from Fuji so it is the Raf file handling that is the main ball of contention. Will Serif sort that that for me and the Fuji users or is it just more grunt needed? Confused question, I know but if it wasn't I probably would not be asking it! All responses gratefully received.
  8. help-me-if-you-can

    Zoom issues when using external monitor

    Find a demonstration in the video attached. When I drag the Affinity Designer window from my laptop's monitor to an external monitor and then zoom or resize the window, the displayed elements and wireframes desynchronize. The visual display is not where it is supposed to be. I remember having this on Windows as well. affinity-bug.mp4
  9. I bought Affinity Designer for Windows 10 recently, and was wondering if I can use the product key to also use it on my mac. Can I?
  10. I can't load icons for flipping in the menu bar. I tried to reset Affinity Photo. No success. The icons do not appear in the selection. System Info: OS X 10.11.6 (15G22010) Affinity Photo 1.6.7 It would be great it could help who. Thanks in advance.
  11. Does anyone know of any issues being reported when using Affinity Photo's Extensions within Apple Photos? I've just started to use Affinity within Photos for quick edits, and have found a couple of issues that make it unreliable: Affinity Retouch: Loupe slider controls do not appear immediately and start as a purple drop down box. the sliders ultimately appear but disappear most times. The Loupe often does not appear and instead the mouse pointer remains, (functioning as the selected tool, i.e. dodge or burn). The Loupe can be forced to appear by zooming in and out, but often disappears as soon as the mouse is moved to click on a spot. Affinity Develop: Intermittently opens with a black screen displaying the Affinity logo, and will not display the current photo. Equipment: Computer: MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015), 16GB RAM, Solid state drive. OS: macOS High Sierra version 10.13.6 Photos: Version 3.0 (3291.13.210) Affinity: Ver 1.6.7 No Other Apps running. MacBook passes all tests. No other known issues with the MacBook
  12. I just purchased Affinity for the Mac with the understanding that it could export to PSD format.When I try to import then export PSDs, Affinity crashes repeatedly; it crashes when I simply click on the PSD tab icon in the "Export" dialog.This is a big problem for me.I'm on Affinity 1.6.11, and Mac OS 10.13.4 (High Sierra).Is a solution known at this point?Thanks, Q
  13. Hi, Software: Affinity Photo Version: 1.6.11 I have discovered a bug while in the import window. It appears Affinity Photo does not give the spacebar functionality to the import window but rather 'hijacks/keeps' it as the "temporary move" hotkey. This means when I preview a file to import using the spacebar functionality, it does indeed show a preview of the file, but straight after returns the functionality back to Affinity Photo, thus you are unable to close the preview window, or go to the next image with the arrow keys. I've done a little screen capture to show you. Hopefully it makes sense. https://youtu.be/io5fSPc043c I have not yet tested the bug in Affinity Designer. Cheers, stwr
  14. Due to a corrupted file, I've reverted to a previous version (last worked on using v1.7.0.140) and observed something I don't recall seeing before. There's a red striped "decoration" down the left edge of many of the layers (text frames, shapes, curves) in the Layers panel. Where this exists on a group, it is present on each sub-layer when the group is expanded. This is a Master page which is, initially not applied to any document pages. After applying the master to a document page, the red stripes change to a solid red line which is now present on every layer. Looking back to previous versions of this same file, those lines are present there too. It's the sort of thing I'd like to think I'd notice and I don't recall spotting them before. Makes me think this has arrived with… I can't find any reference in either the Layers section of the manual or the Layer Panel page in the Help. I also did a quick search across the forum and drew a blank. Can anyone explain what these stripes signify?
  15. Hi all, I have an 11 x 8.5 page with 2-up cards, each exactly 5.5 x 8.5. Each card has two groups, Front and Back. The Front group contains a text frame, which is well within the card margins. Text frames have the "handle" on the lower right. I need to export each 5.5 x 8.5 card for client proof. When I select the groups, the entire selection now has the text frame handle at the lower right. And when exported -- AD adds extra space on the right, equivalent to that text frame handle! So instead of 5.5" width, the exported file is 5.7-something" wide. If I delete the text frame, this problem goes away. But some of these are paragraphs of text, so using artistic text won't be practical. Does anyone else have this issue? Is there a workaround, other than rasterizing the text (which also isn't practical)? Clearly it's a bug -- so, Affinity, can you confirm and address it?? -B Affinity Designer Mac Desktop, 1.6.1
  16. Having an issues copying layers from one affinity designer document to the next. When the layer is copy to the other document it gets pixelated. What is the best way to import/copy layers to other documents without loosing the vector quality? Issue has been resolved when I reopen the document everything was fixed.
  17. Hi, For starters, i apologies for my bad english writing, it's not my native language. As a new user of Affinity Photo i would like some help with the following problem. I already managed to edit some pictures, saved them as a Affinity file and exported them as Jpeg by the export function. Everything went smooth until i tried to export the document as can be seen in the added screen shot. In the export dialog you can see that the estimated file size is "calculating...", this doesn't change. I've let it calculate for 10 to 15 minutes. Usually its calculated far within a minute. So I thought nevermind the calculating and just press export. When i do, nothing happens. The dialog closes but the popup for filename and directory to export to doesn't appear. I already tried other export formats, restarted the program, rebooted the computer and renamed the "save" file. Btw, i now see that this problems is also with other files/documents.. Hope someone knows a solution. Jeroen
  18. Going through the tutorials up to linked Text Frames, believe there are a number of stability issues. 1) Ghost Frames Having set up the Text Frames for Heading and Body Text, there are ghost versions on 'canvas' adjacent to page 1 (ghostFrames) 2) Duplicated Frames. Even though I have NOT deliberately applied the MasterPage style, all the pages have it applied. If I remove an object from one page, all objects go.(duplicatedFrames) 3) Very buggy text Styles. When trying to either save or apply Text Styles, they are not saved and/or applied reliably (textStyles) And (textStyles2) 4) Similar problem with the Body format being picked up. When I changed the font colour in the Text Frames (body) they did not automatically update and even though I had changed the Body color using the Text Style "Update Paragraph", selecting this did not change the font color in the first Text Frame... None of this happens in The Mac version which I am also playing with side-by-side.
  19. Aff. Photo v1.6.7 apparently allows to open .HEIC files. Strangely enough some can be opened and others not. I cannot see why anything in these files would be different. This makes me wonder: - is Aff. Photo for Mac v1.6.7 supporting HEIC for 100%? - what could be the reason some of these HEIC are not recognized and the following message is shown: "Failed to open file. This file type is not supported." Thanks for your help! file_recognized.HEIC file_not_recognized.HEIC
  20. Hello, when I try to make a selection with the selection marquee tool, objects get selected that are not inside the marquee tool. They get selected even when the marquee tool is only close to the object. Attached is a screenshot with an object selected, although the marquee tool does not touch it.
  21. I opened (and slightly edited, but that does not change the matter) the following SVG with AD: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/77/Unix_history-simple.svg However, exporting this to PDF fails with the (extremely helpful) message:
  22. Coming back to Publisher beta .128 now ! @AdamW the installation was fluid and without issues at all (like previous beta version for mac) but was a bit faster than beta .58 Software start is even faster. Yeah ! the convert to frame picture is working very well; i'm happy to be able to create smart tool of any form and simply change it to picture frame and clip a picture to it and obtain an artistic thing. and still be able to tweak by adding more points, radius, and even curve edges; this is simply very good move. Here something very pleasing is the availability of preset and preset manager for smart tools... it's simply nice and time saving but i have a question for this: what file extension is recognized as a preset that can be imported as smart tool preset in APub ? Also i'm now able to easily place geometry section in my toolbar (couldn't do that with .58 at all); yet Another question: could it be possible to also have Geometry and Transform & Rotate as group ? this should be like you did with the alignment group which is now offering much more options that saves lives; i believe making it possible for the geometry section of tool to also become a group will make it better ... also please make it possible to have live preview on each of the geometry function (placing my mouse over subtract should show me how the it will look like without me clicking) this will help people making up their mind and figuring it out before applying cuts or adds using the geometry section. Yeah Export now includes bleeds as you promised, big thanks ! The Export persona is still ... and need to be improved to fit with what APub is becoming. The same file/project created with .58 loads much faster with .128, this is a good move. What file is recognized to be a table format that can be imported in APub ? This is my quick review of Affinity Publisher Beta .128 on MacOS, maybe i will give the windows version a try in coming days. Blessings !
  23. Issue 1: Some Affinity Designer files default open in Affinity Photo. Also, for some files, the icon associated with a Designer file show the Photo icon. Issue 2: Adobe Illustrator files are associated with Affinity Publisher. Trying to change the association creates the error " {file name} can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer." Issue 3: While working on an Affinity Designer file on my MacBook Pro, the Handoff icon on my iMac shows Affinity Publisher. I have attached some screenshots. Thanks in advance. -Bill
  24. hi when I purchase for Mac OS , can I use on iPad too without purchasing iPad version of affinity ?
  25. Hello, I just start few month use affinity photo , edit from raw file from sony a 6000, and have problem with raw picture quality This is original raw file =========================================================================================== this picture is minus 2 exposure before develop =========================================================================================== this picture is minus 2 exposure after click develop , and on layer photo, going to Develop Persona again. why image quality diffrent ? Thank you.... Hanif