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Found 218 results

  1. I have been trying to output to a PDF from Affinity Photo. It does not work.The file will output but it is always created with a large white box about a1/4 of the image. Drop shadows under text is skewed also. I have tried all types of settings with the same results. I have also checked the files out in Preview and Acrobat with the same results. This is an issue as I go to press (digital and offset) often. The only way around it is to save the file as a Photoshop file, bring it in to PS and then create a PDF. That works fine but the goal is to replace Photoshop and I can't right now. Is this a bug?? Or am I doing something wrong?? Thanks......James
  2. How to install AFDesigner on mac? I bought it on MS store so I don't have a product key. Can you help me with this? Thanks
  3. Hi, When I refine a mask selection, the edges get fuzzy on the default settings. The settings are: Matte Edges - Checked Border Width - 10% Smoothing - 0 Feather - 0 Ramp - 0% I've attached a screenshot to show this. The noise occurs both inside AND outside the selection. I don't mind it occuring outside as I can deal with that, however it's inside the selection that's a constant frustration. This happens regardless of the matte I use. All the demos that I've seen have had worse background contrasts, yet the edges come out clean when the Refine tool is used. I'm also using OpenGL for my display. My current version is Affinity 1.6.7. Thanks.
  4. to modify the brushsize of the inpainting brush tool in the Mac version, the user guide says "[" or "]" - however, both keyboard shortcuts do not work. Any suggestions?
  5. Hey there internet friends, I'm having some trouble adapting my workflow around a new camera I've picked up recently, the YI M1. If you're not familiar, the M1 is a micro 4/3 camera with a beautiful 20 megapixel Sony sensor and not much else to offer. I've found that while the JPEGs it makes are mediocre at best, the RAWs can be developed really beautifully with a little effort in Affinity Photo. Unfortunately these RAWs aren't supported at all in Apple's RAW engine. And that's where the trouble starts. I'm a lifelong Aperture user. I have something like 100,000 photos in Aperture libraries, and I always felt kind of attached to it as a longtime Mac user that started getting serious about photography right about the same time it came out. Y'all can pry it out of my cold, dead hands. And although I've considered switching to ON1 (but not Lightroom) or whatever solution Affinity is working to develop (see my tweet w/ Affinity from 5/8/18 here:, I'm currently using on the Mac and on the iPad with a lot of success. It's no Aperture, but Apple has done a lot over the last few years to make it suitable for my purposes. Usually I develop my RAW file there, then make the few changes that may be necessary in Affinity Photo, then save it back out to Photos. This workflow works great for supported RAWs on the Mac, and I'm very satisfied with Apple's RAW engine, even for my tricky Fuji RAW files. But for these totally unsupported M1 files, all I get is a black image in And because of the way passes the file to Affinity to edit (as a usually great but in this case useless 16 bit TIFF), Affinity Photo also ends up with the totally black image. Although the YI M1 is not listed in the official list of supported RAW cameras, you can develop those files fine. Makes sense to me since this is the same sensor from the Olympus PEN-F which is on the supported list. But to get Affinity Photo to open the RAW relies on me finding the actual RAW file in buried directories inside my library, copying that file out, and then opening it directly. While I would find that an acceptable workflow just a few years ago, in 2018 that's a serious pain, especially since I often import all my photos directly into the iPad version of So I guess my question is this: can anyone recommend a workflow where I can open Mac unsupported RAW files directly in Affinity Photo as RAW files? Getting this working on the Mac is a good start, but I'd love to hear ideas for how to get it to work with the iPad as well. I've attached one of the DNGs to this post, but you get the idea. Thanks! P5090027.DNG
  6. When I open photos in High Sierra from the Photos App by right click > edit in AP the picture is opening in AP. After editing I try to save my creation "Save as..." and AP is crashing. Best Dennis
  7. Hello, in separated mode Affinity Photo and Designer don't take in consideration the "save dialogue window" that comes from top below every palette you have active in that moment. The result is that when anyone is trying to save files, you have to move and relocate the floating palettes and the main toolbar (see the attachment). Would be desirable to have another interaction with the save window, maybe hiding temporarily the palettes (now I do by myself pressing TAB) or pushing on the foreground the dialog window. Other feedback, that could be considered, is to allow more workspaces and the possibility to save them. There are many reasons, useless to explain, in which you need to save two or three workspaces with the disposition of palettes and toolbar you need.
  8. Hi, I signed up for the affinity designer free trail yesterday and immediately started the download. It was very slow so I left it overnight. This morning the progress line had not moved and the expected remaining download time was a 3 days. Is this normal?? Im on a MacOs Sierra version 10.12.6 Thanks! Brooke
  9. Hi I just discovered strange artifact within 2 of 3 my file exports (within same project file). Artifact stays there no matter the format of export (png / jpeg). Can someone please help me or try to explain what is happening. I have hundred of files and exports already and this is the first time I'm getting something like this. All files attached. UPDATE: I was started working on AD Windows, then continued on Mac, and finally get back on Windows machine to do final touches and export. Mac files are exported without artifacts!!! Only on PC I got this, but it is still a problem that should be checked. Thank you. 20180425_Yoga_tečaj_PCZ.afdesign
  10. In the latest version I'm getting an strange message. It used to be seamless, copy -> Paste and that was it. But now I'm getting this message: Is there that can be fixed in affinity? Pasting stuff finally works (it does paste and it's vector based and all...the thing is that this sign appears each time I paste something. If you have a lot of graphics you have to move from affinity to's really annoying. Thanks for taking the time to read this. B.
  11. Hi, since the most recent update a couple of months ago, I found that the crop tool can be selected, but I cannot actually crop or straighten (the corner points cannot be moved). Also if I choose a brush tool it will only work one brush width at a time. so I can click to get one circle the size of the brush to work but I cannot drag to cover a larger area. I have tried several of the brushes with the same outcome. Thank you for any advice
  12. I’ve brought this up before (but can’t find it anymore) and it has been kind of waved aside by staff but new observations have me bring this up again: I’m used to hit Cmd-D when the modal dialog comes up to dismiss unsaved work. This works with every program except Affinity Designer (and LibreOffice but that’s a different subject). I have to add that my OS language/locale is set to German but still, the shortcut is universal and works in every program I can think of right now except this one. Now, I don’t remember what Serif staff told me would be the reason for that but interestingly I can use the keyboard shortcut Cmd-R for “Replace file” in the respective dialog box when saving a file with the same name as an already existing one. So, why is that? I find it a major inconvenience that I can’t dismiss unsaved work with a keyboard shortcut.
  13. I just bought licences for several mac computers. One of them is still running with the 10.7 OS. Is there a version available that would work under such system ? It seems that the version of Affinity Photo ( would run under Lion. But this link give access to a trial version. Would it be possible to get a premanent version ? I can give a licence number by private email. Thanks for your help Laurent
  14. Hey, I am using Affinity Photo for MacOS on my MacBook Pro 13" 8GB RAM, i5 (MacOS High Sierra 10.13.4) But if I want to work with RAW (Develop Persona) the CPU usage from Affinity goes extremely up. The Mac is really really really loud then and there is no way to work smooth with the develop persona. After changing to photo persona the CPU goes to a normal level. Is this a bug or is my Mac to weak for developing RAW images? Is there any way to solve the problem? Greetings!
  15. Hi, i bought few week ago affinity photo and i like it a lot :-)!!! I bought it for the mac via itunes store, how can i aktivate the license for windows? Greetings
  16. Hi (Bonjour), I’m currently use a brand new iMac 5K 27 mid-2017 4.2 Ghz 32 Go RAM, latest High Sierra updates. The video card is a Radeon Pro 580 8192 Mo VRAM. I’m using Affinity Photo 1.6.7. What are the performance settings to get the fastest user experience with this iMac? Under DISPLAY: What to choose: Software, OpenGL (basic), OpenGL or Metal ? Should I use only integrated graphic GPU? Despite all my tests, I get constant similar performance with OpenGL or Metal or use GPU only? And the internal fan kick in very often. My Late 2012, top end iMac 27 doesn’t do worst. Does Affinity Photo is really optimized for Metal 2 ? FCP X rendering is two time faster on iMac 5K 2017. Thank you Michel
  17. I am using Designer 1.6.1 on macOS 10.13.4, and discovered a bit of strange behavior when exporting to PNG. It doesn't export some of the color or layers. However, if I export to JPG, everything exports as expected. Any ideas?
  18. Hi all, not sure whether I've found a bug or its just me not seeing a simple mistake. duplication issue.afdesign Here's what I do... I create a document 2000px x 2000px I use Guide Manager to place guides at 50% horizontally and vertically. I create a path with a stroke of .25px Align: centre. Stroke size doesn't really matter, as it does not affect the outcome. The path can be placed either vertically, horizontally or restricted to 45º The 45º angle was to get a path length that would not fall short in the document but it doesn't matter really these are just the placements I have tried as starting points. Checked paths rotational node placement was 1000, 1000px I moved the paths rotation centre to the centre of the document (1000,1000px) Initially I wanted to rotate by 5º but noticed as I duplicated the paths the duplicated paths were out of alignment at 90º, 180º and 270º To test I created the path again and duplicated by the restricted 15º by holding shift down as I rotated, this aligned to the 90º, 180º and 270º correctly. So, I tried rotation by 5º again and this confirmed the misalignment. If you continue the duplication the offset is equal and you will end up with consistent bands. Continued duplication by the restricted 15º always keeps alignment I made two groups one coloured black and one coloured pink, the starting path's are both accurately aligned at the vertical point, once you start rotating thats when it all goes wrong. So it really shouldn't be misaligned if 15º can align why can't 5º Pink is the 5º duplication
  19. Hello everyone I'm new to digital design/art, never used any programs other than Affinity. I've been using them in my spare time trying to learn everything I can about them. I've scratched the surface of the tutorials, seems like theres an abundance of them. I've also searched thru the forums to find help with my issue, which brings me here. In AP 1.6.7, in the photo persona, sketching on a blank canvas, I would like to flip the canvas horizontally/vertically, often. I can do so from Document>Flip Horizontally/Vertically at any time and it works flawlessly. My problem happens when I attempt to use the shortcut for this action. When I hit the shortcut key(s) the canvas basically does nothing, and eventually starts to slowly flip blocks of pixels at a time, which can be sped up by moving my cursor over every part of the document that hasn't flipped yet. Sometimes they don't flip at all and I have to go to the Document menu and click flip v/h to get it to right itself again. This happens whether theres one line on the page or a thousand. Occasionally the shortcuts will work after I do it 3-6 times in succession, but will go back to not working correctly after continuing my work. I've gone thru all the tools to figure out this happens when using the paint brush, dodge brush, erase brush, burn brush, sponge brush, blur brush, sharpen brush, median brush, smudge brush, gradient, pixel tool and color replacement tool. Every other tool will allow me to shortcut the canvas flip horizontal and vertical exactly the way I assume it's intended to be, instantly. I haven't messed around with the settings much at all, I did try changing the shortcut keys and reverted back to default when there was no change. There could very well be something I'm missing or not doing right, and I hope someone out there can shed some light on this issue. Thank you in advance for any response. I'm running the latest updates on AP and AD MacOS High Sierra 10.13.3 (17D102) MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013) 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M SSD
  20. I'm on macOS High Sierra 10.13.1. I have an early 2013 15-inch Retina Macbook Pro connected to a Intuos Pro small tablet. I use the brush tool in Affinity Designer to doodle simple drawings for animated videos. I've seen serious lag in the Brush tool performance since upgrading to the 1.6.0 version. I pick up the brush tool, try to draw something with my Wacom pen and there is a 1-2 second lag before the brush hits the screen. This sounds like a small thing but when you're drawing 100-200 images for a video, it quickly becomes very annoying. Basically, I need to start every drawing 3-5 times before I the brush "lands" the right way on the screen. I don't have this issue with using the latest version of Illustrator. How do I optimize the performance for my system/use case? Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  21. Hello. Does anyone have a problem with the recently updated Designer, that causes PDFs to be exported as one single page, instead of multiple pages? I'm on Mac and my customer on Windows and we both have same issue. The workaround is Save As Copy, but it's not ideal as I had presets in Export Persona per file. This applies to any file, created in the new version or previous versions, so I belive it is not related to the file, but to the recent update. I have Affinity Designer 1.6.1 on mac and my customer something like 1.6.4 or so. Thx for help!
  22. Hi, not sure if this is a bug but I've been facing this particular problem lately. For the past few sessions, whenever I try to edit a RAW with Affinity via Mac Photos, the same photo keeps loading, i.e., even though I open file A, or B, or C, or whatever, it's always file D that appears. Even when I used another Mac Photos file (I've divided my photos into Photos 2018, Photos 2017, etc), the same D appears. It's just like a never-ending nightmare loop. I can't really remember the exact details as to how or when the problem started appearing. I suspect it was when I was figuring out how to open and edit the RAW in .ARW format and not TIFF when I might have closed the file in question before completing my editing. The same problem happens even when I open a JPEG. Affinity will instead open at Develop Persona with the above mentioned File D. Really no idea what I can do. Would appreciate any help or advise. Thanks!
  23. Using Huion Q11K, now it works fine in the Huion calibration program, but there is no pressure sensitivity in Photo. I have set the brush property to depend on pressure and tried fiddling with the curves too. Even with default x=y there is no sensitivity. Velocity kinda works sometimes. Further, any click (even after selecting another tool, say, hand,) instantly changes it to the eraser. The same click works normally otherwise the rest of the time. Any help appreciated. (AP 1.6.6 on macOS 10.13.1)
  24. Is there a trial version available for affinity designer for mac? Thanks.