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Found 6 results

  1. I have been using Affinity Designer for about a month. I was trying to look back into history so I used the slider in the history tab. I clicked on one of the items in the list and I was HORRIFIED to find that ALL of my work between then and now disappeared. HOURS of work that I can't get back. I even saved it previously but then when I went back into history and clicked on an item, it auto-saved and I lost everything. Needless to say, I was furious. Why isn't it more intuitive how to work this? Can I get my work back?
  2. Facing a new issue. Sharing as an image from the Export page crashes the app and I lose all my progress. It gives the impression that I can’t really trust the app with my work. Additionally, settings for different tools behave unpredictably, and overall it seems to have an unnecessarily hard to learn interface. Losing hours of work unexpectedly is a total dealbreaker though, making the app a non-starter if I want to do any serious work. So I strongly urge the team to focus on stability and usability. I’m going to keep the app because of the value compared to monthly subscriptions. Not be
  3. Hey guys, I worked all morning on a file that was based solely visually on a PDF. After one hour I saved the file and worked on it for another 2 hours. I just wanted to adapt the name of the reference PDF, searched for it in the Save As dialog and selected the file to avoid typing the file name manually (admittedly, I didn't double check, it was supposed to quickly save the file, but yeah I should've known better). I closed the document and left for lunch. When I came back I got an error message trying to open the file because it appeared to be saved in an unknown file format.
  4. Affinity just crashed as I was exporting. It just shut down and lost my work. Upon reopening Affinity no autosave box came up with my lost work ... any where it could be saved too? Not good at all. Very close to going back to PS. This cannot happen.
  5. As I often foolishly do, I ignored the battery level warnings, and my first-generation iPad Pro shut down abruptly while I was working on a PSD that I’d imported from Procreate. When I restarted and opened AP, the document wasn’t there. I lost 45 minutes or so of work. Definitely not the end of the world, but I’m surprised that my document hadn’t been automatically saved while I worked on it. So, I’ve made a solemn vow that I’d never let my battery deplete again, but I’m thinking that this is a bug that should be checked out. Thanks!
  6. Ever since updating to Affinity Photo starts to bog down (and often bogs down Windows too) to the point of un-usability. Sometimes it will just lock up, where Windows says the program is Not Responding. Other times, everything seems alright then, suddenly, the program has shut down with no window in sight and all work lost. I did not have these issues with the previous version and I am certain nothing else on the computer has changed besides Photo. I'm running Windows 10 (1703) with an i5-2500K @4.2 GHz, 16GB DDR3, the OS is on a 500GB SSD, and Photo is installed on a 40GB
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