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Found 16 results

  1. Hello, I would like to ask if it is foreseen to translate the Affinity Photo to other languages. I'm especially interested in Czech language. I have no trouble in using English at all but there are older generations of photographers that would love to have the Affinity translated. If there is no plan to do that, is there a simple way for me how can I do that? Thank you for your answer in advance. Jakub
  2. Hi! My Mac’s system language is set to Korean, but for some reason the Mac App Store versions of both Affinity Photo and Designer (v1.8.3) run in Japanese. (The Affinity store version of Publisher runs in English as you’d expect if there’s no Korean localization.) I understand both so it's not a critical problem for me personally, but switching mental gears all the time is weird. Might want to fix this? :)
  3. This is a Spanish translation error on the three apps of the suite. In Preferences > General: the "Automatically hide extension" setting string has been incorrectly translated as "ocultar selección automáticamente" (which means "automatically hide selection" ) It must be translated as "ocultar extensión automáticamente" I've been getting crazy because I could not find the hide extension setting, until I set the apps on English and realized it was incorrectly translated. Best regards and have a nice weekend.
  4. Very glad to see that the new tutorials have subtitles for the languages which the Affinity site supports. This will save me time when I explain to my colleagues in photo club of the Volkshochschule Rheinfelden how I develop and edit my photos in Affinity Photo. With regard to the tutorial HDR from one exposure (https://affinity.serif.com/de/tutorials/photo/desktop/video/341759551) I have found some mistake that will wreak much confusion: 00:44 Wir belassen das dabei 00:47 denn wir wir die Ausgangs-Farbkurve anwenden -> denn wenn wir die Ausgangs-Farbkurve anwenden 00:51 werden unsere Werte außerhalb der Grenzen liegen. -> werden die außerhalb der Grenzen liegenden Werte abgeschnitten. One could consider using the subjunctive here, i. e., denn wendeten wir die Ausgangs-Farbkurve an, würden die außerhalb der Grenzen liegenden Werte abgeschnitten. At any rate, as it stands, the text makes no mention of the fate of out-of-bounds values, namely, that they will be clipped. Regarding the translation of to clip as clippen, I have the feeling that one says in German, that highlight details clippen, but not that they geclippt werden (are clipped), i. e., that clippen is intransitive and has no passive voice, even though the past participle, geclippt, can be used adjectivally, e. g. when speaking of geclippte Highlight-Details. That is why I used abgeschnitten, not geclippt. 02:12 und wir können sie kolorieren. I am puzzled about the use of kolorieren. I have not encountered kolorieren as a translation of to tone map. Linguee.de seems to imply that tone mapping is usually translated with das Tone Mapping, and gives many examples where the verb to tone map is rendered as to do or to perform a tone mapping. Actually, though, developing to a 32-bit space means, more generally, that out-of-bounds values are retained and remain available for all the things that one can do to the output of the Develop persona, including but not limited to tone mapping. I suggest, und bleiben für die Verarbeitung nach der Entwicklung der Roh-Datei erhalten -> and remain available for processing after developing the RAW file. This, of course, means that tone mapping, or whatever it is being called in German in Affinity Photo, is one such "thing."
  5. Hi, I (german) just used the tabstopps in AD for the first time. After some fiddling around I figured out, that I can't use the "align by decimal"-feature, because we use the comma as separator instead of the point. This may not be the most urgent request, but it would be nice to choose the comma in a future-version. Thanks Sebastian
  6. Not sure if I should have created a thread for this because it's not that important, but there is a little interface bug in the French version of the Curves pane in both Photo & Designer. Here is a screenshot. It might be better to just replace the text by a color picker icon.
  7. Hello, Some error messages exhibit a mismatch of languages (see attachment): localized + English (Beta version
  8. Hey team, I am using OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 with German language, but have Affinity Photo set to "English (United States)". As can be seen on the screenshot, the menus, tooltips, etc. are in correct language, but the brush names are still German :) Best regards, Rorando
  9. Hi; It might be a good idea to have a 'translate suggestions' sub-forum here, in order to suggest Affinity team localization improvements or submit translation errors, not merging them with real bugs. Currently, I've noticed that in the Spanish language 'nudge' is strangely translated to 'zumbido'. I couldn't figure out what whas this preference for, until I realize that the 1px and 10px distances that appears there are the same distance you jump when using the cursor. 'Zumbido' is the sound a Bee makes... can't see why is it assigned to the nudges (wich can be translated to 'codazos' or 'empujones'). Maybe 'saltos' is a better translation. What do you think? Val
  10. Please localize the keyboard shortcuts of your Apps properly. Cmd+[ (move layer down) is easy to access on english keyboard layouts, but with german layout you have to press Cmd+Alt+5. Using the same key position would be nice, like Cmd+Ü in this example. Current shortcut for German layout: Current shortcut for US layout: Preferred shortcut for German layout:
  11. Hi People. I have found a small translation error (At least in Spanish for Spain) on the document bleeding options. You have translated Bleeding as "Sangría" and it should be "Sangrado" In Spanish we use "Sangria" for the left and right paragraph spacing (i.e.: Left spacing "Sangría izquierda" or first line spacing "Sangría de primera linea") But the bleed margins are called "Sangrado" as in "Sangrado del documento" Document Bleeding Also, off-topic, "Sangría" is also a sweet fruited typical beverage from Spain and Portugal for those interested on those things: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sangria Cheers!
  12. Hi; I'm sorry for adding a post for this tiny thing; don't know if there's other way. In the spanish version, export panel, 'text as curves' is wrongly translated as 'texto en curcas', instead of 'texto en curvas'. Regards; Val
  13. Hi folks, I thought I should make note of the difference in localizations for menu items that immediately stood out to me. In a number of places, I see "Customise" and "Colour", but here in the U.S., menu items should show "Customize" and "Color". I realize that different places prefer different spellings, but I'm sure that OS X offers localization options that would allow Affinity to be consistent with the spellings in OS X based on the system region. For example, when set to my region, right-clicking a Finder window toolbar shows "Customize Toolbar...". Thanks for a great product!
  14. When I try to save a new file to a path containing an Umlaut e.g. ~/Test Umläut/Test.affinity Affinity will crash and loose all changes to that file. This is bad. Please fix. Update: It's not the Umlaut that causes that problem. I sometimes get a permission error and once I get that permission error, I can't save or overwrite anywhere, not even in good old $HOME. I closed all my Documents and now it seems to work again. I will report back, once I can reproduce this problem.
  15. Today I downloaded the new version of beta AFF-Photo. This is spanish-localized (good job!) BUT...... not all has been translated and WORSE...... some of the UI mini-buttons have texts/literals into them that exceed its size........ very disapointing so I PROPOSE: -- either use mini-icons and the text explanation as a help bubble when mouse is on it (mouse enter) -- or use symbols (a "+" or similar) with the same text bubble as before This can be also useful in the mini-tabs of the tools in the right side (layers, effects, styles, colour, histogram, history, etc)...... better mini-icons or symbols and help bubbles than shrinking text literals. Thanx Emilio
  16. Hello! I wanted to know if you are in your roadmap of publication of AD When you will make the localization in Spanish. I will be one of the first buyers when you release the final version. BTW, Only will be available via MAS to purchase? I have contacted with a guy that has been translated other apps like Yazsoft, Unsanity, BatCHMod, etc... And he has offered to translate your grrrreat application!! ------------ Hola. Me gustaría saber cuándo localizaréis AD al español. Seré uno de los primeros compradores de AD en cuanto se publique. Por cierto, sólo estará disponible vía MAS cuando salga de estado Beta? He contactado con un traductor que ya ha localizado otras aplicaciones de Yazsoft, Unsanity, BatCHMod, etc... Se ofrece para ayudar a localizar vuestra fantástica aplicación.
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