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Found 49 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am looking for the meaning of a few visual cues in the In the layers studio. What is the difference between nesting and clipping? Also the visual icons of a line through the center of your children layer versus a blue square on top of the selected layer. Please look at attached image for visual understanding. Screenshots are taking from the iPad version of affinity photo. But my question is for both the desktop and the iPad version. Thanks. Jg
  2. This has been happening on and off and I can't figure out why it is happening on certain images and not others. When looking at the lines in Affinity Designer, they look crisp, straight, and clean. After exporting, the lines becomes jagged and they look terrible. I am attaching 2 photos of a pumpkin illustration I made (the way it looks in AD, and the other after being exported). The most noticeable problems are on the stem of the pumpkin. I exported it as a PNG file. Working on a Macbook Pro, OS X El Capitan, 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 Processor, 4GB 1600 MHz memory. I am also attaching the AD file. Any help would be appreciated...not sure what I'm doing wrong. Thank you! Pumpkin.afdesign
  3. Hello, I've been playing with a some lettering and working on a new type. For example, I've taken the cross-dash in the "A" and moved the nodes to the bottom to make it look like an upside down "V". (It also happens on my "E") However, when I go to print, there's a very small line still at the bottom and I'd like very much to get rid of it. Every time I try to mess with the nodes now, the letter ends up out of whack. What's the best way to go about doing this? Thank you!
  4. When two or more shapes are alligned (from anchor to anchor), and these shapes have no stroke, it results in a transparent edge instead of no edge. See Example. Each of the triangles here are perfectly alligned from point to point, which should leave no space between shapes. The stroke is set to no colour, and the weight set to none, so I would imagine that the 'fill' should take up 100% of each shape. However, it seems that the stroke (which shouldnt exist), stil takes up a fraction of the shape, and allows the background to show through ever so slightly. The obvious way to get around this is to slightly overlap each shape - as you can see, there are quite a lot in the above, so this would be impractical. Is there any obvious way to get around this? Apologies, this question has probably been asked before, but I was finding it dificult converting this question to a searchable term.
  5. hi there, I want to create a drawing with only black lines. It has to be a drawing with 2 layers, one with a white background and one with only the lines, and a transparant background. How can i do that? And is there a way to change the size of those lines after i'm finished? thanks for helping!
  6. Hi, I thought, I might try it again as I for whatever reason never got an answer from any Affinity member about this ^^ steps to recreate it are: create new document, select type "Print (Press-Ready)" switch to Pixel-Persona select Paint-Brush-Tool Paint a line switch to rect marquee tool zoom in to the line select a piece out of the line press ctrl + x press ctrl + v go to menu Select --> Deselect got to menu File --> Export (PNG), click Export View file and zoom in, the gap lines are there This does NOT happen if I create a document with type "Photo"! But it DOES occur if I start a document as "Print" and later go to document settings and change it to "Photo". Edit: this happens up to the very latest beta ... but there it is a bit more difficult currently because pasting is broken, it moves the cutted piece not to the original position.
  7. Hello! So I bought Affinity Photo just the other day and I am really liking this program. However, since there have been reported issues of jagged lines when drawing, especially with tablets, I tried out the Beta for 1.6 to see if the issue was fixed. First things first, the new stabilizer feature is an improvement over the live version, which I have an example of with this first attempt at doing some lineart with the software (I used Lazy Nezumi Pro, but there are still artifacts of jagged lines in there when zooming in). As I said before, the jagged lines are improved upon in 1.6, but there is still one problem that really hampers my ability to create quick, smooth lines. The new version can handle straight lines pretty well, but when it comes to curved lines, there seems to be some form of input lag going on when I first begin the stroke (I am not using a regular brush, so the edges are rough on purpose). As can be clearly seen here, the brush strokes start off by not being able to recognize when I begin to sweep my pen in one direction, instead creating this edged curve that then practically disappears once a certain period of time has gone by (this also affects brush size based on pen pressure to an extent). However, the brush still creates a little bit of jagged lines in curves when it appears that it can't keep up with the speed that I draw in. While not as bad as in the live version, this makes me have to slow down my drawing/painting to the point where I have to wait every time for the program to properly respond to the input I am giving it through my Wacom Cintiq 13 inch HD tablet. If there is some solution to this, I will be able to drop Photoshop as my go to program fairly quickly.
  8. So I have a shape and I am trying to make sure the text I put to the side of it is perfectly centered to the with the shape. I know photoshop has something like this with their grids that show a line when you reach the top portion, bottom portion, or center of an object you are moving the item nearby. Does Affinity do the same? Photo from my website to show what I mean. See how the purple lines appear when I move my text over the bar on the bottom letting me know they are centered against each other? Thanks everyone! loving the program so far.
  9. Hey AD pals, help here would be greatly appreciated. I have a logo design done on my MacBook with AffinityDesigner 1.5.4 and have it set up as a document on an artboard with both vertical and horizontal Cut and Bleed lines visible on the document in all 3 Personas. The Cut and Bleed lines were done 'by the book' using the menu item 'Guides Manager' and the file has been named and saved. My problem/question: I need to export this artboard showing the Cut and Bleed lines to the sticker printer however when I go into export mode and export it (so far have done .pdf, .jpeg, and .eps), the file described above exports successfully but WITHOUT the Cut and Bleed lines being visible in the exported file. Please advise on where I'm going wrong and/or what step I am missing. Thank you! -Christo
  10. It could be very useful to have a facility for drawing straight lines which are at a specified angle to another such straight line. Maybe that is asking a lot, but I can't see why it shouldn't be possible. Ideally I'd like to see arbitrary angles, such as 27.25 degrees, but I believe at the present there are only accurate horizontal and vertical line possibilities. The lines could be part of a drawing or diagram or photo, or simply grid lines for positioning other objects, to be removed later.
  11. Hi there, I'm trying to create a simple speech box with a dragged out triangle for the "Speech" bit, so I've basically got a rectangle with a triangle attached - how do I get rid of the line where the two join so I have effectively one image with a bit blown out a bit in a triangle shape rather than what looks like two shapes stuck together?
  12. I've the following problem: I just wanted to make a simple "symbol" with a frame (with a little bit bigger black contour 1pt) and 4 lines inside, somehow grey (and a little bit thinner 0.3pt). I could manage to design it quite fast (using a rectangle and 4 lines - using the Pen tool), but when printed, I had to find out, that the inner lines are somehow pixelated, when I use opacy or any kind of grey color for the contours. The black one is fine (see attached pic). I'm new to Affinity Designer, so I hope, it's just a problem because I did something wrong. Anyone any idea - what's the problem? By the way, the printer is not the problem. I checked it with other programs. There it works well. Test.afdesign
  13. As soon as I adjust a setting in the brush manager, the opacity setting is reset to 100%. Is that intended? It would be great to have an option to link the strokes opacity to its length. This way it would bve much easier to generate fading straight lines using the Shift-key. For that I would also appreciate the possibility to set the starting point without actually setting a point into the image.
  14. Hello out there Learning a new program isn't always that easy, but sometimes you hit a brick wall and voila: I need to ask you out there. :) I can't figure out how to convert a line into an object (or shape), to further use this geometry to subtract it from another object (see attached pictures). You can convert shapes to curves, but not the other way round? The thing is, its easier to draw a line, adjust the thickness (stroke) to your liking and then convert this into a shape to, let's say, subtract it from something. Since I've stumbled upon the fact, that I can't precisely arrange things in AD, due to some odd snapping behaviour (or my lack of understanding these). thx for any help, Bo
  15. I have the latest version of AD and I'm coming from Xara. I've searched here, and watched numerous videos, just can't seem to get a handle on the line and brush tools in this program. I've seen many requests here to use videos to help explain my story. Here is a video on how to do it in Xara easy peasy. Here is a AD video on me trying to do line smoothing. Here is a AD Video on me trying to use vector brushes I've seen some posts saying that smoothing is really not good yet. So how is everyone dealing with this issue. The vector brush issues confuses the hell out of me since any settings I use does not seem to work. I've tried every type of controller setting and the line just appears the same maybe somewhat thicker. I did experiment with Profiles and was able to tweak the line a little, but all of this seems like a lot of work compared to Xara. Any help with getting brushes to work would be helpful. Thanks.
  16. So I have been using Affinity Designer for bout a month now and completely pleased with it. However there are a few things I have questions about. First is the font options. Is there was to add more fonts to designer? Also when I create a design and it has numbers and I print them off a lot of times the numbers print out with vertical and horizontal lines around them. How do I go about getting rid of that? Finally, I was wondering how i can cut and crop things outside of just squares? Love the program outside of these things I got questions about. Thank you, Chance
  17. I'm finding that I get a 1-pixel edge around some of my vector elements. Here is one example of the problem. I created a triangle with a black fill, the stroke is white and set to "Align Stroke to the Inside". The result is a 1-pixel line around the triangle. All image files export show the black line. I could break this element into two layers, one for the fill and one for the stroke, but should I need to? If I export the image as an EPS and open it in Adobe Illustrator the lines go away. However, this isn't an ideal workflow. Is this a common problem on Windows? Windows 8.1 Affinity Designer
  18. Hello everyone! When using snapping candidates, the highlights for those will be drawn over the scrolling bars. Is this intentional? This is happening in Affinity Designer 1.5.1 using OSX 11.6. I attached a screenshot for reference. Best wishes, Shu
  19. I'd like to create a globe with latitude and longitude lines. I want to achieve something like the figure below. Is there some instrument that allows me to achieve this result? Drawing all lines with the Pen tool is too error-prone, I'd like to have a more straightforward way to do it.
  20. Say an image you open in AP has a random line, maybe the border of a sign with perspective. How do you determine the angle of that line? (Or could be a line on an object in AD also, BTW). I thought about drawing a Pen Tool line on top of the inherited line but that doesn't help because AP puts a bounding box (horizontally) around your new line and declares the new line to be horizontal. I also thought about using the rulers to do Trig calcs but there must be an easy AP method, right? In PS you use the Measurer Tool. Or what if I wanted to draw a line at 20 degrees? How would I do that? One potential solution is use Shift to draw the line horizontal, then select the line and rotate it until it reads 20 deg in the Tip or in the Transform pallet. What do you think? AP for Win 10
  21. I am having lots of fun with the beta version. I draw a lot and would love to be able to slide the smoothing amount of the pencil or brush tool before I draw. My aim is to create clean lines without the need to go and edit multiple nodes after. AutoDesk Graphic for ipad does this wonderfully. Just an idea. Thanks for the great product.
  22. Hi, I have been using Graphic and would like to switch to Affinity. I use it to design floorpans for basketball and various athletic courts. Is there a line tool that shows dimensions as you draw and displays that information on the drawing? Is there a radius tool I could use for the three point lines? Can the grid layout be in feet and inches? See attached pdf. Thanks, Sean Untitled.pdf
  23. Hello! As you can see in the images I attached, there are lines showing in between snapped objects. screenshot0.png shows the situation within Affinity Designer, where there are dark lines in bright areas and bright lines in dark areas, whereas screenshot1.png is a detail from the exported image, which especially shows extra visible dark lines. Is there a way to fix this? I am using Affinity Designer 1.3.2 on Mac OSX 11.6 Best wishes, Shu
  24. Hello, I'm wandering how I can hide the contour lines on vectors, shown while working, but not after export. The red lines are not strokes, they also disappear when zooming in/out or moving the entire canvas? They are not showing on exported images, but are very annoying and they seem to show up randomly on different vectors and text, but not on all. Thanks in advance, Dimao
  25. I'm new to affinity, trying it out to see if I like it. But I'm struggling here.... How do you delete or erase part of a line segment in a shape? I have two overlapping shapes, and I want to make them into one and delete the overlap. I rasterized the shape, but is there a way to un-rasterize it in its new form? Or is there a way to get a cleaner cut from a line segment with out it being pixelated in the first place?