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Found 20 results

  1. We are looking at ditching Adobe in favour of your awesome apps! We run a small design studio (3 Macs) and 3 designers. How many licenses total do we need for the suite (photo/designer and publisher). Thanks
  2. I own two Macs. MacBook Pro and iMac. I use same Apple ID on both. CAN I USE THE SAME Product key(S) ON BOTH COMPUTERS? (I am a single user and use Affinity software for personal needs only)
  3. "...(i) if you are a private individual, to download, install, use and run for personal use, one (1) copy of the Serif Software directly on each computer running Microsoft Windows (“Windows Computer”) that you personally own or control. Commercial use is permitted but only use by you and not by any other users of any Windows Computers that you own or control. For example, other members of your household that use your Windows Computers may make personal use of the Serif Software whereas, if anyone other than yourself needs to make commercial use of the Serif Software, the other user will need t
  4. Hi, I just bought Affinity Designer and Photo. I have 2 PCs at home, being the only user of them. One is with Win8 another with Win10. What is the licensing model for Affinity? Can I install the software on both machines, or I am allowed only on one machine to have them. I wasn't successful in finding this information on the website. I think it would be a good idea if you actually make it clear. Thanks!
  5. Hi, I purchased an affinity photo license by downloading the app from the MS Store for Win10, I read that it is possible to use the same license purchased also on other PCs, but only by downloading the same license again from the MS Store. But I need to use the same license (already bought) on a PC with Win7 (not Win10), but to do this I have to download the sw from the Serif store (and not from MS) and I need a product key, but I don't have it because the app downloaded from the MS Store doesn't have the product key. How can I do? It does not seem right not to be able to use your license boug
  6. HI there, Hopefully someone can help me. I work in an office where often people find them selves working at different seats. I was wondering how Affinity's Photo and Designer work in this sort of environment where a license may be used on one machine in the morning and then needed on another machine by in the afternoon. Do you have a floating license version that looks at a license server and sees which machines are running the the available licenses, or is it a matter of logging into the software in order to use it in the same way one does with adobe licenses? Or is it a
  7. Hey! Just wanted to get answer to this simple question, as there is a 20% discount now and I don't wanna miss it. If you buy any Affinity product after the trial, is it linked to you somehow? Maybe through an email or something? Or is it just linked to the PC? I am asking this because I plan on getting a new one soon and I certainly don't wanna buy Affinity license twice. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, We are planning to shift our design tool with Affinity, is there any possibility of getting a team or commercial licenses?
  9. Hi, I would like to buy AD for Windows as I am using it with my current setup, however I will be getting Mac in a few months. Do I need to buy a second license if I wanted to use it on a Mac? Is there a way of transferring the license? Would it be better for me to postpone the purchase until I get a Mac? Thanks
  10. If a have purchased the iPad version do i also have to purchase the Mac version?
  11. This article relates to purchases direct from our own store https://affinity.store We license Affinity Software for iPad and Mac OS through their respective App stores, independently of Windows and the license is not transferable and needs to be bought for each independent OS (Windows/Mac/iOS) you wish to use it on. If you have a query regarding a placed order, that query should not be dealt with in a public forum like this, as we do not recommend sharing personal details like email address in public posts. Here are some solutions to common problems Wh
  12. Hi all. I just bought Affinity Photo since my trial was expired but apparently there was no way of resetting it, planning to use the 14 days money back policy should I find the need to (but really hoping to stick :P). Anyway, since I use mainly a Windows PC, I bought the Windows version thinking I could somehow use the license key on Mac OS. Now I'm looking for a Mac download to use AP on my MacBook but apparently the only link to the Mac App Store, which obviously asks me for a new purchase. Is there no way to download a "licensable" version of AP to use the same key? Or I should buy it again
  13. Hi. First post where I have a question about licensing but first want to say how awesome Affinity Designer is. I'm a Photoshop convert (not a pro) but Affinity Designer gets everything done that I need to do and more. Onto the question - I purchased Affinity Designer through the Mac app store for my Macbook. I wondered will I also have to purchase a separate license for Affinity Designer to use it on Windows? I've read through the licensing documentation that I could find and couldn't get a definitive answer but presumably I need to purchase another license for my Wi
  14. Hi Guys I would like to know if buy Affinity Photo and designer can i load them on my Office desk PC as well as my laptop. I have the old software photo plus and page plus. And you could load both software brands onto two machines.
  15. If I buy Affinity Designer for windows will I then be able to use that licence later on with a different PC, for example on a future upgrade. Obviously I'm not looking to having more than 1 PC registered at the same time, just one after another.
  16. Hi, I am working on a logo and the final subtext I went with is called "Shree Devanagari 0714 regular", which comes stock with Designer. Does anyone know where I can buy the license to legally use this for a logo? How much? Thanks
  17. Is there going to be an option to buy this from you directly outside the App Store? The reason being, in many creative agencies the designers don't own the software or machines they are working on, thus not being able to use a personal apple ID on a given machine in a department of say 20 or 30 designers split between two buildings. I also know I'm not going to set up a bogus Apple ID for all the machines to download a copy and tie a credit card to it. (Apple just makes buying theses kinds of apps in a corporate setting really hard.) Just curious on how this would work? Are you offerin
  18. Hi Guys, We are looking to replace Photoshop across the board at all our offices with Affinity Photo. We are having trouble doing volume purchasing for our staff in India via Apples volume purchase program. Is there any way for us to buy licenses directly from Affinity, or anywhere else other than the App Store. If we volume buy licenses in the Australian or US app store will they be legally O.K. for use in india, or should be buy licenses some other way for these staff. Cheers Ben
  19. Will after purchase be possible use one purchased license / serial to use both for mac an for windows version? (after windows version released)? As far as I know adobe allows for 2 machines per user, just not sure if even crossplatform. Because i believe that woulb be great for some people living "in both worlds" I ask as I would like after purchase to have one installation on my windows pc at home, and one on my iMac at work, will that be possible ?
  20. I purchased Affinity about 2 months ago. When I purchased the app I accidentally purchased it under an old Apple ID. I'm now in the process of switching machines and would like to move the app to the new machine, however, this machine is associated with the correct Apple ID. How can I move the app to the new Apple ID?
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