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Found 20 results

  1. I am trying to recreate a layout in Affinity Publisher that has been sent to me which includes 4 linked text frames, the second frame had a nevy blue background so the colour of the text has to be changed to white in that frame, in the rest it is black. The problem is that I finf it difficult to get the text to flow freely. In the the first box and second box it is tightly leaded but in the third and fourth boxes the leading is much looser with big spaces between the lines. How do I get the spacing of the lines to be even and the same in all four boxes
  2. I’m loving everything Affinity is putting together. Also will there be ‪an addition of type controls (leading / tracking / kerning )with the hot keys( option key + arrow keys) for ipad. Option plus left and right controlling the tracking and kerning. Option plus up-and-down controlling the leading like adobe hot key. ‬once learned this hot key in the adobe its been tough on ipad trying to keep ip my type placement speed with out it.
  3. Leading (in paragraph settings) should default to 120% rather than 103% - like in other design software. Apart from 120% being the standard in other software like Adobe CS. 120% leading is known to be best practice in graphics design in general. It's just a better starting point that does not even have to be changed in most cases. Moreover a leading value of 120% has even been the default in the successors of Affinity products. If you don't want to change the default of 103%, please make the default leading value configurable in the settings dialog!
  4. I'm not sure if this is a bug on the Affinity (or Adobe's?) suite, or something else I'm not understanding. I'm betting on something I don't understand so I'd like to hear a word from someone knowledgeable in fonts. I've noticed the character leading default value is smaller and variable in all Affinity apps, while on Adobe with value is larger and fixed. On Adobe's software, no matter what font you choose, you will always get the same default leading value for a certain font size. Let's always use 18 pt for clarity sake. So in Adobe you'll always have a (21.6 pt) character leading value for a 18 pt font size, regardless of the font chosen. On Affinity for a 18 pt font size the leading will normally be (18 pt) too, but this value varies with the font chosen. I've only seen it going higher than (18 pt), but normally just a few decimal points. For example some fonts have a leading of (18.6 pt), others (18.4 pt). I have noticed an outlier though, Gabriola has a huge (30.6 pt) leading. For what it's worth, the Affinity values seem a lot closer to what I'm seeing in LibreOffice, for example Gabriola has a huge leading value in both. I'm not sure what to make of this... anyone knowledgeable in fonts can help me understand what's going on? Thanks!
  5. I do love Designer and Photo and I am now looking for more precision so with that in mind please look at the accuracy of your program - with regards to the following: 1) When using the pen tool and snapping to a curve, if I zoom in using the super zooming ability of Designer, at a high enough zoom level the snapped node is actually not touching the curve at all. 2) Please allow me to specify more than 1 decimal place on all text and paragraphs properties I.e. leaning, font size, kerning, character spacing... when designing text to fit an exact area, it is very useful to bring back a single word orphan/widow by adjusting by 0.000001 without having to stretch the text box and distort the text. It may sound extreme but this kind of accuracy can be useful. You should definitely consider this on your up coming Publisher / InDesign alternative. 3) Allow us to snap to the ‘notches’ on the rulers like in Photoshop when you hold shift 4) Allow us to choose which rotation angles to snap to when using the rotation tools. An option in the preferences window to manage it would be great :-)
  6. Yesterday I decided to take a dive into AP by updating my company profile in it. While i was able to finish the job but the App has some serious bugs (as expected I guess). The moment I create flowing text, text on the second frame becomes tiny while maintaining it's leading. I tried to manually edit the tiny text on frame two but I doesn't respond. Applying the same text styles to both did not work either! At this point I tried to use page Colums because I wanted side by side text frames but it I could not manage to have spacing between the colums even using the textual ruler. I finally simply divided the text and created two frames manually like you have to do in AD. I remember that is one of the things I did not like in AD last year. Another thing I noticed is that text frames don't always respond to text styles applied to them especially font and font colour. There just seemed to be something being applied to paragraphs that I had not created. All in all though, this is a lovely app I can't to have the final release to add it to my arsenal
  7. Hi Affinity, I mostly use the Multiple option in the leading adjustment panel because it's dynamic. For my tastes, a value of 1.25 is often ideal for paragraphs and headings, as 1.5 is typically too loose and 1.0 too tight. 1.25 is not an option in the dropdown menu, so I'm forced to enter this manually, which is a nuisance. Would you consider the following suggestions: Adding presets to the Multiple options at .25 interval; instead of what's currently there: 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, etc... it'd be: 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, 2, etc... Adding the option for the to user edit the defaults or enter their own custom leading presets. Make the arrow key value adjustment shortcut correspond better to the Multiple option, so instead of increasing or decreasing by full integers, it would move up and down at .25 increments. Thanks so much and keep up the fantastic work!
  8. When text gets wordwrapped inside a textblock (or by pasting text into an existing textblock) all wordwrapped lines don't respect the leading and we're not able to set leading for those lines in the properties. The only way to get the right leading (as set in properties) on the wordwrapped lines seems to be to add linefeed-characters to ALL LINES by hand.
  9. Hello, I don't understand why the leading changes between the different lines in this Text Frame (attached image). Between the first and the second line, the text "ran outside" the bounds of the Frame, and created two lines automatically. Between the second and third line, I hit the return key, creating the third line manually. If I highlight all of the text, the leading is the same (12.4pt in this case). Why is the space between the second and third line different than the space between the first and second line? Thank you!
  10. Hello, I just opened a psd file with Affinity, and when I try to change the Leading of a text field (frame text) to 20 for example, I get 1.4, or other small random values. Cheers, Chris
  11. Letters with a round form should extend past the grid line (see 2.png for correct alignment). AD aligns the rounded forms to the baseline instead (3.png). Grid 8 / 2 Text field height: 24 Leading/Baseline: 16 (illustrator) -4 (AD) I might be doing it the wrong way, so if there's another way of doing it, let me know.
  12. Hi. I just tried Affinity Designer a month ago, and I was hooked. And last week, I bought a license, not disappointed. I am migrating to the AD now. (Formerly I was a user of the big name vector software for years). Here is the feature request. Since I often use AD for web design, I think it really needs the ability to set the character leading to a relative value (like 1.5x or 1.5em or 150%). So when we change the font size, the leading will also be adjusted. Thanks.
  13. I am using Affinity Designer 1.5.5 for Mac. The paragraph leading seems to have doubled. At 16pt/16pt, it appears to come out as 16pt/32pt. This is consistent at other sizes, such as 10pt/10pt (looks like 10pt/20pt), etc. The only way to achieve true 16pt/16pt is if I change it to 16pt/8pt. I tried other typefaces and still got the same result. This seems to be a bug and not sure if this is affecting other users. Thank you. Edit: Nevermind, I found out that "Space after Paragraph" had a value that threw it off.
  14. 1. It would be great to have a Type Preference Pane where we can set up defaults. For example, as a designer/typographer, I don't use any other unit of measure for leading other than Points, and would like to set that as my default in the Paragraph palette. 2. An option to substitute the inch and foot marks ( " and ' ) for single and double quotes ( ” and ’ ) could also be a welcomed benefit and productivity enhancer. This again is basic professional typography. 3. Additionally, have you considered adding a leading field to the Character palette as well. I appreciate having it in the Paragraphs palette but I don't always need to venture there, and it would be a productivity enhancer to have Leading in the Character palette as well.
  15. AD 1.5.1 The paragraph leading control no longer functions correctly for both frame text and artistic text. This is not caused by incorrect setting of the leading override control as I have this set to auto (though changing the leading override control does work as expected). When selecting paragraph leading the text updates correctly when mousing over menu items, but when clicked the leading jumps back to its original value. Here is a screen capture demonstrating the problem: https://youtu.be/jX5JPzYvNIw
  16. I've just completed a large project ready for printing; my first using Affinity Designer. While working, I made a series of notes as I came across things I couldn't do, or which behaved in a manner I didn't expect. I'm happy to post feature requests, but I thought I'd ask here first in case some of these things have been disregarded, or perhaps there's a way I don't know of to do what I'm trying to do. THINGS I WANT TO BE ABLE TO DO IN AFFINITY DESIGNER: ☐Hover pen tool over anchor point (which becomes visible at that point) at end of unjoined line without first selecting the path, and click to activate it and continue drawing. ☐Join two open paths by clicking on each in turn with the pen tool, rather than having to select two paths and choose the Join command. ☐Eye dropper - copy styles to selected object or text, as well as colours and gradients. ☐Continuous export in Export Persona: it's always greyed out; why? This would be a really useful feature if I could use it. ☐Insert in front/behind/inside: keyboard shortcuts please ☐Stroke presets to click on; also up / down arrow to change stroke by preset increments. Is there a keyboard shortcut to change the point size up/down by single rather than double increments? ☐Use the direct selection tool to select a segment of a path, and copy just that segment. When I try this with the node tool, the whole shape is selected rather than just the part I wanted. I'd rather not have to drag a marquee around the part I'm trying to select; just choosing a couple of anchor points should do the trick in my opinion. ☐Command+Shift+{ is supposed to be the shortcut for range left text. Half the time it performs an operation called Move Nodes to Bottom - what even is that, and why does it get in the way of range left text? ☐Default leading is the same as the font size - needs to be defined as a percentage, eg. 120% of font size. This is really important! I really hope this is just a hidden option that I haven't yet been able to find. ☐Document setup box should close when Return (or another key, like esc) is pressed. It’s super annoying having to pick up the mouse each time to close the dialogue box. ☐Have a padlock as part of each layer to simplify locking and unlocking layers. I’m aware I can select the padlock at the top of the layers panel, and that I can CTRL click to lock - but as I’m doing this so often, one more movement of the mouse or an extra click really does feel cumbersome and not fluid at all.
  17. Hi everybody! Amazing work with Designer! I am working as a graphic designer and I make extensive use of typography. Of all the wonderful tools Designer provides, seeing serious typographic options was a relief! (Still missing a glyphs panel though, which is really important I think, especially with dingbats or special characters drawn within the typeface). BUT, I may miss something, but to me is really weird to see an auto-hyphenation text box missing in such a complete piece of software, especially in english! Am I overlooking it? I would like also to let you know that sometimes ( i really can't get the ratio in this, it just seem to happen randomly) if you type a precise paragraph leading distance (let's say 1 pt) Designer reads it as line height numbers (so leading as 1 lines) instead of 1 pt, and sometimes even mixes both measurements, resulting in weird unprofessional spaced text or forcing you to use two different systems within the same document, which is really confusing. I don't know if that's intentional and I am missing how to use one of those or if at least one of the two systems can be deactivated. I attach two screenshot showing what i mean. One text uses 12 pt leading, the other writes 1 pt but is in all evidence 1 line height! I really hope you improve these simple text features (hyphenation, glyphs and fix leading) to have a really amazing program for professional use also outside of illustration! BTW the text rendering is FANTASTIC, to see such sharp and beautiful typography is worth the price alone! Hope to be of some help, keep it up!
  18. Hi, I'm running Affinity Designer 1.4.1. I have a file I am working on that started as a Photoshop CC2015 psd file. I opened it in Designer and all of the layers etc. carried over. I have a text block that came over as frame text, and when I try to edit it, I can change the font, I can change the font size, the weight etc. but when I try to change the leading, nothing happens. In the original file the leading was set to 24pt. I can change the value in the drop down for leading, but nothing happens to the type itself. It only seems to happen with the type block I brought in from Photoshop though. If I create a new text frame in Designer and add text to it, I can change the leading with no problem. I just wanted to let you know in case this is a bug. I am new to Designer, so it could be user error, but I don't think it is. Thanks, Brian
  19. I understand that in your Paragraph dialogue box you use "spacing" rather than "leading." Having said that, I have a very peculiar problem in that I set the spacing in one Frame Text and extend the box vertically to accommodate two lines of text, each line of only two words in caps. It is actually a note on a map, on top of a larger rectangle of color, all under the same main layer. The two lines of text are wrapped with only a space between the last word on the first line and the first word on the second line. This works fine. However, when I enlarge the boxes vertically (text box and rectangle) and keep typing, the leading between the second and third line is much reduced. If I make a copy of that text box with the underlying color rectangle and change text a totally, simply typing the new text in the same box over the top of highlighted old text, the leading now becomes reduced between the first and second lines. I must increase the leading/spacing from my original 48 pts to 60 pts to get the same appearance of line spacing. Both boxes use the "Exactly" setting. Having highlighted all the lines and each line in all of these cases I have carefully checked all of the settings in both the Character and Paragraph dialogue boxes. They are precisely the same. Is this a know problem in AD, or might it be some hidden setting or conflict between the Character and Paragraph? I don't believe so since the font size, leading/spacing, and all of the other settings are exactly the same in both dialogue boxes. Thanks for any word on this. BTW, I've been working in AD now for months and it is difficult to say just what a big relief to use such a user-friendly program (after Freehand, Illustrator, etc.). Thanks for all the work!
  20. Why does a standard return press give me a double line leading? Should be just a single line, equivalent to leading set. Or are there settings that I'm not seeing?