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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I have a problem with the eps file exported by AD. There are several layer groups but when eps is opened by AI, the layer group is expanded or not in the group anymore. How to handle it? thank you
  2. Steps to reproduce: 1) File -> New Document 2) Create two pixel layers, paint some brushstrokes on them 3) Select both and group them with the folder icon on the Layers panel 4) With the layer group selected, start adjusting brush color in the Color panel All the pixel layers in the layer group gets filled with the single color selected.
  3. Steps to reproduce: 1) File -> New -> Web 2) Create new pixel layer with icon in Layers panel 3) Put pixel layer into layer group by folder icon in Layers panel 4) Open layer group and have the pixel layer selected 5) Click drag the layer group into the trashcan icon, now you have no layers 6) Attempt to create a new pixel layer by the icon in the layers panel, or any of the Layer->New Layer. Nothing happens.
  4. Hi, There is a bug in blending of layer groups in AF when all of the following conditions hold: - layer group contains no pixel layers, not even disabled ones - layer group contains a live filter layer - blend mode of layer group is set to something other than Normal Easiest demonstration I have is to take the attached afphoto document, and experiment with deleting the empty and disabled pixel layer. Deleting this layer should make no difference, but the image rendered is completely different. To see the change you may need to force a redraw to get around a failure to refresh the image, you can do this by disabling the layer group and re-enabling it. The correct application of the blend mode happens only when the pixel layer is present. layer_group_blending_workaround3.afphoto
  5. Steps to reproduce in AP 1.6: 1) Have a pixel layer 2) Set assistant to create filters as separate standalone layers 3) Create live Gaussian Blur filter, radius 1.0 4) Group the Gaussian Blur layer only into a Layer Group 5) Click drag the Gaussian Blur layer icon into the clipping mask position of the layer group, drop it on the vertical blue bar on the right side of the layer icon 6) Grid lines appear in the image view (see screenshot attached) 7) Merge visible layers. The new pixel layer have gridlines where it is transparent
  6. AD family, This issue I'm trying to sort/figure out MUST be something extremely simple. My apologies for posting again on the same topic but my brain has not served me well on this one. Ive designed a simple image/logo made up of 8 or 9 layers, then grouped them together. My desire was then to duplicate the entire image (group of layers) which I successfully via the cmd+j shortcut. you can see the dups in the layers panel in 1 of the 2 screenshots I've attached below. Here's where Im hitting a wall...using the Move tool, I select/click the topmost grouped-layer in an attempt to drag the duplicates apart and play around with them. When I do this all 4 grouped-layers move around with each other as if 'locked' together. I took a peek at the Line view and could see that in fact all 4 duplicated groups had been moved, and were NOT stacked atop each other as I'd thought. Any/all guidance is greatly appreciated. Thanks for bearing with the elementary questions. Regards, -Christo
  7. As I am playing with some layers with adjustments in PS I can group them together and just switch on or off the whole group. Here in AP groups does not affect the layer below just anything that is inside the group. Is a feature or is it a bug? :)
  8. Hi, The last build as introduced a new bug in the slicing when using groups. When you pick one and click on "create slice" the slice will be displaced top left. I attached a screenshot.
  9. I'm a little confused about how Designer relates to Photo (which isn't out yet, I take it), since Designer seems to have bitmap editing. But I'm ready to toss the dice pending a little clarity on this big question: One recent Photoshop feature that I'm using heavily is Generator - I'd say it has made my life easier than any feature since they added layers! Yes, I'm that old. I wouldn't expect Designer to have the same functionality exactly and generate images from layers with ___.png names in imported Photoshop files. BUT, if I'm ready to start building new files and manually convert my legacy .psd files as needed, is there any similar kind of thing in Designer? Or if not, what's the nearest thing/easiest way to set up object or layer exports? Edit - I found the export tutorial, looks like a reasonable solution for now. I hope that Affinity considers something frictionless like Generator in the future though. Just using filename extensions (with a syntax for settings options) as Generator does is brilliant - no bouncing between multiple windows to set up export of the same object – and I know I've always got the current version of everything at all times, without having to open/find/target an "export" button. It may seem unreasonable to be dissatisfied about those "little" workflow differences, but with the projects and workflow I have, the click object, target settings window, choose multiple widgets to create settings, remember to push a button to export process will actually make me take a pretty big productivity hit compared to Generator. And surprisingly, it suddenly feels like a kind of archaic UX model by comparison, for an otherwise shiny new program. Cheers Allen
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