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Found 41 results

  1. Just a few days ago all of the keyboard zoom controls (hot keys, shortcuts) just stopped in Affinity Photo. Despite running a repair, and a complete uninstall and reinstall they still do not work. However those do work in Affinity Designer and Publisher. All programs are latest versions. System is Win 7 Ultimate with all latest updates. Is it possible there is a fix for this? Could this have something to do with the recent MS .Net Framework update?
  2. I really loved how Affinity Designer for the iPad is designed very intuitively for touch. But it would be much better if there would be better keyboard support like having more keyboard shortcuts or customizable keyboard shortcuts. Also having support for modifier keys like holding alt/opt for maintaining aspect ratio when resizing an image. Or holding space to drag an object or pan the screen. Thanks!
  3. On my US keyboard, the key to the left of 1 is the `/~ key. Unmodified, the character is `. With Shift, the character is ~. I'll use `/~ to describe the key itself. The keyboard shortcut for Shift to Next View is, by default, CMD+`. When I press the CMD+`/~ keys nothing happens. When I press SHIFT+CMD+`/~ I get the correct response. When I change the keyboard shortcut to SHIFT+CMD+~, the opposite occurs. Pressing CMD+`/~ then produces the desired result. I know sometimes third party software could override some global key commands but I haven't noticed any other key commands not working. For instance, CMD+S will Save and CMD+SHIFT+S with Save As.
  4. Hi, is the information in the Affinity Workbooks applicable for the iPad versions of Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo? Also, are keyboard shortcuts compatible if I attached a keyboard to my iPad? Thanks
  5. In the Keyboard shortcuts editor you can assign shortcuts to a selection of menu items. I think all menu items should be selectable. For example, the Text menu has the useful item 'Toggle unicode'. But that could be made so much more useful if we could assign a shortcut to it. P.
  6. I am using AP for painting (or trying :-) ) with a tablet. It would be very useful to be able to map a keyboard shortcut for the function of increasing/decreasing the saturation of the current colour and the function of increasing/decreasing its brightness. It would be nice to give the possibility of determining percentage step for which change is to be made after pressing this key combination. Another important thing is the possibility of enlarging the colour wheel (and other colour pickers) or adding a tool palette with a larger colour wheel. Currently, it is impossible to enlarge it. Choosing colours is inconvenient and not very precise.
  7. Add ability to fast keyboard search by filter field.
  8. This Affinity Spotlight article has PDFs and souce files for the latest Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo Desktop keyboard shortcuts. https://affinityspotlight.com/article/downloadable-affinity-keyboard-shortcut-cheat-sheets/ It is part of the Learning category that compliment the video tutorials
  9. I'm not sure whether this is "by design" or just a bug, but... When setting a custom keyboard shortcut for alignment (e.g. Alt+Cmd+B for aligment to Bottom), the alignment itself is applied always with respect to selection bounds. However, in the alignment settings pane, the "Align to" option is set so as the alignment reflects "First selected" element. I think the keyboard shortcuts for alignment should also reflect this setting. Thanks for looking into this when there's a spare time
  10. A great workflow helper for keyboard driven work in Photoshop is what I know as sticky keys – but it works different from the Windows accessibility feature with the same name... If anyone knows a better name – please comment. The principle is simple but powerful and doesn't get into the way of anyone who doesn't want to use this feature: Pressing and releasing the E key from say the brush tool will switch to the Erazer tool permanently, just as usual. If one however presses and keeps holding down the E-Key one can quickly eraze some strokes. Letting go the E key automatically switches back to the brush tool. The principle is similar to the way Panning via Spacebar is hooked up already – on release the previous tool gets re-activated. The same principle might be useful for Designer and Publisher as well (Adobe uses it in AI and ID too).
  11. Please, please, please, gives us the w shortcut to toggle the Preview Mode. I tried to change the shortcut in MacOSX Keyboard panel but it doesn't allow single letter shortcuts : ( It's so ingrained in me that having to hit a key combination just for that slows me dow considerably. I'm designing a simple 20 page brochure and will send it to print. After that I'll give more feedback. Thanks!
  12. You can not create a keyboard shortcut for the colour picker tool in this version. In other Affinity programs, this can be done.
  13. Just as the title says. I can usually reproduce this bug by opening a lot of documents at once, or even just one document that is resource intensive (lots of large, high quality images).This is a very annoying bug, as sometimes I use the keyboard shortcut to save my work, and I then don't realize that the keyboard isn't working. The only way I've found to fix it is to save manually and then restart the program, and then be careful about how much I'm asking the program to process at once. Please fix, valiant programmers.
  14. Hi, I'm new to AP and have a quick question that may have an obvious answer I've missed. I'm working on a bunch of photos with a basic workflow that includes adding Dust & Scratches Live Filter Layer then doing some inpainting to tidy things up. I'm constantly trying to inpaint onto the dust and scratches layer which obviously has no effect. Then I mouse over to the layers tab, choose the background layer and start inpainting properly. Is there a way to swap the focus between one layer and another from the keyboard, or to toggle the focus through all layers from the keyboard, rather than having to click on the layers tab? Thanks, David
  15. Hi guys. Maybe this has been mentioned before elsewhere, but I find the Tab shortcut behaviour on the Transform panel to be complete nonsense. The field selection order shouldn't be an absurd from left to right, top to bottom (i.e. X position > Width > Y Position > Height), but instead a more logical from top to bottom, left to right (i.e. X position > Y position > Width > Height). The way it is, it feels a bit broken whenever you feel the need to manually input values. And it should't take you more than changing a line or two of code to fix it, so… maybe you could do that for the next release? Thanks! Edit #1: Even though the “constrain proportions” link-thingy button is, indeed, selectable via tab (and, very logically so if I may add, after all the others), I just noticed that the Rotate and Skew fields aren't. Also, having the “Tab to hide the Studio” shortcut activated instead of cycling from the last field back to the first one doesn't make much sense and isn't very friendly, IMHO. Edit #2: I've just noticed another thing: In fact, the Rotate and Skew fields are indeed selectable via Tab. And you can tab from the Skew field to… the X position field?? This means that even though those two fields are visually on the bottom part of the panel, if we consider the whole “Tab to hide the Studio” thing, they seem to be coded as if they were on top. Which actually makes it a bug/error/oversight on your part, oopsy-daisy. But the best solution would be to not only change the ordering and getting rid of that cycle-breaking behaviour; that way, it wouldn't really make any difference. Edit #3: It gets even weirder still. If you press Shift-Tab instead of Tab, you can infinitely cycle backwards (as it should be, anyway) through the panel fields… So, did you actually hard-code that break when tabbing regularly on purpose?
  16. Hello, I am wondering if there is a keyboard shortcut or a way to assign one to take brush settings back to a specified default. When in the basic brush set it is fine resizing with the square bracket keys and changing flow and opacity, but the issue for me is when I am working with a custom brush set and want to go back to the basic brush set, it takes a while to go to the brush palette and then switch back and forth. I have a lot of brush set categories and custom brushes and it would speed up my workflow if there were a quick way to toggle between the last used brush sets. On another note, changing the opacity of the brush is nice and easy with the number keys and or the sliders in the top toolbar. I find though that I change flow more often than opacity and am wondering if there was a way to reassign the number keys to change flow rather than opacity. Thank you!
  17. Hi! (First THANK YOU for affinity photo - one of my life happiest day was to uninstall photoshop) When I customize the move tool shortcut key to CTRL-t the move tool shortcut afterward is T tried : save shortcut keys load shortcut keys reboot affinity photo clear all and rince & repeat previous steps nothing seems to change the shortcut from T to CTRL-t (see attached screeenshot) Note that the shortcut ctrl-T is actually displaying in the keyboard shortcut UI - so it does record my change, saves and load it, it just doesnt change the actual shortcut. UPDATE : I've even tried for testing remapping the key "a" to "T" with the freeware autohotkey : works everywhere : pressing the key "a" outputs the key "T" in all softwares ive tried BUT AFFINITY PHOTO ?????? ...im lost here... Regards, Remi Turcotte
  18. Hello, I have been working with several documents opened under Affinity Designer. After a few minute of work ( i.e. 15-30minutes ), Designer did not recognize any of the keyboard shortcuts. Once I close all the documents and restart Designer, everything works normally: shortcuts are recognized for a few minutes and again the same issue. But I can select the tool and options by mouse clicks. I am using Affinity Designer under Windows 10 Home x64. I suppose this is a bug. Please take a look at it. Thanks!
  19. hello, it would be nice if you can change the behavior of the keyboard shortcuts for the toolbar. i often switch from paint brush tool to inpainting brush tool. i press b for paint brush and AP will select the paint brush tool. then i press j and AP will select the healing brush tool, but before i selected the inainting brush tool. it would be nice when AP remember the last selected tool if there are more then 1 tool to choose from. thanks michael
  20. So this request is a follow-up to the one I made on this thread: Apparently, according to fellow forum user @toltec, this feature was already implemented, which is absolutely great. What is not so great, however, is its discoverability (or, in this case, its blatant [edit: partial] lack thereof). [edit: user @R C-R made me realise that the Status Bar already has a “cheat-sheet”/tooltip with said shortcuts, but I still feel that is not enough and that my suggestions are very sound, so please bear with me…] Please, for the sake of other users who may not frequent the forum or wish to spend hours perusing user manuals and tutorials (because this feature is, after all, something that pro users expect and may try for themselves [edit: even without, as was my case, paying any attention to the tips provided ], as it is a staple in brush tools not just in AP but also in other competing packages), make it [extra] visible and [even] more obvious. Basically, when pressing each modifier, please do make the appropriate tab (Matte | Foreground | Background | Feather) become temporarily highlighted/selected. This feature would, then, become easily discoverable to more seasoned users like myself, because as it stands, the UX feels “broken”. I mean, it will still feel that way to me even if I already know the feature is there, because visual feedback is just nice to have, as it shows that the app is working as it's supposed to. As it currently stands, you always display the same tab selection and, when pressing modifiers, you get a different, incongruous and non-explicit – even if completely desired – behaviour, which is indeed confusing, muscle-memory notwithstanding. It really is important for us to always have a “sense of place” when it comes to our tools. If I may offer another completely on-topic suggestion, I wonder if you could add some further visual feedback to the brush cursors themselves (and that would obviously be extensible to the Selection Brush tool), such as plus/minus signs floating outside of their outline (quite unlike their current behaviour in Ps – which centres them inside of said outline –, so as not to conflict with the cursor crosshair for those users who may have it configured to be visible)? I know that small as this suggestion may seem, it would add some visual clutter (I guess it could always be off by default and be selectable on the preferences dialog, just like the crosshair), but it I believe it would further enhance ease-of-use and differentiate AP from the competition. Thank you for your attention and keep up the good work!
  21. Please could the Preferences search box also search the Keyboard Shortcuts? At present if I am trying to find an action to check / alter the Keyboard Shortcut I have to know where that shortcut resides. If I don't (and I may not even know whether a shortcut can be assigned to a given action) then I have to trawl through the whole list. Even better - filter the shortcuts by the search term to remove all the options that I don't want to see. Case in point: I'd like to find whether I can assign a shortcut to Show Rotation Centre, and have gone cross eyed looking for the option! Thanks.
  22. Hi, My keyboard shortcuts are not being saved - they are lost and back to default every time I restart AP, so I need to reload them every time. Is there anything that I can try to solve this? Thanks Wayne
  23. Hi, I'm used from a lot of other apps to use keyboard shotcuts for Apply or Cancel in requests like this. I know you don't have to copy erverthing out there, but it makes really sense to use the ENTER key for Apply and ESC key for Cancel in requests/actions like this, especially there are a lot of similar request within the Affinity apps and this two shortcuts wouldn't interfer with other shortcuts in this situations. Think about, thank you!
  24. Hi, how can I please easily adjust Opacity and Hardness with tablet (Wacom Intuos Pro)? I would like to have on the wheel not only Brush Size (by [ ]), but also Opacity and Hardness of the brush.... If it was possible to set Keyboard Shortcuts for Opacity and Hardness, it would be OK, but in the shortcuts there is only the size Thanks Jindra
  25. The title of the thread says it all: in AP, it would be nice if pressing Option toggled between one of the two additive selection brush modes (Matte or Foreground) and the subtractive mode (Background) in the Refine Selection dialog box. It's just that having to move the cursor or the pen back and forth just to change the selection mode gets rather tedious quickly and breaks the flow. Also, while on this subject, it would be nice if one could do further refinements without screwing up with other parts of the selection, but maybe it's just my workflow that isn't properly set up. Please bear with me, as I started transitioning to Affinity Photo in a production environment only very recently, and for now only when the tools I need are superior enough (the Refine Selection brush being one of them). IMHO, the greatest thing ever would be being able to just use the refine selection brush and the refine selection parameters independently of one another (or being able to undo them in separate steps in History), in order to achieve the most perfect selection possible. If only there was a way to use the brush without applying any effects, or certain effect slider values in said dialog box that produced zero changes and allowed me to refine the selection in many independent passes and apply said effects only when I was completely satisfied with it, I'd be a happy[ier] camper. That being said, the tool as it stands made one heck of a difference in a self-initiated emergency change, on a crazy-ass deadline (I could never have finished that in time using Ps, that's for sure), I made for a big project I just finished last month; I basically treated a landscape shot, which was used as the main theme on all media for an arts festival, in order to change the orange-y colour of the background clouds to a more neutral blue-gray independently of some trees in the foreground, because our country's forests had just started burning earlier that day – and have been burning almost continuously for a while now –, as leaving it untreated could mess with some people's sensitivities because it looked waaay too much like the photos and videos of said deadly fires circulating on the media. The only reason I didn't send this photo to you for your recent call for professional work done with AP was the fact that I do not own the rights to the original, and even though the author retroactively authorised the modifications I did to it after I explained him my reasoning behind them (I mean, given how serious the situation was, how could he not?), he didn't seem all too happy about the whole thing at first (especially considering that I did that on a rush, the night before sending that job to the print house, without consulting him first – I obviously negotiated it with our mutual client, which can ultimately propose and decide that kind of stuff at its sole discretion, but still), so I didn't even consider asking him for permission to share it with you. But anyway, I digress; Affinity Photo and my loyal Bamboo tablet saved the day and made doing this on a single all-nighter possible. Just to think that I could have saved some 10+ hours of work in a similar trees-vs-background selection task I did back in 2013, for the very same client, if only this app was available back then makes me value it even more because I now know how much more time I'll be able to save in the future… But I also know for a fact and from experience that I could save even more time if you implement that toggle shortcut.