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Found 30 results

  1. Hi, Please could someone explain how to join coincident points in Designer? I understand how to use the Join tool with non-coincident points: shift-select the two end points with the node tool, select Join and hey presto! you get a new line which joins the two selected points. However, what about if I don't want a new line? How do I select the two coincident points such that they then join to create a single point which joins the two lines together? In Illustrator, this is not tricky - click and drag over the two coincident points > select join (decide if you want a sharp corner or a curving corner) and it's done. I'm sure I'm missing something in Designer... could someone spill the beans please? Thank you! Edward
  2. Illustrator have this feature when you have two open vectors you can make them one by joining their nodes.
  3. Hi, i just wanted to join two vector shapes, but it seems not to work. Please see the screenshots... I am a bit helpless since this is just a simple task and i can’t figure out what’s wrong. Thank you!!
  4. Hi Guys. I have a series of open curves I need to join to complete an outline of a torso. The paths are spread across layers in the same group. I am failing to join the nodes in several places. I am using the move tool on my iPad Pro to select the two paths and then using the node tool and a one finger gesture to select the two nodes which are close together. The other ends of these two paths are far away. Then selecting the “join” option in the node tool contextual menu is not achieving a join. I also tried dragging one node over the other, and I do see the anchor/node turn yellow, but then selecting join doesn’t join the two paths. I attach my file here. Thanks. JoinCurvesIssue.afdesign
  5. Howdy folks - I seem to run into this enough to warrant asking how I should do it. I want to fill in the top and bottom segments of this object with a solid color (indicated by the squiggly lines). I changed the outside curve to red to indicate the way this was created. Is it possible to select those top four corner points and create a single object? Or do I simply have to draw the shape manually?
  6. Would be nice if I cloud connect certain nodes I selected without snapping them each other. A problem with "Join Curve" action of Node tool is that it connects nearest combination of nodes automatically, so I can not choose which combination.
  7. HI, I'm trying to join to separate curves by overlapping two of their end-points / end nodes, and snapping them onto of each other, then applying the Join Curves command. It appears to work, however, once I attempt to move the node, I notice AD kept both nodes and simply connected them with a line. I can see this being useful, but more useful for the type of work I do is to have the software convert those 2 nodes into one node. Is this a bug or a different way to do it? If so, can you implement the method I just described? Thanks guys! AD ROCKS!!!
  8. On Adobe Illustrator, clicking end point of another path will attache new path to the another path. How do I do that on Affinity Designer?
  9. Coming from 20+ years using Adobe Flash as my vector editor, I have difficulty with a few concepts in Affinity Designer that are way more complicated than I was expecting. Maybe I haven't figured this out yet, but: - why can't I just merge stacking vector layers into a single shape? Not as various objects in a layer, but joined together as one single shape? - why can't I just select a line-section between two anchorpoints an delete it? (break curve doesn't seem to be the solution for this...) Also I miss options like expand and contract fills(?) Maybe this is part of me getting to know Designer, but for me these are basic features for a vector based editor...
  10. Is it possible to merging two or more selected nodes into 1 node (all nodes belong to one curve)? This is a very important issue for me - I use such functionality incessantly (Inkscape, Blender 3d, Corel Draw). Nowhere can I find how to do it at Affinity. thank you for the remarks
  11. I am trying to add a shortcut for joining two curves in Designer as I use it frequently. But I am not able to find the the option for it. Could anyone help? Also is there any tool in Designer for selecting curves by attributes such as color, line weight etc? Thanks in advance.
  12. I am trying to accomplish something I do in Illo all the time but can’t seem to do in affinity. i like to convert my type to paths, and then merge the shapes. in Affinity I have converted the text to curves and then used the add command but it still won’t merge. See image for the overlap not going away. its almost as if I am missing a step after I convert the type to curves. Anyone have the answer?
  13. Windows 10 - Publisher When I have a document - see first attached image - with seven pages arranged into two-page spreads, it comes through in Acrobat Reader as a four-page document - see attached second image - which looks a bit odd to me. I can change the View settings in Acrobat to 'Single-Page, Scrolling' and it looks as I would have expected in the past, but the 'Two-Page, Scrolling' (as in the second image) looks strange. Is this 'pages in spreads become joined pages' concept something that I should be expecting? I only ask as my other DTP software doesn't work this way so I'm just wondering if I need to start thinking in a slightly different way to how I'm used to thinking when I create documents. It's not a problem, just a query. (If this is how it should be then that's absolutely fine and I'll just have to create some of my documents a bit differently in the future.)
  14. Being a beginner, I jumped the gun on designing this. I had to split my poorly designed shadow. And now, I cant seem to combine it correctly without getting it all, well; wonky. Please help me finish this battle once and for all. How do I connect these nodes?
  15. Hi folks, Listen, I've no clue if I'm completely tired, missing something or whatever else related to me that could explain such an issue, but I cannot understand how to simply join two points! If you look at the following image, I would like the join A with B and C with D. I've tried many ways, look on the help, look on the forum, and still not luck. The left "shape" you see on the capture (the bracket thingy [ ]) is one unique so called "(Curves)" in my layer panel. The right shape is what I'd like to achieve (tricked for this example). Any bright light would be much appreciated! I've attached the file is you want to "play" around. Join.afdesign
  16. Hello. I made abstract deer with triangles. When i try to join shapes (triangles) into one with Operations: Add I get following problem which can be seen on screenshot 2. Is there any other way to join shapes without getting problem/loosing shapes i made. Thank you in advance!
  17. Hi, I'm trying to join these two separate curves into one complete curve. Sometime the 'Join curves' -option joins these nodes, sometime I have to close Designer and open it again, for it to do something with this option, most of the times nothing happens. Sometimes it just joins random nodes (or it seems that way), regardles of which nodes have been chosen. Am I doing something wrong, or is there some bug or something else worth knowing? I've read most likely all there is related to this kind of issue, but have not found a solution. Any ideas?
  18. Hello, I'm currently preparing hand drawn icons for the web (svg) export. I want to make a single element out of multiple layers to save some kbs, but after choosing "Add" option some of the parts are substracted. Problem happens when I try to close / simplify a single curve (one object in the layer menu), that has some overlapped space. I tried expanding the curve, then tried every single action in the Action centre based under Node Tool and still can't figure it out. I'm used to just selecting "Add" (Illustrators path finder) to make it a single shape without overlapping paths, but in Designer there is only "Divide" that can be chosen. Any tips and ideas will be appreciated
  19. Hey guys, I've been working on some time lapses for the last few weeks and I'm ready to create my videos I have a lot of photos and I wanted to flip every photo to create a mirror copy - did that easily with batch photo processing in affinity photo Now I want to take the original and the mirror and join them together - but I can't see how to do that Can anyone help out? And if possible, a way to do it is as a batch process since I have over 600 pairs to join Thank you Chintan
  20. Hey Affinity Crew! First of all thanks for you brilliant work on AP and AD! I'm not sure if this is a feature or a bug. I try to join two half circles which are align in the middle. I select the two nodes as shown in the gif below. Why does AD join the unselected nodes and not the selected? ❗️ After several tests I find out that moving the top node of the right shape 1 px to the left the two curves joins correctly. ✅ Is this a bug or a feature?
  21. I would think it's quite common to make symmetrical shapes by drawing a curve with its ends along a guideline, copying and mirroring it, then aligning the mirror image against the original. I did this, using both a horizontal and vertical guideline to ensure exact alignment. Then I combined the curves. But only one of the two overlapping node pairs was joined to create a continuous curve. The other overlapping nodes were left separate, making a broken curve. In the attached video, I delete the nodes to show that only one pair was joined. incompleteJoin.mov
  22. There is some severe deformation on caps and joins when certain angles are combined with simulated stroke pressure. In the example the line ends looks like the head of the famous Alien to me :o alien stroke.afdesign
  23. In the attached screenshot I am trying to merge the red box and the blue line. My purpose is so that I can then select and move one of the side nodes and have all three protruding lines stay connected to it. Using the join curves button doesn't seem to accomplish this and using the combine function removes the blue line entirely. In Illustrator creating a new path off of another one automatically merges them – in Designer it creates a new curve on top, which is keeping me from making the shape I need :( Is there a way to combine these curves the way I described? Thanks!
  24. Is it possible to merge nodes without losing their bézier setting? The task I'm trying to do is to create a design that has some symmetrical elements. I draw one half and mirror it over. The problem I find is when I come to join pieces. There doesn't seem to be a way to get nodes to merge properly. I can snap overlap them, but that is not ideal and may cause problems later. An example would be a heart shape outline. Imagine you draw the left side then mirror it right. Joining the top right and bottom right nodes to their left counterpart loses the bézier on the right of the node. The nodes on the left side retain their bézier, on the right they become sharp. Thanks for any help, this is driving me mad. :wacko:
  25. When I in node tool, I have 2 lines selected where the end node of one is on top of the begin of the other. I click the join button. The stroke scale changes from 1 on both lines to 1.4 for the combined. I do not have scale with object selected in "solid line style". How do I make it stop doing that. I want the stroke to be 1. BTW, thank you so much for an amazing software that is affordable.
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