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Found 26 results

  1. WIndows 10 Home (1803), Designer I've just noticed that a thick dashed stroke doesn't seem to be rotated/skewed/sheared (or whatever) properly when fitted to an Isometric plane. See attached image where the versions are - from left to right - fitted to Top, Side, and Front (afdesign document also attached). Notice the shapes of the ends of the dashes; they don't fit with the rectangle. Workflow to reproduce: * New document; * Create black rectangle; * Create thick dashed line, with a butt or square cap (so it's easier to see); * Put dashed line within the rectangle layer; * Open Isometric studio (and create grid if necessary); * Select the Top plane; * Press "Fit to plane". dotted stroke on isometric plane.afdesign
  2. WIndows 10 Home (1803), Designer A cog shape, when rotated doesn't seem to be rotated/skewed/sheared (or whatever) properly when fitted to an Isometric plane. See attached image where the top-left example is a non-rotated cog over a same sized square and the bottom-left example is a rotated cog over a same sized square. The examples on the right are the examples on the left after fitting to a Top Isometric plane. Notice that the bottom-right cog is the wrong shape. I think you can guess what the exact workflow to reproduce is but I have attached the afdesign file. Try duplicating the two left-hand-bottom shapes and placing them on the Top Isometric plane. If you have both shapes selected together they are placed correctly, but if you try and place them separately the cog comes out wrong; the attached GIF also shows the problem.
  3. Hello! Just installed the new AD beta. Now I have problems with the grid. I tried Studio -> Isometric - and it didn't work (nothing shows and the option doesn't get checked) but than the grid on/off also didn't work anymore. Now a new document has a grid which I cannot turn off. Actually all "Show XXX" buttons don't work anymore (except for Show Rulers). I can only unclick one at the time but nothing happens anyway. I am running it on a Win7 SP1. Best regards, Chris
  4. Rocketdrive

    Isometric World

    This is the other side of the spectrum, good ol' isometric vectors It became part of a larger infographic that a colleague of mine finished (and which I can't share at the moment). The beauty of isometric design is that once You have correctly scewed and rotated Your building blocks even larger scenes become pretty straight forward – Affinity Spotlight recently shared a great tutorial on that. The trickier parts are of course geometries at odd angles, as well as round structures. Full disclosure: we bought a similarly looking original from iStock, but due to the messy way that vector and raster layers were intertwined we decided to use it just as a reference and rebuild the whole thing properly.
  5. Hi all Affinity-leaning creative types, here's a recent cover piece completed for a Canadian magazine entitled Aboriginal Business Quarterly based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. The theme of this Spring 2018 issue is Transportation and Infrastructure in Northern Canada. The snow and ice are finally melting, making way for a busy season of road work/maintenance and resupply shipping - by boat and float planes equipped with skis - supporting various remote communities and industries. It's another example of my Affinity Designer isometric styled compositions built up using a limited colour palette, simplified elements and extensive use of gradients... And of course the awesome isometric grid feature. For those interested, there are more views of this piece on my Behance site. Hope you like. :-) https://www.behance.net/gallery/65266715/Aboriginal-Business-Quarterly-Cover-Affinity-Designer
  6. Ros

    Isometric Dub Siren

    This is a DS-01 unit, manufactured by a guy named Benidub.
  7. Making available new set of isometric Raster Pattern Brushes some of which were used in the creation of 'Tin Man' 6 Packs (60 Brushes) Initial Brush Size to 100px Added 2 A4 sample sheets for reference [PDF] Enjoy! PB ISO PATTERNS Set 1-01-03.pdf PB ISO 01 P 01-03.zip PB ISO PATTERNS Set 1-04-06.pdf PB ISO 01 P 04-06.zip
  8. I'm trying to draw an upright "3D" cylinder using a "2:1 Triangular" grid. I'm able to place the top and bottom circles of the cylinder (see image below) but I don't know how to complete the "walls" of the cylinder. My first instinct was to simply draw a rectangle from the top circle to the bottom circle. The trouble is I can't get it to snap to the edges of the circle's perimeter because of the skew that I had to apply on the circle. As you can see, the circle's bounding box is snapping to the grid just fine, but the left and right edges of the circle (where the wall of the cylinder should hit) are not aligned to the grid. I'm trying to get something like this: Are there any simple ways of drawing cylinders in this grid? Any tips are welcome. Thanks!
  9. Drawing ellipses and the likes of it is a real pain when it comes to perspective. Would you consider creating an isometric version of the polygon tools so that we can create ellipses, rounded rectangles and regular rectangles directly in one of the three axes? This would be a real time saver, especially combined with boolean operations.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm trying to work with an isometric view in Designer and Photo to get an app and website presentation to my client. I'm not really sure how to go about it. Setting up the grid, I end up with some awkward angles, or I stretch the image in ways that doesn't look convincing using live perspective- which I also sort of have to guess. Is there a simple set up for the grid to get something similar to the attachment below? I've tried opening some perspective mock-up templates for psd in Photo, but I do not think the two formats are compatible. Thanks for any tips!
  11. StuartRc

    Tin Man

    Hi All Just thought I would have a rest from working on the Brush Library.. So I have been experimenting with isometric layout options in AD over the past couple of weeks! A4 (300dpi)
  12. jer

    Rainy Saturday in AD

    No, I didn't do a Designer rainy Saturday design. This is the Designer design I did on a rainy Saturday. :lol: The goal was to experiment with resources including Enrique's Frankentoon fab Pattern Painter Brushes (USD$6 same as free in my book) and the Awesome Gradient Set provided by cjclip (USD$0 absolute free), @ https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/23960-awesome-gradient-palette-for-affinity-designer/ Hey, one of the many things I learned in this experiment: The incredible tip to CTL-C one vector and CTL-SHIFT-V it to another to pass along the properties... WORKS ON TEXT TOO! Cool! (I'll let you Apple people decipher the COMMAND key codes :P ). @Alfred 'cause you can't resist asking: I didn't add the iso automobiles because I didn't get the STOP/ALTO signs vectored yet and did't want to cause a crash! :P
  13. giantlobsterprd

    ISO city

    Quick illustration I did for Instagram self-promo. Playing with the isometric grid. Good times.
  14. Hi all, I am looking for topics on Parallel Projections. What I was hoping to find was a method of drawing on axis. Example: with the isometric grid on, select the left side and draw a circle. Because you are in isometric mode your circle shows as an ellipse. I have been able to find the topic in Help, but that didn't "help". Thanks in advance.
  15. David

    Ice Cream Rave Van

    The Ice Cream Rave Van...January Blues so needed a dose of Neon cheer this week.
  16. eldante

    Grid tool has wrong spacing

    When using the grid tool with a type "2:1 isometric grid", I noticed the spacing of the grid was different than the one I set in the grid tool. I entered a spacing of 64px so that would make 128px wide but I end up with 114.5 px. Take a look at the screenshot bellow.
  17. Anyone know of a workflow in Affinity photo that would facilitate making isometric, extruded rendering of otherwise flat objects, such as accomplished with this kind of photoshop action?
  18. Can you draw walls, doors, windows, curved, and circular openings on a "normal" grid, then group all if them, change to Isometric grid, then scale/skew the group and snap to the iso grid? Might this be easier for some people when attempting to draw vertical surfaces from looking at an architectural elevation or section?
  19. Something that is missing from Adobe Illustrator, and would be good in Affinity Designer are Technical Illustration Tools:- Isometric Grid, allowing constraint along 30º as well as vertical Isometric elipses (35º Elipses, with minor axis constrained to Grid Axis) Ability to join circles and ellipses with a tangent line tool, connecting one circle to another with a line. Ability to delete line or curve up to another intersecting line / lines / curves with a key stroke. 1 Draw a line or curve, 2 Draw two additional lines / curves, both overlapping original at different locations, 3 Select the middle part of the first line / curve 4 Press a key to delete the part of the line / curve up to each of the intersecting lines curves. 5 Option to select multiple lines / curves and perform this to all of them at the same time would be living the dream :-) Thanks Gaz 3dtp Ltd
  20. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has found out how to easily make isometric circles or ellipses in Affinity Designer? In Illustrator, I could draw an isometric side of a cube, and use Effects > Stylize > Round Corners and set the value to max. When using the Rounded Corners tool in Affinity, it doesn't seem to product the same results. Any ideas? Thanks!
  21. Hi, To start the weekend, why not get some inspiration from Nat's cool Designer tutorials? Guaranteed to keep you "on app" and away from cutting the grass. • Grids for Icon Design (New 28/07) • Grids for Floor Plans (New 28/07) • Isometric Grid Drawings: Part 1 (Single Planes) (New 29/07) • Isometric Grid Drawings: Part 2 (Multiple Planes) (New 29/07) • Isometric Grid Drawings: Part 3 (Layers and Compounds) (New 29/07) Regards Andy Capstick Affinity Docs
  22. I would like to achieve this, but this plugin is for photoshop only, how can i achieve this using affinity designer, because i never want to go back to Adobe :-) http://graphicriver.net/item/isometric-ground-mockup-actions/11171437
  23. Hi, I just started trying out the free version of Affinity after seeing the trailer on Youtube. I find it very nice of course, but was wondering if its possible to convert a 2D shape into '3D', just like on Illustrator. You could rotate it into an isometric grid, so to say, shading, no shading, etc. Its one of my fav. features on AI..and was wondering if its just not available on the free version ? Cheers and thanks.
  24. I work as a technical illustrator (as well as graphic designer, photographer, and technical writer). I have both a PC and a mac, but want to work full time on a mac and get out from under Microsoft and Adobe. As a technical illustrator it is very important to draw at very specific and consistent angles, and be able to create precise ellipses based on drawing angle. Illustrator and CorelDRAW make it very easy to create these ellipse by using actions and macros. There is also the ability to set smart guide to draw at specific angles. I fail to find any tools like these in AD, specifically 1) create or control constraint angles 2) smart guide 3) scale an object (like a circle to make an ellipse) by percentage, in one direction only, and 4) rotate that ellipse at a specific angle. I have been known to miss the obvious, so please tell me these if I have missed these in AD, or if they will be added sometime in the near future. BTW, Serif DRAW has a FANTASTIC tool for drawing "on-axis", great for the tech illustrator. This would be perfect for AD. One last thing, I created an image and thought I would change the colors or this object and used a layer filter (not sure what it is actually called). Sadly, when exporting to either EPS or SVG, it is converted to a bitmap. In fact, many effects such as gradient fills are converted to bitmaps when exporting to a vector-based format, which is really a show stopper for me. A way to actually created a global swatch library that can they be changed would be great too. thanks