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Found 4 results

  1. I'm a bit shocked that there aren't more people who'd like the (non) cropping tool in Affinity Photo rewritten, or perhaps it's still early days for pros to migrate to Affinity. I can't imagine a professional photo editor that doesn't require control over resolution (with built into the crop tool with a choice of interpolation type) and dimensions (constrained when they are typed in... why would you type them in if you wanted your handles to go wherever they want lol?). I don't know why I have to request such an obvious feature. Yes, I know how it's currently done in Affinity Photo, and I'm telling you that you might want to spend more time in Photoshop!
  2. Hey everyone! Does anyone know if there is a way in Affinity Photo to lerp from one layer (or layer group) to another using a third (grayscale) layer (or layer group)? As far as I can see, masking will not work, because even at 100% opacity, a mask will only show the white areas. It should work like this: Layer 3: 0% -> Layer 1: 100%, Layer 2: 0% Layer 3: 50% -> Layer 1: 50%, Layer 2: 50% Layer 3: 100% -> Layer 1: 0%, Layer 2: 100% The grayscale information on Layer 3 should be used for the "speed" it shows Layer 2. Bright areas should show Layer 2 first, darker areas should show Layer 2 when approaching 100% of Layer 3. Best wishes, Shu
  3. A request to add an option for cubic interpolation to AD's gradients.
  4. dreikelvin

    Median Filter Analogy?

    Hi there, I've been testing affinity photo for 3 months now. had to stop for some time because of buggy behavior of previous versions. Since I am editing photos on a daily basis using photoshop, I cannot afford much distraction or slowing down of my regular editing workflow. So I test the app here and there. It still takes me twice the amount of time to edit a picture using Affinity photo compared to photoshop. This is not about the quality of this app. I have high regard in it and I hope to replace all my adobe products with these programs in the near future! I am sure my workflow will become faster the more frequently I use this app. One thing that came up today was the existence of a filter that somewhat mimics photoshops "median" functionality. I sometimes have a shape that I want to smoothen a little. I do that with the median filter. How can this be achieved?