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Found 5 results

  1. Can anyone please help me? I am very interested in buying Affinity. Yet, it won't accept Discover credit card. I don't want to apply for a new credit card to make a single purchase. Secondly, I did try getting and using a cash debit card for the purchase. That didn't work, cause I can't use a debit card to make international purchases (I'm in USA and apparently Affinity uses an overseas server). * Is there any way to get Affinity to accept Discover? - or - * Does Affinity have a server in USA where I could use a debit card to purchase Affinity? To recap: * I simply want to buy the software. * I live in the USA. * I don't want to get a new credit card to do this. Please help, and thanks!
  2. Hi, Would it be possible to accept both "," and "." as acceptable decimal separator, or give users a choice in the matter? You typically end up in this situation if your base operating language is English, but your keyboard is not - it then becomes a bit of a guess as to what will happen when you press the "." button on the numeric keypad (yes, some of us like larger keyboards :) ). Some software will follow system language, some will follow the keyboard language, and typically you have precious little influence in the matter (only LibreOffice and its NeoOffice derivative have a setting for it in their "Languages" preference). AD and AP both want a value of 4½ entered as "4.5" (system language), whereas "4,5" is what I end up with using the numerical keypad. Rather than enter this as a bug and fire off a debate, how about being a bit smarter and develop an input routine that will accept either for numerical values? I have yet to come across anyone who enters triad separators when keying in a number for data entry. In case that gets too complicated, could a choice be added to the setup? Cheers!
  3. Hi Guys, We are looking to replace Photoshop across the board at all our offices with Affinity Photo. We are having trouble doing volume purchasing for our staff in India via Apples volume purchase program. Is there any way for us to buy licenses directly from Affinity, or anywhere else other than the App Store. If we volume buy licenses in the Australian or US app store will they be legally O.K. for use in india, or should be buy licenses some other way for these staff. Cheers Ben
  4. Hi, Could you please check how the update was sent to the App Store? I use the Swiss one, and I have yet to see any updated version. Judging by the thread in the "News" section it appears I'm far from the only one so it may be worth checking with Apple what's going on. Cheers!
  5. Hi there, I want to give this as a gift to my brother who lives in Mexico (I'm in Canada), but of course... no way of gifting this to another iTunes user, or to send a gift card I can buy in Canada, that he can use in Mexico. Any way around this you can think of? I know on Pixelmator you can just buy a license. Thanks! - Adrian
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