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Found 26 results

  1. I re-installed Affinity Designer after formatting my laptop, and while all my other softwares run just like earlier, Affinity Designer stubbornly won't run. I have tried uninstalling, re-installing, re-installing on a different drive, clearing all registry files before an installation, installing an older setup file, but nothing will work. Everytime I double click on the Affinity Designer icon, I get the error as in the attached image. Please resolve this. As a free-lancer, I trust and depend a lot on Affinity. Cheers, Shashank :)
  2. Hi, We want to install the software automatically to our business users. Where does Affinity Photo for Windows store the language setting which is set via Edit / Preferences / General / Language ?
  3. hi i bought both the affinity design and photo editor but when i download both ... one would work but the other would say invalid key ... so i reinstalled the one that said invalid key etc. and it worked but the the other affinity software then said invalid key ... why is this ! i want to use both programs without having to reinstall every time ... please help ! please give clear instructions for solutions as i am not tech savvy
  4. Purchased Affinity Photo (v. and tried to install on my Windows 10 Pro (64-bit) laptop. Nothing happens. If I try to install with administrator rights, I do get a dialog box asking if I want to proceed to allow the application to make changes to the system. I click yes, but again nothing more happens. I've looked through the forums but was unable to locate a solution. To be sure, I've downloaded the application twice, and tried starting my computer, but same result. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  5. Hi Everybody, I've just downloaded the trial version for Affinity Photo. But installation fails with an error message telling the Platform Update for Windows 7 is not found. Followed the link, downloaded the patches from Microsoft, but when running these, got messages telling the patches are not needed on my machine! (both 32bits and 64bits). Upgraded .NET to 1.6.2 without problems. Disabled antivirus. Still installation fails. System: Windows Home Premium Ed. 64 bits SP1 - Intel i5 - Mem 8Go Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. i have got the macro-pack. What is this? How can i use this?
  7. Bonjours je ne parle que le français. Je travail avec un MacBook Pro et un iMac. De ce fait dois-je acheter 2 licences pour Affinity? merci de la réponse michel
  8. Good Morning I'm loving Affinity Photo and I'm actually getting my head around it, despite never having used a graphics program before, which is great. Thanks for making is useful for us Windows users:-) I am trying to install Photo on my second laptop [I checked the forums and found I can do this], but I keep getting an error message at the end. I've got no idea what it might mean. I've attached a copy of the message below. Can someone please help me to successfully load the program. Thanks in advance Cheers Robyn
  9. Hello! I have been having some issues with Affinity Designer lately and wanted to reinstall the software. Can I just uninstall like normal or do I have to unregister the software before uninstalling to be able to reinstall it? Thanks
  10. Hi guys. I'm using at the moment Photoshop 5 and testing Affinity 1.6 for Windows. Looks very good and seriously an alternative to Photoshop, because I hate the subscription model of Adobe. However, my question is more the following. Is it possible to use Affinity either on my laptop or on my desktop when I buy one licence? Meaning, can I install it on both instance and use it either/or? I’m using Windows 10 64bit with an Acer Power Desctop 16MB RAM and a Asus Power Desctop 16MB RAM. Thanks for a quick info
  11. First and foremost, Hello! Happy to be here with all of you, and I look forward to being part of this community! I know there are alot of installation posts on this forum, but I could not find an answer to my issue. I currently am running windows 64 bit, with all drivers, updates, and software up to date including direct x. When trying to install affinity photo my installation hangs up on the starting screen : I have tried restarting the program only to get the previous setup bug so I had to clean out windows temp and windows temp installer and try again. I also re downloaded the file and such. Can anyone help with ideas other then disabling antivirus (also already done)
  12. OK, first I am trying to install Affinity Photo 1.6 on my Dell Inspiron 17, with 8Gb of RAM, more than 400mg free on my hard drive and Windows 7 SP1 64bit. I had trouble with upgrading from 1.5to 1.53, but eventually managed it. However, I then tried upgrading to 1.6.089 and it wouldn't start. So I went to uninstall it and it said there wasn't a Windows uninstaller present and ended. So I figured to try and reinstall 1.53, but it says there is a newer version on my computer and exits. So I manually get rid of everything I could find on my system, went through the entire registry and cleaned out everything to do with Affinity Photo and tried again. Nothing. Can't install 1.6 because it isn't a Windows installation program and can't install 1.53 as it still says there is a newer version on my machine. I really want to like this program and get it installed. It would be a great bitmap editor for my ACDSee Professional Photo 2018, but I can't unless I can get it installed and running. Any help really would be appreciated. Richard M. Poniarski
  13. Lou A.

    Nik Collection

    Got the Nik Collection installed on my MacBook Pro (15'r, 012) running High Sierra beta. Unforturnately I can't get it to show up in the preference pane in AF. Have tried different install locations and restarts but no luck. So I can't link AF to the Collection making it totally useless. Although it is useful in Aperture which I still use to manage my photos. Any advice much appreciated. Thanks L
  14. rowbes

    cant even get to setup

    I've just purchased Photo, but I cant get to setup. When I try to run I get an error message "setup cannot continue because a previous installation requires your computer to be restarted. Please restart your computer and rerun setup" I have never had a previous installation - this is the first ever product I have purchased. However, i have tried restarting my PC and I still get the same error message. Help! How can I get past this to actually install and set up the software?
  15. Hey I try to install version 1.5.2. for windows by using my account email and my product key (I can read them for the page "downloads and product keys"). I always get the message that I use an incorrect account mail or product key. What do I do to install version 1.5.2.? Thanks FayLyxx
  16. Hi there, I would like to request that Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer can silently install without asking for email/product key. Then the email/product key will be asked on first launch. I would probably have payed 200% of the price for a Linux version. But since Serif decided not to go that way, I'm using a virtual machine with Windows. The Windows evaluation reboots every 2 hours and expires after a month. I can automate the provisioning for rebuilding the VM for most things, but not for Affinity products.
  17. richardtrammell

    Installation Affinity Designer 1.5.1

    I just purchased Affinity Designer 1.51 for Windows and ran the installer from the desktop and installation went fine. I launch the application and I'm presented with the Affinity Design Featured Work Screen and then choose New Document. The app opens with a blank art board and absolutely no UI or menus nothing. Help please. I've attached a screen shot so you can see exactly what's happening. Thank you!
  18. Hello Affinity, just tried to install Affinity Photo on a PC with an AMD Opteron 180 CPU. This CPU is a 64 Bit CPU, nevertheless I can't install Affinity Photo because "no 64 Bit CPU was detected" Is there a known limitation with AMD processors? In the Q&A I could not find a hint... Thanks for your answer Regards, Holger
  19. Hello, I just downloaded the free trial version. I noticed they never asked me if I wanted Windows or Mac. I am running WIndows 7, 64 bit. The file they sentme for download was a DMG extension, which apparently is a Mac file. I can't install this, I get an error "Windows can't open this file." Is there a different file for Windows? Or what do I need to do to be able to install this?
  20. alepane

    Unable to install

    Hi, I can't install Affinity Designer. The exe file downloader decompress the msi file inside %TEMP%/AffinitySetup but doesn't execute it. So I went there and tried to execute di msi, but without success. The installation give an error at the "validating install", with the screen attached here. What can I do?
  21. I downloaded trial version of the Affinity Photo two weeks ago and I am very pleased with it. I tried to contact Affinity before I purchase software with the question but nobody replied. Question again is: Is it possible to install purchased software with same serial number on multiple computers, like my iMac and IBook laptop with same serial number. What if they are different operating OS? Aleks
  22. I installed the Affintity Beta today after much grief with installing Net Framework 4.6. It has taken a while to sort out the Net Framework required by Affinity as installation kept failing through an undefined error. (I have been trying to install this version of Net Framework for some considerable time, as Windows Update found it a problem to install. Resolution was a "Fix" of Windows Update using Microsoft's FixIt Tool [Even though there was nothing wrong with Update] plus an addition of a couple of SIDL's to the Installer Whitelist). If I re-download the trial, will that overcome the expiration or is it too late now? Best regards Terry Rushent
  23. acarrigan

    Can't Install Designer Trial

    I am attempting to install the Designer trial from the link provided via email. Operating System: OSX Yosemite (10.10.5)
  24. Hi folks. Is there anyway I can download the current install dmg for Affinity Photo? I'm paranoid and want to keep a backup copy of the install program. Thanks!
  25. I purchased the app Affinity photo app at the Apple store September 23. Download and installation seemed to be ok. Starting the program shows the Affinity Logo with the actual version number, then for about 2 seconds a dark screen, which then is closed and an error report is shown ('Unexpected termination'). A screen shot of the first lines in this report is attached as jpeg-file. This might be helpful for the understanding of the reason for the termination of the program.