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Found 9 results

  1. Hi guys! I've been working on this template file to create social media branding material for my clients. I've managed to create a single file with multiple artboards (each one with it's export presets) ready for use. You are welcome to delete the ones that you will not use (so you don't generate empty files on export). It also includes flat icons from each platform just in case you might need them. It's updated for 2017 according to this data from Social Sprout. Hope you find it as useful as me. Leave a comment if you like/use it. If you are going to post it anywhere else, please add the proper credits Thanks! social-media-templates.afdesign
  2. I got the official Instagram logo files from here https://en.instagram-brand.com/assets/icons, and I opened up the .psd file they provide (see attached IG_Glyph_Fill.psd) with Designer. However I got something which doesn't fully look like the Instagram logo (see screenshot attached). It sounds there is a mask issue or something like that? Can someone give me the steps to get the Instagram logo properly drawn? IG_Glyph_Fill.psd
  3. Everytime i upload exporting image from affinity photo, it always fail. anybody can give me a clue? what setting should i apply? usually i re save my work from PhotoScape then it can be uploaded. but unfortunately quality change and color change too. thank you so much
  4. Hi I want to apply Instagram style filters to loads of images there a plugin or a way to do this in Affinity photo? Thanks Dlabz
  5. giantlobsterprd

    A quickie for instagram

    Animated in After Effects admittedly, but all the artwork was created in Affinity Designer. It's all possible, you just need to think about the workflow a little bit. TV_kid.mp4
  6. I've always noticed a discrepancy when I move a photo from Affinity on my computer to my iPhone 7. What seems punchy and contrasted on my laptop often falls short when on a smaller, clearer screen like my iphone. I often use that "Lux" slider in Instagram to give a photo that extra punch before sharing it. What I want to do is be able to make a punchy photo like that without using some automatic algorithm to do the work for me. Below are two pictures. The first is the instagram lux adjustment and the second is what I started with in Affinity. I'm trying to see if I can alter the Affinity one to make it look like the instagram one but am actually finding it quite difficult. Nothing short of multiple adjustment layers and dodging and burning is getting me close to what flicking a switch in instagram did. Is there an operation in Affinity that will create the same effect or is more about fine tuning it with various adjustment layers? I want more control over what I'm doing if that makes sense. Thanks!
  7. Hi, As a programmer and photo editor for social media I suggest the development of export with watermark PNG like Lightroom have and without creating a marker (current solution). I also sugest a solution to export to Instagram like lrinstagram for Lightroom. It's easy with their API (no, instagram's API is not always changing). Do this and you have lots of users changing from Photoshop + LightRoom to Affinity Photo Thanks
  8. ! Audio Police !

    my 2nd AFFINITY

    after buying AFFINITY last week i did my 2nd artwork http://instagram.com/p/wXREjViSHo/
  9. Found this the easiest way to leave a note. The Affinity instagram account doesn't have a url in it's profile. If added it might lead designers to your website, download a beta & maybe buy stuff. ;)