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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I noticed the following inconsistency of "Esc" in the following input fields: 1) transformation panel 1.1) click into e.g. input field of width - then "Esc" > focus is gone 1.2) click into e.g. input field of width - then "Return" then "Esc" > still focusing 2) color panel 2.1) click into e.g. input field of H (if HSL is selected) - then "Esc" > focus is gone 2.2) click into opacity - then "Esc" > still focusing 2.3) click into opacity - then "Return" then "Esc" > still focusing I see 2.2 definitely as a bug. And 1.2 and 2.3 is really annoying if you want to continue to work by e.g. swapping colors by "X" or go on with another tool. see also: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/25245-esc-should-deselect-the-focus-of-an-input-field/ Cheers, Stefan.
  2. Hi, strickt speaking I have declare the current behavior of the input fields when using arrow keys (shift+arrow key) as buggy in the following 2 situations: 1.) if a value is "1,5px" and you press e.g. "arrow up" to step 1px up status quo: result is: 2px expected: 2,5px So the "1,5px" will be rounded to 2px instead of adding 1px But in the next usage of "arrow up" 1px will be added 2.) if a value is e.g. "12px" and you press "shift+arrow up" to add 10px status quo: 20px expected: 22px So the "12px" will be "rounded to 20px" (add 8px instead of 10px) But in the next usage of "shift+arrow up" 10px will be added The current problem I see here is, that there is 2 different actions with the same keyboard action. Which is in general not a problem but the AD does not give any feedback nor it gives me the option to prevent that first action, which I do not want to trigger. At least I would recommend to have this as an option in the preferences, so that every user can decide if the "first rounding action" is welcome or not. Cheers, Stefan.
  3. Hi, the following situation: for example I want to change the width of an object. I click into the input field ... within the "transformation panel" ... hit return - the focus stays on that input field which is NICE in case of using tab to switch to other input fields. BUT: when hitting the "Esc" button I would like make sure to release the focus of that input field so that I can go on in my work with AD. Now it leads to confusing situations like: if I want to go on with another tool like Zoom (Z), or Text (T) ... the still focused input field leads: 1) to entering the input field, 2) setting the value to "0" and the cursor is blinking. I have to click "Esc" again and the desired tool as well. Improving the current behavior would, at least in my case, lead to less confusion and saving mouse clicks >> increasing efficiency. Thanks for thinking about it, Stefan.
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