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Found 15 results

  1. Wow, love this feature, I created this paper letter that I screenshot from a PC Game. Went from full of writing to an empty letter. I even darken the lines using the pen tool with the line feature on a new layer. Then I used inpaint on the image layer.
  2. Paolo here. aka the picture guy. I bought the Affinity Photo app within the first 2 weeks of its release. I’ve been watching the tutorials and have been following along to learn..... But when they get to inpainting i noticed i do not have the brush on the right hand side. When i click on the bandaid, it doesn’t give any choices, and when i used help, it shows inpainting under edit, but it is not highlighted so it won’t turn on. This was one of the features i have been looking forward to most, and i don’t even have ! HELP!!
  3. I uploaded an image from Photos using the extension function, so far so good. I could not find the inpaint brush tool and also having searched for it in the help menu, it is greyed out in the Edit menu. I only have one layer and it is (Pixel).
  4. Hey everyone So I've got a picture of two kangaroos that was taken through a wire fence. Removing the wire fence using the inpainting brush tool works fine anywhere else except for where it crosses over the kangaroos. It just doesn't select appropriate surrounding areas to fill where the fence was. So I'm wondering if there is some other method to remove this? Or a better way to use the inpainting tool? I'm fairly new with all this so please bear with me if I'm a little slow with the procedure. Thanks all!
  5. Hi I'm new to Affinity, and have followed some tutorials. In one I had the luck to use the Inpaint tool - but now I can't make it work. I choose it, mark the spots, and everything is like in the tutorials, and like the first time - all thought now, nothing disappears. Whats am I doing wrong?? All the best, Sidsel
  6. Hello, I just bought the Affinity Photo software download today. I've watched the getting started video. I do not seem to have in Inpaint Brush Tool on my list of tools. I made sure I was in a layer and not an adjustment, and not an adjustment layer, as I read in the Help Guide. Do I have to be in a certain layer or adjustment to have the tool viewable? Is there a place to load missing tools? Also, is there a way to load tools or edits across the top on a toolbar, as seen in the video. I am trying to practice on each of the basic options
  7. Really enjoying my trial so far, and looking to buy in the next day or so if we can fix this. I'm following the video in this post: Unfortunately, going to Edit -> Inpaint results in spinning all CPU cores for about 5 minutes, then spinning 1 core after that for... well, it's still going about 15 minutes later: I'm on macOS 10.13.2. I tried it on small regions of about 1000 sq. pixels and it finishes quickly but leaves the area unchanged. Is this a bug or am I doing it wrong? Thanks, Matt Edit: Okay, so on smaller areas the best I've gotten is this (I would expect the selected region to be entirely filled by extending the blue part on bottom - look at the weird shape):
  8. Hi, I have a selection of electric wires which I would like to inpaint on a sky, ideally with inpainting being on a separate layer. However when I choose Edit/Inpaint or Edit/Fill/Inpaint it always samples from the current layer only, which is the empty layer I would like the inpainting to be on. I would like to do Inpaint of a selection with sampling from Current and Below. Adding an option to the Edit/Fill dialog would solve this issue.
  9. Hi, sometimes the Inpainting Brush Tool or Fill Inpaint works quiet good for some scenarios, but unfortunately in some cases absolutely not, especially if greater areas should be replaced with inpainting. In this cases the algorithem takes parts of the image which makes no sence. So my idea was to select a greater part of the image excluding the parts which shouldn't be used for the Inpainting alogrithem, in the hope for better results, but the algorithem still takes parts of the non selected area, or simply said the same result as before without selection. Any suggestions how to improve the Inpainting, respectively exclude areas for the algorithem? Thx!
  10. I watched the Apple WWDC keynote and found AP for iPad amazing. Nothing else on iOS compares! While watching your video tutorials today, I paid close attention to object removal. Please jump to 1:57 in the following tutorial video: Notice how the woman is nicely removed but the left-corner edge of that L-shaped gutter has vanished and looks very wrong. In Photoshop there is a Clone Stamp Tool that helps one to manually fix things like that (restoring content beneath a removed object). Is there an equivalent Clone Stamp Tool in Affinity Photo for iPad? INPAINTING is very easy to use and is a good tool in many situations but not all. In the specific case of removing that woman, a clone stamp tool used by hand would make the removal nearly undetectable and allow you to retain the content shown between her arms. Thank you.
  11. Hi there V V V new to editing so sorry if this is an obvious answer. I have found the inpaint tool (which was tough) and I am using this to select what I need to remove from my picture - when I release the mouse once all highlighted in red - it doesn't remove anything - image stays the same! I am editing the pixel layer! What am I doing wrong please? Many thanks
  12. I am trying to delete an unwanted area on a jpeg photo. Where is the inpainting brush tool on Affinity photo 1.5? I don't seem to have this facility. I have just viewed my first basic tutorial and don't appear to have the inpainting brush. I have an undo brush tool which is not the same. In edit, under matte, inpaint is grey and unavailable why is this? Thank you
  13. Hi. I've been trying out Affinity Photo for a few days, and while astonished by the Inpaint Brush feature, found out it causes the app to crash when trying to do the following: 1. use Inpaint Brush to remove some spot on image 2. export to PNG It's often okay on some particular images, or if the inpainted area is small. However, I found several images that always cause the crash, when inpainted upto some particular amount of area. It usually crashes when I click the "export" button on the export window, but sometimes even just opening the export window causes the crash. The image is not that large -- 320x478 JPEG files -- and I'm just trying out with my personal photos for fun. Tried a dozen times, with several other images, after restarting the app, after reboot, even tried re-installing Affinity Photos. Still the same. Tested with Affinity Photo Trial 1.4, on OS X 10.10.5.
  14. Looking for tips on how to extend a background. I have attached two photos of a bird where the bird was too close to the edge of the photo on both the top right and bottom sides. So I decided to add more background as follows: 1. Increase the canvas size with the original photo anchored in the center. 2. Select the newly added blank canvas and grow it 4 pixels to insure overlap with the original image. 3. Fill/Inpaint In the photo on the left photo, using Photoshop CS6 I get a nice inpaint fill (they call it content aware fill). In the other example on the right, using Affinity Photo, I get an incomplete fill. As you can see, the right and bottom sides filled in nicely. But the top and left sides did not. All tips on the best way to extend the background are appreciated.
  15. I am able to initiate the command (inpaint or heal), but after highlighted can't seem to finalize the process. ENTER or something else?
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