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Found 31 results

  1. Hi all, if I tried to open an idml-file, publisher disappears from the screen without any info about the issue. The same happend, if I tried to place an idml into a document. In this case Publisher still on the screen but froze.
  2. After upgrading to Publisher 1.8.4, every time I try to open an .idml flie for the first time, the program just disappears. It seems to be working on idml files that I have opened previously in version 1.8.3. I am using system 10.13.6 and have sent several versions of the same crash report to Apple. I have also put this topic on the Windows forum as it seems to be a recurring issue on that platform.
  3. I just tested the latest beta, (and release candidate) with various IDML-files I have and I am very happy of the improvements! Even the radius mismatch of the rounded corners was corrected. For me, the values are now right. What is NOT right, is if you have different corner SHAPES, please see screenshots: IDML: Publisher: AfPub changed all corners to the same style, rounded, although I originally had only 2 corners rounded.
  4. I am a graphic design professional now retired but still doing side work for a few clients. I dropped Adobe products because I could no longer afford them. This was my first job working with affinity publisher (a 27-page document). I imported an idml file into AP and all went well UNTIL I tried to create a final PDF for my client. Regardless of the kind of PDF conversion I selected, all either had massive type issues (strange letters, missing letters, incomplete letters) and color bars with overlaid type that turned the color bars into color with "ghost shadows/images" of the overlaid type (see the attached images of a clean JPEG versus the best PDF). Regardless of the AP PDF setting I chose, some form of corruption resulted. I finally just exported the job as JPEG pages, then created a PDF using Acrobat. The first PDF was over 250mb which is much to large for my client to use. I got a usable file by saving the PDF as a Compressed PDF. This turned out to be only 4mb which is what my client needed. When I was using Adobe IND all images were clean and small in size as they should be. It is only when I used AF that the whole process ended with a slightly dirty final PDF. What did I do wrong, or what could I have done to get a small clean PDF?
  5. In these unique times, we want to help users transitioning to and from other DTP applications. We know that many designers are having to make budget cuts, and many are moving from Adobe to Affinity. We want to help you guys move your existing work to Publisher. So, we are giving away the full version of IDMarkz for usage through the end of May 2020. This is not the freebie version that locks out the IDML export; it's the full version with all features enabled. There are no charges or signups required to take advantage of this; it's how we feel we can help during these unprecedented times. If you are already using the freebie version of IDMarkz you can use the following license details to activate the full version to be used through May 2020: Email Address: doingourpart@markzware.com License ID: bf2f3a43-8466-4861-b5e6-2e0e00e4ac83 If you don't have the freebie, you can get all the information you need to get started here. Please feel free to share this with your friends and colleagues. We'll be monitoring how this pandemic affects those in our industry, and we may extend the free usage beyond May 2020. Sorry Windows users, I can't give a timeline, but we are actively working on a Windows version.
  6. Hey there, I am currently having an issue importing IDML files into Affinity Publisher that is bugging me a lot. I have been working on a document for quite some time now in InDesign and want to continue work in Publisher. So, I exported the file as IDML and imported it into the Affinity software. My problem is that all font sizes are wrong now. E.g. a text with 11 pt font size which fitted perfectly into its frame in Design will now not fit into the frame at all since the font size is way too big. Am I overseeing a conversion step or something? I would be thankful if you guys could help me out here Thanks a lot!
  7. I repost this Issue, as it was requested by @Patrick Connor as it has not been adressed yet: I'm not sure if much Indesign-users are aware, that when placing a PSD or an AI, you can disable/hide layers (I use it mostly for white coloured logos with transparency). So with my many documents I hope to bring over to affinity, I have the issue, that these disabled backgrounds creep back in my .afpub file. This requires some extra-steps to either open it in AI and deleting the background and saving it, or convert the .ai to .afdesign (basically I'd be fine with that in the long run) but an option to choose the visible layers "on import" is still missing. (like you select the page of a multipage-ai) This is not to be reduced to a sole feature-request – I would say it is required to successfully convert an IDML to AFPub. In InDesign CS5 you can select which layers are enabled/disabled (most useful for white logos with transparent background😞 In AfPublisher the background-Layer is "re-enabled":
  8. Hi all, I'm updating an original InDesign file to include new pics and copy so opened the Idml file in Publisher and noted that there were a few discrepancies, some of which have already been noted (Corner radius for one), but I noted that the original InDesign document has a directional feather of 10mm on all the edges from the bleed inwards. This has disappeared on the imported Idml file, as has some of the other transparency attributes to fade the tiff file of rows of logos below the text to let the copy be readable. The transparency is applied to the graphic layer (tiff logos) which has a multiply of 47%, the background of the frame is a pale yellow, thus letting the image fade below the type making it appear on the yellow background. See the attached screenshots of the respective files. Also the InDesign Idml file. If I open the Idml file in InDesign then all the file is there and the transparency and effects are all rendered correctly which is what I would expect. To the most part Publisher does a good job of rendering the file. It is the effects and transparency which I think it struggles with. Hope this helps to increase the usability of the idml import, especially as I want to drop InDesign etc! Steve. Catalogue Sales Flyer A4-2018-19-v4.idml
  9. Hope everyone is well. Adobe user here. Hoping there is an easy fix for this. I imported an InDesign IDML file. There are image files on the master pages. Some have an X through them and others do not. Sorry, but I cannot figure out how to get rid of the X so it doesn't interfere when I place a text frame. On a similar note, a text frame (masthead) imported with rounded corners. How do I restore it to a rectangle?
  10. AP 1.8.1 crashes on macOS (10.14.6) with an idml file downloaded from a digital print company as template for photo books. Double clicking the file launches AP which crashes immediatly. Importing the file into an existing project (add pages from file...) causes the crash as well. A bug in the idml parser? Please see enclosed file and crash report Kind regards Chris crash.txt Fotobuch 15 x 15, Innenseiten Fotopapier matt, 26 Seiten.idml.zip
  11. Specs and Details... Product: Affinity Publisher (aka Aff-Pub herein) Build: 1.8.1 Original Content Source: InDesign CS4 (yes, is still works beautifully on El Capitan... but I eventually need to move to Catalina; I do not like the CC model). Operation: import of idml. # of screen capture images: 02 # of idml files attached: 01 # of PDF files attached: 01 Original INDD file attached?: Yes. macOS: 10.11.6 Platform: Mac mini (Late-2012) Screen and Calibration tools: Apple LED Cinema Display (24") and ColourMunki Display (by XRite). ________________________________________________ Issues: as follows... Content is off-center (or skewed left-ward) of the page (or art/layout board). See example image 01. Note how it is replicated in subsequent pages 2 and 3 as well by looking at the PAGES sidebar. Text styles are broken (or modified, or jettisoned). See side-by-side comparison of imported content next to original layout in PDF...from example image 02. Key things to note: Hyphenation is disregarded. Either this occurs when exporting from indd to idml, or it is a flaw within the import feature of Aff-Pub... Carefully study image 02... note the PDF, section titled Write Precisely...5th line down of that paragraph is a hyphenated word (until)...but the hyphenation is not replicated during import. Also lines 10 and 11 of the same section in the PDF are hyphenated. Yet, because the function is broken, odd gaps appear in the Aff-Pub side of things ( "...resumes are to be about accomplishments..." ). Justified text spacing parameters are also disregarded. However this may be entirely due to broken hyphenation. Due to the above, this negatively impacts the text flow... potentially creating a repagination issue. _________________________________________________ Friendly Appeal: As a first-time poster, I might be in error... either by repeating an already posted and noted issue; or posting in the wrong section of the forum. If I've erred, please forgive, and politely educate me. Also, I did search for relevant comments/posts on this issue. Of the search results (posts) that I read they were either: inconclusive, incomplete, or far too limited in the description to be clear (or helpful). Yet, if a subsequent reader (who posted a similar issue) see this, please do not take offence. The goal is to be as complete and clear as possible, even at the risk of some wordiness. Many thanks in advance! What-my-mentor-said.idml What-my-mentor-said.pdf What my mentor said.indd
  12. Hello, I opended a IDML from ID CS6 with a business card. When I wanted to increase the line-height I realized that it is not working. Line-height simply stays a imported. AP is working normally. On a new document I can edit everything as usual. But in a new document where I pasted the IDML textbox it is the same issue – not working. See the attached document. line-height-IDML.afpub
  13. Purchased Publisher 1.8.1 yesterday now that I have the option of opening IDML files. I'm testing a couple of IDML projects at the moment and finding that all .ai files that are a part of the IDML project are opening at greatly reduced sizes compared to the original InDesign project and I don't have the ability to accurately re-size them. Additionally, some are showing with width and height distorted proportions and, again, I don't have the ability to adjust them back to original percentages as the edit tools aren't showing up as they normally would. Even the .psd images are not giving me an Image Details Panel in the Context Tool Bar so that I can edit them. It's a client-supplied template and .ai files make up about 40% of the entire layout, so this is a pretty major ball-ache if I want to try and convert their existing InDesign to Publisher, for future use. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated. I'm running Mojave 10.14.6 on iMac.
  14. Attempted to try an IDML import, with an IDML file exported from InDesign CS5. Dragging the file onto the Publisher icon, nothing happens. Opening the IDML from within Publisher, nothing happens. Creating a new document that matches the dimensions of the original InDesign file, and dragging the IDML file onto it - Publisher locks up, and a little while later I checked Activity Monitor (attached):
  15. I love the new idml-import. Now, that I'm using it more and more, I'm also looking into other fields than just boxes and linked pictures. Textstyles: One of my documents has vertically centred text and paragraph lines. I noticed the lines disappearing on the second and third level. Also the centered Text is not centered anymore. I realized there are some settings not converted correctly:
  16. Hi, Just downloaded and tried the latest version of Publisher and found that when I import an IDML file there seems to be no stop on the scrolling beyond the pages area. The scroll bars at the side of the page also disappear when they get beyond the edge of their position. There should be a limit to how far you can scroll beyond the page area, it seems that this is missing. attached are the InDesign IDML file and the APub file. Hope that helps. Cheers, Steve. Cheltenham Races Refund Envelope.idml Cheltenham Races Refund Envelope.afpub
  17. idml import is getting better! One thing I noticed was the absence of the "gradient feather" effect. I could not find a corresponded effect in Publishers fx panel, so I assume this is the reason it is omitted. So if affinity does not want to do this filter at all (which would be sad), at least for IDML import it could be automatically "translated" by adding a transparency gradient which exists in Pubs tools. This is now a manual and painful workaround for big docs...
  18. I have some ID documents, where, for whatever reason, I needed to apply some indenting to a paragraph from the right edge... AfPub it converts the correct values, but strangely Pub needs to separately define the last line additionally to get the same result...
  19. I noticed some incorrect values in my imported idml documents: The corner radius of a rounded rectangle and one where only one corner is "beveled". 1.2mm (afPub) instead of 5mm (indesign) see IDML-Code BottomLeftCornerRadius="14.173228346456694" <Rectangle Self="u42d" ContentType="GraphicType" StoryTitle="$ID/" FillColor="Color/MP Gelb" GradientFillStart="0 0" GradientFillLength="0" GradientFillAngle="0" GradientStrokeStart="0 0" GradientStrokeLength="0" GradientStrokeAngle="0" ItemLayer="u3d6" Locked="false" AppliedObjectStyle="ObjectStyle/$ID/[None]" BottomLeftCornerOption="BevelCorner" BottomLeftCornerRadius="14.173228346456694" GradientFillHiliteLength="0" GradientFillHiliteAngle="0" GradientStrokeHiliteLength="0" GradientStrokeHiliteAngle="0" LocalDisplaySetting="Default" Visible="true" Name="$ID/" ItemTransform="0 1 -1 0 177.63773824558407 91.97222348661418"> See screenshots:
  20. Thanks for adding the ability to import IDML files. This certainly makes transitioning away from InDesign more of a possibility, even when it is not quite there yet. What I miss at the moment are some options for importing. I noticed that when I import an IDML, the document settings are generally set to embed images instead of linking, and the document resolution is set to a curious 72 dpi? I would appreciate to have the option to change these settings when I import the file, as perhaps some preferences with regards to the pages you want to import and such.
  21. I have been playing around trying to figure out how to convert some InDesign documents to Publisher. Although the conversion works really quite well, there are certainly some bugs, especially with placed images. I got frequent crashes when replacing images, and they are generally not correctly sized and sometimes squished. Now that I had set up the spread as I wanted, I wanted to test if it would work in a real world situation: I have the same basic spread but the content (graphs, tables etc.) have to be changed. What I ran into immediately is that Publisher does not retain the customized placement of the image when I replace it. I replaced both Designer files as well as EPS files, but in both cases I have to manually rescale and position the image each time. The files that I replace the images with are exactly the same dimensions, so this can not be the problem. It just seems to reset the picture frame each time. This is of course very annoying and gives a lot of unneccesary work. Is this some kind of bug, as I can not see why this would be intended behaviour?
  22. I'm not sure if much Indesign-users are aware, that when placing a PSD or an AI, you can disable/hide layers (I use it mostly for white coloured logos with transparency). So with my many documents I hope to bring over to affinity, I have the issue, that these disabled backgrounds creep back in my .afpub file. This requires some extra-steps to either open it in AI and deleting the background and saving it, or convert the .ai to .afdesign (basically I'd be fine with that in the long run) but an option to choose the visible layers "on import" is still missing. (like you select the page of a multipage-ai) This is not to be reduced to a sole feature-request – I would say it is required to successfully convert an IDML to AFPub.
  23. Hi there! I was so eager to try opening idml files after reading other people’s success with the new beta release. But in my case the app crashes every time I try to open or place an idml file after about 60 seconds of the “rainbow wheel of death“. I’m on a 2016 MacBook Pro running the latest version of Mojave. Crash report and sample idml file is attached for your review. Thank you! crash-report.txt 2019-11 November Calendar.idml
  24. Most of my idml conversions are wonderful! I noticed some weird behaviour when re-opening the freshly converted file: If you have placed multi-page Illustrator-Logos within your original InDesign Doc, or multipage INDDs inside the INDD (which is also possible) Publisher gets the correct page right at the first Import. BUT: If you re-open the saved .afpub document, the .ai-page defaults to page 1.
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