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Found 7 results

  1. Before uploading to the stock, I retouch some photos in the AP. The source files weigh 3-5 MB, after pressing the combination Ctrl + S, the files begin to weigh 10-12 megabytes. How do I change the default save settings? So far I've found only export, but it's not very convenient. If there is no such possibility, then the topic can be sent to the request for functions.
  2. The name of the adjustment layer is not equal to the name in the selection menu. Curves = Curves Adjusment Unnecessary words complicate perception and slow down the search in large documents. Curves = Сurves - This option is visually more pleasant. We immediately see what this layer is. Well, for those with PS moves less repulsive moments. If for the English language this is not very critical (although this still overloads the interface). The most important words are at the beginning, and they are immediately visible. In the Russian version everything is much sadder. The most important word is in the middle of a sentence. And it is still necessary to search. The short title option would be the most usable. A document with a huge number of layers overloaded with unnecessary words, which in fact do not carry important information. It looks frightening and repulsive, especially for new users whose loyalty to the program at the start is minimal. Curves=Curves Кривые=Кривые Insignificant detail at first glance, but having a lot of weight for new users. Well, in general, make work in the AP more convenient
  3. We often see brush sets that are conveniently grouped by style. Presets are grouped by style. Why not group fonts which hundreds? I want to be able to create and save font sets. for example 1. Favorite fonts 2. Latin fonts 3. Cyrillic fonts 4. OFL licensed fonts and so on. This would speed up and simplify the work.
  4. AP curves are among the most advanced graphics programs on the market. But there is one huge flaw. A function that is literally in all programs is missing in the AP There is no vertical line that shows the position of the point relative to the histogram. At the same time, this level has no problem. I would like to see the same option in the old AP. Perhaps it was worth putting in the function request. But the absence of this line makes it impossible to work with curves, as with a professional tool. You have to guess whether you hit the top of the histogram or not. I'd like to see AP at or above its competitors.
  5. I would like to be able to create my own "playlists of fonts", for example, Cyrillic, Handwritten, With OFL license and so on. This could save time for designers.
  6. Due to the lack of a guide, it is impossible to work with curves with the necessary accuracy. There are guides in the levels. Almost all programs have guides.
  7. The task is to process more than 1000 photos. For retouching, you need a mix brush with certain settings (flow, Strenght, Auto Load Brush, Mode: RGB). When you save a brush, the settings (Strenght, Auto Load Brush, Mode: RGB) are not saved. It is necessary at each opening of the document to reconfigure the brush. Is this a bug or is there a variation how to solve this problem?
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