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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, Adobe Acrobat Pro (and not Reader) allows an icc profile to be selected to match media. Looking to test a different software that also allows icc profiles to be set. For some reason, my Affinity Publisher PDF output files do not export correctly for printing in Acrobat. Chunks of image are missing, and data outside the image area like the colour bars and file name printed at the top of the document do not render correctly in the print preview window. The text is broken and rough. Lines are not connecting. This is confirmed on 2 different computers. It is the same with both Adobe Acrobat Reader and Acrobat Pro. This does not happen when printing straight from a browser. I am using the same Epson printer dialog. The same paper settings etc, except I cannot set an icc profile. Besides Acrobat, is there a preferred PDF editing software for Affinity Publisher users that allows advanced printing features? Thanks in advance. RT
  2. I am very confused about printing. It doesn't make sense. Is there a tutorial on printing basics for Affinity Photo. I am very proficient on Photoshop but am finding it difficult to find my icc paper or how to create a profile for a certain paper. some presets appear from my photoshop printing but I don't see my list of papers until I go to Soft Proof. If i select a paper there and then select "Add Preset", that preset doesn't appear anywhere that I can see. any help would be a big help. thanks C.
  3. In Photoshop, if I turn on 'Proof Colors', and in the 'Proof Setup' I choose my own monitor's profile (PS calls it 'Monitor RGB') I get to see the same colors during editing (in PS), exporting (save for web) and in Finder (in Quick Look, or in Preview), and even in all the browsers (Safari Chrome). As not all software can use ICC profile, I find this the best way, to ensure, that the image will look exactly the same everywhere. I'd like to do the same in Affinity Designer: I'd like to export an image with no embeddded color profile, but after export, the colors are slightly different. What I'm looking for, is a solution for seeing the end result before exporting. So basicly I'd l'd like to proof for 'no profile', or for the monitor I'm using. I'm familiar with the soft proofing method in AD (with a Soft Proofing adjustment layer) but I dont find 'no profile' option in the 'soft-proof' dialog. I found a profile named 'Display', and I thought this is how AD refers to the monitor's own profile, but It looks like this is not what I was looking for, as it doesn't change the colors at all. Is there a way to proof for no profile? Or a way to install a custom profile (my monitor's) Please advise! Thanks in advance.
  4. Hallo, I am not actually sure if this is a 4 legged bug, but I was going through the soft proofing dialogue and noticed an absence of generic profiles that are always automatically added say for example in adobe creative suite packages. Namely those that come from a printer that you have installed. Since I need to have custom ICC profiles made I was wondering about two things: 1. Is there a reason why generic ICC profiles have not been picked up by affinity from my installed printer, and 2. Would affinity publisher automatically recognise custom made ICC profiles when I install them ? My "machine! is an 'orrible windows 10 all up to date, in case that is relevant? Thanking you for your hard work by the way. Chris
  5. As described in the support request "Trouble with soft proofing", it would be great to be able to do proper soft proofing like in Adobe products (Photoshop / Lightroom). Among other things, an option to activate or deactivate the "paper and ink simulation" is currently missing, which is required for some icc profiles (i.e. from high-end photo print service providers). It would be really great not having to use Lightroom anymore for soft proofing! Thank you very much in advance!