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Found 172 results

  1. Not directly affinity photo ipad related, but maybe the community can help me out here. I'm a starter in photography, have a serveral hundered raw files to work with and are looking for an ipad pro 12.9 with affinity ipad. (My old macbook is slow and does not last lang on battery anymore, dont want to buy a new one, i already do everything on my normal ipad mini and iphone) So i am looking for a complete mobile workflow, i saw that i can use diffirent cloud spaces so place anough to store the raw files. But who has experience with organizing and add taggs to the edited photo's? which app is the best for this, or any tips and tricks are welcome. Thanks guy's
  2. just got an iPad Pro and my FIRST purchase was Affinity photo to go along with my Lightroom Mobile. I can use Lightroom and then “Open In” and send it to Affinity, but I have no idea how to send it “back” to lightroom along side the original in the catalog? Photoshop Mix and other applications have a “save back to Lightroom” option. Please tell me if there is a way . Without it, it is fairly useless to have images scattered all over the place. Thanks!
  3. Hi guys! I played a bit more with AF Photo and tried to import files from AF Designer. A look at the screen reveals that on iOS AFP seems to have problems with text within symbols. At least within duplicated ones. In the desktop version everything is fine. It's a minor thing, but it should be mentioned. Cheers!
  4. Hey, I’ve been using a keyboard more with my iPad over the past couple of days now and tho it has some shortcuts within Photo for iOS it would be amazing to have some more to play with. For example when using the: “Smart selection brush tool” pressing “alt” it will change to the other mode e.g. if using “Add” pressing alt will change to “Subtract” [ and ] will change the brush change brush size. “Alt” and 1,2,3 or 4 will change the persona’s mode e.g. “photo, “selections” “liquify” soon. Ctrl, shift and + or - to change blend modes. Cmd + E export Cmd + Shift + E Save a copy Cmd + R Flip horizontal Cmd + Shift + R Flip vertical These are just examples of some and will add more soon. But what do you think are you using a keyboard with Photo’s and would like to see more hotkeys added to the program if so what would you like added.
  5. Hi. Ive been trying to import luts into my app but I get a grayed out Dropbox icon. Please help! thanks in advance! im running on latest update of iOS 11 as of 17th October 2017. I’ve uploaded a photo as an example. I tried both MAC and windows version of the lut but it doesn’t work. Both appears the same as this just that the file name and size is different. All of the luts are cube files which I understand is a file type that can be used on affinity photo app on the iPad Pro. Thanks again!
  6. Hi all, Is there an average blur feature on the iPad affinity software? I use a lot on compositing, would anyone recommend another way to get the mean color of an image? Thanks in advance! -jd
  7. Hi, We are pleased to announce the App Store release of Affinity Photo for iPad, version 1.6.4. The change-list is as follows: - New “Macro studio” (import / playback). - Added "Export LUT" to document menu. - Allow “Focus Merge” to use RAW sources. - The “Curves” adjustment spline editor now presents an intensity histogram. - Increased the maximum size of the liquify brush tools. - Wet edges can now have a custom interpolation spline. - New pinch gesture support for grouping / ungrouping layers. - “Passthrough” blending is now supported for groups. - Develop now has the same crop tool options as the main crop tool. - Efforts to reduce the size of the application binary. - Significant improvements in performance for large / complex documents. - Photo library now shows all user albums / folders. - ABR import improvements. - The “Curves” adjustment now responds properly to dragging on the document to set node positions. - Show adjustment groups, mask groups properly in the layers page. - Significant memory handling improvements when using Core Image RAW. - Photo library chooser will reload when external changes occur. - Switch between button menus now only requires one press. - Allow “Place Image” to place original images from Photos. - When creating a document from the camera, metadata is now available. - Added "Convert to Curves" to command menu. - Selection refinement stability / performance improvements. - Improved HDR merge of RAW images. - Move tool transform nodes can now be hit more reliably. - Selection marquee tools support extra-finger-constrain. - New option to dither gradients in preferences - defaults to “on”. - Significant pan / zoom smoothness improvements. - Directional lights in the lighting filter can now be directed using on-canvas handles. - Adjustments / filters preview react to changes in canvas size. - Fixed HDR merge of portrait images. - Fixed some brushes looking wrong on masks / adjustments. - Fixed rendering of adjustment layers with blend modes. - Fixed some Live Filter drawing artefacts. - Fixed some LUT R/B channel swap issues. - Fixes for the inpainting tool occasionally leaving red marks. - Fixes for liquify (and other tools) cancelling if you drag off the edge of the screen. - Fixed crashes when a font has no traits. - Fixed issue where a document failing to load would prevent subsequent loads. - Fixed painting onto masks / adjustments. - Fixed pasteboard issues. - Fixed vignette artefacts. - Fixed selection “marching ants” flickering on zoom. - Fixed the grid becoming less visible on light areas of the document. - Fixed issues where the text tool would cause the document to pan to a silly position. - Fixed snapping dialog oddities . - Fixed black screen when opening documents in OCIO colour spaces. - Fixed mixer brush introducing too much black. - Help improvements. - Localisation improvements. - Numerous other small fixes and improvements.
  8. Hello Affinity Team, Is there a way to preview the cursor/brush size while painting or brushing? I understand the iPad doesn't have hover support but at least while brushing, I hope to see the boundaries of the brush. Thank you so much!
  9. When editing RAW files, changing the black point and contrast values always make the image extremely dark, even though I’m only changing the value by about 1% or 2%. I’ll link a video to show what the issue is. 525508CB-DB4E-4150-A864-C4BF87CF487D.MOV
  10. Hi, I'm using the rectangular marquee tool and I've added and subtracted a few rectangles to get a shape that looks a bit like some lego pieces stuck together. When I go into Intersect mode, I can drag out a selection that intersects my old shape with the new but when I lift my finger after dragging out the intersect shape the whole selection disappears. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Update - I tried replicating the effect again and this time it worked smoothly. Could this be an intermittent bug? (Yes, one of those little monsters!) I'll look at it again and report back if I can replicate it, otherwise assume that I'm not looking for an answer.
  11. Hi, We are pleased to announce the App Store release of Affinity Photo for iPad, version 1.6.5 The change-list is as follows: - Build with iOS11 SDK, Xcode 9. - Dropping images into an open document now works in iOS11. - Dropping files into the welcome screen will now import them on iOS11. - iOS11 will now generate thumbnails and previews for Affinity documents. - New Stack now supports RAW files. - New HDR, Focus Merge, Stack, Panorama now support dropping of source images in iOS11. - New “Rotate” menu items when developing RAW. - New “Lock Children” switch in the Transform Studio (so you can move a layer but not the mask, etc.) - Ability to embed documents using drag and drop. - Ability to import brushes using drag and drop. - Ability to drag & drop of multiple files into the home screen. - Ability to “Save a Copy” from the home screen. - Ability to drag from export panel to Files application. - Photo library browser updates more sensibly when external changes occur. - Hide built in fonts which are not suitable for the current language. - Font family should use the localised name. - Vector export improvements. - Popups can now be dismissed by interacting with the canvas (painting, for example). A single tap still dismisses. - Guides are now visible when using the crop tool. - HSL adjustment now contributes per-channel adjustments to exported LUT. - PDF import improvements. - Mitigated Live Perspective crashes. - Placing RAW files is now more robust. - Stopped Liquify slightly blurring images. - Liquify now behaves correctly on rotated images. - Made the tutorial video player more stable. - Numerous adjustment now do not pollute the K channel in CMYK. - Fixed EXIF data when creating an image stack. - Fixed delete button on adjustments UI. - Fixed ISO metadata value issue. - Fixed some CMYK issues. - Fixed issue where you can get stuck in a numeric input popup. - Fixed layers page sometimes not scrolling to the end. - Fixed a couple of truncated localised strings. - Fixed occasional lockup when loading files. - Fixed occasional layer corruption under extreme load. - Fixed issue where the size of the selection brush was getting reset each time the tool was started. - Fixed halftone filter in CMYK. - Localisation improvements. - Numerous other small fixes and improvements. - Help improvements. Please do not post bugs or problems using this version of the software here, instead make a new thread in the Bugs on iPad section
  12. I'm trying to cobble together a workflow for shooting raw on an iPhone or iPad then editing in Affinity on an iPad. Current best bet would seem to be shoot RAW on iPhone using Lightroom Mobile, which syncs happily with the iPad but I can't yet figure out how to get dng files from Lightroom Mobile into Affinity. Anyone done this? thanks.
  13. Long time Photoshop user. One of the things I was able to do in Photoshop that I would like to know how to do, if possible, is use a layer mask to produce a selection. For example, if I have a layer with a mask of a person, like in the tutorial on selections and masks, is it possible to take the layer mask produced and turn it back into a selection? Thanks in advance for any help.
  14. ipad

    I would like to begin a design project on iPad (Pro 12.9, iOS 11), save it to iCloud Drive, and continue work on it in either Designer or Photo on my Mac (macOS 10.13). My first attempt at this shows this to be finicky, so my guess is that I'm not doing something right. How I finally got my first attempt to work was: In Photo on iPad, save as PSD to iCloud drive Open in Photo on Mac Save as afphoto file Open in Designer on Mac Does anybody have a better workflow that will work better than this? Is it best to create the initial file on iOS as a document or a project? Yes, I am an extreme noob to this.
  15. Is it possible to create a custom workspace (Persona) in Affinity Photo for iPad? (I want to use Photo for drawing, painting and illustration)
  16. Hi there, I've been trying to import Photoshop .abr brush sets, into Affinity Photo for iPad, so far without success. I'm using an iPad Pro, latest vs. I've tried importing from the following locations: icloud Google Drive Dropbox All files are greyed out and not selectable. I can confirm I don't have Adobe Sketch installed, which I read in earlier posts was causing issues with importing brushes. Any suggestions would be appreciated! PS. It's a very impressive program, great job!
  17. How do you do the equivalent of "Free Transform" in the iPad AP? I have a box in a 3Q view and need to put an image on one side of it. I am dealing with perspective and masking. I know how to rotate and skew, but I can figure out how to "free transform" for perspective. I have not found any tutorials. So I need your help everyone. Thank you. JG
  18. Hello, These links contain the supported RAW camera lists for Affinity Photo for iPad. On the iPad build you will be using system level Apple (core image raw) engine, and Serif's Raw Engine is not in the build, so please refer instead to these articles to see if your camera is supported: on iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra on iOS 10 and macOS Sierra The list of supported cameras and the algorithms used depend on Apple's implementation. New cameras will be added by Apple in iOS updates.
  19. Is their a way to save as you work on the ipad while the file is open? The program is shutting down suddenly and I lose the work that hadnt been saved.
  20. menu ->resize I tried to reduce the size of the canvas by resizing the resize function. However, since there is no guide information, I have to adjust the size by guess
  21. Hey everybody, This is my first post on this forum so hello haha. now for the problem.... When i have a RAW image (it also does it with jpeg btw) that i am editing in Affinity Photo on the iPad Pro (IOS11) and i add the filter “Depth of Field” it works like a charm, but when i click on ✔️ to accept the effect on the layer, it just keeps on loading and loading... I let the loading screen on for 45 min LOL, so i can only say that affinity crashes when using the depth of field blur effect. What i have tried to fix it: - Uninstalled the app en reinstalled it: Nothing changed. - with only one layer (no other editing done): Nothing changed, same problem - Took different pictures to try: Nothing changed. So i come to the conclussion that it really is a bug that needs to be fixed soon. So that was problem 1, then i also have another things: - I am right handed, so when i use my pensil why is the undo button on the left corner? This is really enoying because i always have to get out of the working flow because i have to take away the pensil from the screen to undo. I think it would be wise to have multi touch like: two vingers tab = undo, three vingers tab = redo. - When i am traveling i always have a wireless external harddrive with me but i cannot save anything on there with affinity, opening yes but saving it to my drive no,... WHY?! I tried: WD Wireless Pro, Seagate wireless, Lacie Fuel not one of them worked to save my affinity files on. Yes, i know you can save it to the cloud, but when i am for example in Cuba for a job i don’t have internet.... In my eyes this is really a huge, epic fail and problem with Affinity Photo. This could be the photoshop killer for me but without this saving option it’s just another app and not a professional workspace. Is this changing in the nearby future? Are you guys going to fix this in an upcoming update? I really hope so because i would love to step over to Affinity in my professional work. - The patch tool, works sometimes but sometimes it’s very glitchy. When i select the part i want to change and i drag the pensil to place that i want it to take, it takes most of the time a completely different part on the image... uhhhh haha This makes the patch tool almost unusable and very unrealiable. - Multi-touch with your fingers I already said it somewhere but i think this is really a great and a huge miss. To touch with two finger the screen for let’s say a undo action would change alot for the better, take procreate 4 for example, they killed it with there multitouch and it works like a charm. - Saving options Yes this for me is really the most important part that needs to change and i ask you developers, Fix this please, because without the saving option to a wireless external hardrive, Affinity Photo is just another app and not a professional workspace. So i think this was it, i have to say after all the problems that i named i also need to say that i really love the program and i think that it has great and epic potential. I hope you guys have some answers for me and i think a lot of other people have the same questions and problems. Thank you guys for making this software available to us all, now let make it the best app in the world!! Warm greetings, Glenn
  22. I am a full-time professional photographer and I'm very impressed with Affinity Photo for iPad. I believe it could allow myself and other photojournalists, who are often traveling with a lot of gear and transmitting images from the field, to lighten our loads and simplify our editing workflow. However, I need to be able to edit/append photo metadata without having to send the photos back over to my laptop. Specifically, I need to include caption/description, copyright status, location data, and creator/contact info with the files I submit. Currently, there is only one iPad app I know that can do this (Photogene) but it is set to become obsolete as soon as iOS11 is released. I'd love to help develop this app for photojournalists, I think it would be a great tool for many of us. Thanks so much!
  23. Is there a way to make the actual size of the brush show as you're working? You only see the size of the brush in the middle of the screen when you change its size. Thanks, RL
  24. hello, I just update to ios 11, and some of the functions like drag and drop didn’t work. So I removed A.Photo and downloaded againt. Now I can’t export to camera roll. Here’s the screen recording: