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Found 232 results

  1. When using tone map presets in a normal size photo, the displayed preset gives a good idea of colour effect. When using on a 'panorama', the tone presets resize to panorama only too narrow to actually judge effect without applying. Would it be better to show a larger sample even if it was not the full panorama? It just doesn’t look or feel right at the moment (to me at least).
  2. I was viewing a utube tutorial on shadow removal using Affinity Photo for Desktop. I thought it might be useful (for an inexperienced me) to document how to achieve the same result on the iPad version of Affinity Photo. The image used was made available for download and personal use so hopefully I am not infringing on any copyright. Admins please remove if in doubt. Others who are new to photo editing and AP on the iPad may find the technique useful too, hence posting it here. Removing_facial_shadows.pdf
  3. After opening a photo (Photo persona) Apply a gradient map from the colour adjustments panel. Cancel (bin the adjustment. The gradient tool now appears in bottom left corner. Close the photo and open another photo and the gradient tool remains visible in the bottom left corner. Shut down AP and restart, now the gradient tool is no longer shown. Is this intentional behaviour, if so why not just leave the gradient tool visible in bottom left corner?
  4. HEY Hows everyone doing on here..... I wanted to share some of my work but figured since its my first post I'd share a little about myself as well. Im new to the whole Affinity program but Ive been a Hi-End retoucher for over the past 9 years. Currently Im a retouching manager in New York specializing in beauty and Product retouching. At work we're using the Top of the Line MAC's fully spec'd out with the "industry standard" photoshop ....... BUT I've been looking for something equally as capable as photoshop but mobile! AND HERE's where AFFINITY comes in... This thing is amazing! Every time I use it I find myself going back to work the next day with another "Guess what else affinity Does" story. lol. Im shocked It can handle the files it does and I'm sure its only going to get better from here. Ive been quietly looking around on this forum and all ready see SO many talented people. So I hope to bring some of my perspective from someone who uses photoshop all day at work. But then AFFINIY for my personal on the go projects. Some info on the file - Theres over 60 layers of just umbrellas and shadows! (ZERO Slow down in app). The file closed is about 400mb but opened its 1.18gb. This was shot with my Dji Mavic Pro. Completely edited start to finish in AFFINITY Photo for Ipad Pro
  5. Current beta, from the help file it states: The Tone Mapping Persona contains a number of presets that appear on the left hand side within the Presets Studio. Simply tap one to apply it. You can also create your own presets, or import new ones. I can find the very good provided presets, but I can't see how to 'import' a set of presets into AP iPad. The menu offers ability to create category and save current preset, but I don't see any import option. What am I doing wrong?
  6. Hi, I’m new on photography editing and also affinity photo. I read about chromatic aberration correction with affinity photo on iPad but besides the fact I could find it on persona and I used a raw file to try it but didn’t work. I have been searching for tutorials but didn’t fine anything for iPad. Anyone can help me? Many thanks.
  7. Not actually a question..... In the desktop version a number of demos show multiple layers selected. On the iPad I was not aware how to do this and haven't seen it documented. Now I know how to do it! I have just found that if you touch on the right side of a layer and drag across to the left side it will select that layer without deselecting other layers. In this way you can select as many layers as you wish.
  8. I would like to request a similar Edit and walkthrough as this one here on youtube but for affinity for the iPad... Particularly bringing the sun out & complete start to finish since I'm new to Affinity Photo ... I know this result is possible i just can't get down the layers and masking ... If anyone could put something like this together i would be forever grateful Thank You, Joey
  9. I want to export files to a flash drive on my iPad. There are several flash drives that have both lightning and usb plugs but I don't know if Affinity will recognize any of them. If I can't export directly is there a roundabout way, exporting to another application and then to the flash drive. I need to export jpg but would also like to export psd or raw. I'm looking for brand names of flash drives that work with Affinity.
  10. Applied a frequency separation filter, applied the patch tool to the low freq layer to blend away some shadows. After selecting an area the 'selection' separates into a seperate window inside the image. See attached pic. The patch tool works as expected on a normal photo. Beta IPad Pro 10.5 512gb
  11. In v., when I import new photos from iOS Photos, they would always get resized and also lose all the metadata. Normal iPhone photos are 4032x3024. They’d always get resized to 3072x2304 and I don’t see how I’d be able to control this behavior. Furthermore, all the metadata is lost. Please see the screenshots. This doesn’t happen when I used the app about a few weeks ago, which I couldn’t pinpoint the version number. (It was around the time that Affinity Photo was on sale). I’m running iOS 11.2.1 on my iPad Pro 12.9 2nd Gen.
  12. Hi, When using Adjustments in AP for iPad it’s is possible to scroll through alphabetically to find the desired adjustment. For example scroll down to 'Selective colour' and tap to apply. If I tap on the word Adjustments and open another panel listing all adjustment, then scroll down to Selective Colour, their is no adjustment panel shown? In fact if I scroll through the panel list, their are a number of adjustments that fail to show in the section panel. is this normal behaviour or a bug?
  13. Is there a way on the iPad version, to reset the Basic Brushes after they have been edited via the Brushes Studio? (Other than de-install / re-install the app).
  14. I’m sorry for appearing to be such a numpty, but I simply cannot work out how to delete a selection in Affinity Photo for iPad. I’m very familiar with Photoshop and in that app you would simply hit Delete. This is driving me mad because it should be so obvious.
  15. Am I missing something? but is there a way to drag adjustment over from one image to another? I know I can create a LUT and go that route. But for Example: Can I create a HUE/SAT & curve layer to get a desired color look. Then drag that over to another image and fine tune it? that way both images have the same feel? I had a whole folder of adjustment that I thought "Damn it would be awesome if I can drag this folder over to the other image"
  16. Every time I try to open a document or photo in the latest version of Affinity Photo (1.6.5) it CRAHES. I got the app a few days ago but I can't use it. If this crash isn't fixed in the next few updates, this app definetly wasn't worth $30. The language thing doesn't work, it still crashes. IMG_1588.MOV
  17. Hi there! A little new to iPad and Affinity, read something that some iPad versions (I think I have a kind of new iPad but maybe 3-4 years old) do not support Affinity Photo/Designer? I was thinking of making my own font but it doesn't always get a good output when I finish it and scan my font and upload it to the font services. That's why I wanted to either: 1) Buy a pen tablet and sketch my text and write directly into Affinity Designer. 2) Draw the text on a paper - make a photo with my iPhone, email it to my mail, open up the jpeg in AD and use the pen tool to re-make the text 3) Try an iPad app that works, draw the text (maybe the format will be better and easier when I open the file in AD) and it's there to be edited (color, size etc). Just need to be sure which file formats Affinity Designer can handle. Option 2 seems a little time consuming tho ... I was looking at Graphic and Vectornator but also gonna research these ones: Anyone else with some experiences or what would be the best option for Affinity Designer? I'm doing 80s synthwave/retrowave art and would like to do some of my own texts. Perhaps I can do my own font easier with this method too?? Best
  18. HI! I'm trying to use Apply image on iPad but I have unexpected results. First of all, how I can select another layer as source? In Desktop version I have to drag the layer on the Apply Image filter's box. (Why not to show all layers in the list???) Here on iPad it doesn't work. I didn't find any way to make it works. And I made a macro on Desktop version, doing something like this. Of course, it works with every single images. If I import that macro on iPad, I have very odd result. Something doesn't work at all on iPad with Apply Image.
  19. The import doesn‘t end. I see only the working circle. Dropbox 78.2.2 iOS 11.2.1 on ipad Affinity photo
  20. When refining a selection with Apple Pencil drawing a refine' line on the mask and lifting the pencil off the screen, then touching screen again (quickly) causes the spinning timer refine action to continue forever. App has to be closed and reopened to clear refine action. Easily repeatable problem. ipad Pro 10.5. Official release of 1.65 AP
  21. Hi guys, It's probably been answered before but I cant find the answer. Does Affinity have a way of connecting both apps from iPad to Mac and allowing you to edit using the Apple Pencil? I basically want to use my iPad as a Wacom tablet whilst editing with affinity. I do already know about the apps you can buy to mirror the desktop but that's not what I'm looking for. After a few weeks with the iPad app, I'm sad to say I just don't like it like I thought I would. Thank you!
  22. I was excited about Affinity Photo for iPad. I trusted the company and bought it at launch before any reviews or feedback for $19.99. This was supposed to be a temporary early adopter discount before it went up to $29.99. Only, in the last 7 months since launch, it’s only been $29.99 for one week. It’s even been discounted as low as $9.99 a couple of times and now it’s $14.99. If I’d been able to actually use Photo at launch, it wouldn’t have bothered me as much, but it was horribly buggy at launch and for months after. I even bought a new iPad Pro with hope that would make photo run better. It didn’t. So, I basically, stupidly paid a premium price for the agonizing privilege of being a beta tester. Had I waited until the app had been properly tested by all of the other suckers, I could’ve picked it up for $9.99. What’s done is done, but I can say that I’ve lost a fair amount of trust in this company, and I for one will NOT be foolish enough to buy one of your apps at launch again. Fool me once...
  23. Hi, I recall seeing a post by Andy, in the iPad features forum indicating that an update was due around the end of December. Is this update a 'general' release or just another beta user update? A number of updates featured in the beta would certainly be nice to have, especially improvements to iOS file sharing. Having said that I still find Affinity Photo an amazing app in its current form!
  24. Hello Affinity Team, Is there a way to preview the cursor/brush size while painting or brushing? I understand the iPad doesn't have hover support but at least while brushing, I hope to see the boundaries of the brush. Thank you so much!
  25. When I import a HEIC file from photos, AP reduces the dimensions of the file from 4032x3024 to 3072x2304. This happens on all HEIC files but not JPGs. Why is this happening? Thanks!