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Found 359 results

  1. Beyond Horizon is a 2D side-scroller game focusing on story and exploration both on land and within the stars. Explore dungeons, towns or fight space pirates with your ship, while uncovering the lore and the secrets behind the Sigma and the original race, all of this is just Beyond the horizon. Join the Discord Community!Follow development on Notion! What is the game about: Beyond Horizon follow Aito after his grandfather suddenly has to leave, 3 years later with no return he tries to save up everything he has in-order to afford a spaceship to go after him. While on a routine mission to find a missing cargo supply he comes across a stone that once touched absorbs into Aito giving him powers along with a map to 8 location. Unknowingly awakening an evil force to his location.Now to save his town the only option is to flee, they attempt to lure the Sigma away with his friends in a stolen spaceship, now the only option is to run. Following the map to each location in the hopes to stop this Sigma killing the system. About the Project:Beyond Horizon is a small project I've been working on for a couple of years now, starting off as a 2d pixel art game before moving into this mixture of vector and semi-realistic textures that I started to play around with while working on an illustrated calendar.I'm currently working on this project solo so production on the game has been slow (along with changing a lot of things required to re-start from the ground up) and I felt like I should start sharing the project. WIP: Below are some screenshots and videos from my work in progress of the game. Motion Graphic intro: Player House: Starting City: Desert + Cave: If you can help support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/beyondhorizongame (if you can't thats fine share the word about the game: Also Join the community: https://discord.gg/WdP4dyg Than you for checking out the game and I hope you have a great day. Game links: Website:http://bit.ly/BeyondHorizonGame Twitter:https://twitter.com/behorizon_game Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/beyondhorizongame Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/BeyondHorizonGame Discord:https://discord.gg/WdP4dyg Unity forum:http://bit.ly/2LAOmbP Affinity forum:http://bit.ly/2Jd5Gpa
  2. Hi, We are pleased to announce the App Store release of Affinity Designer for iPad, version 1.6.1 The small change-list is as follows and is essentially made to avoid the graphical corruptions some users were getting: 'Ungroup All' didn't function the same as the desktop. Correct file type when dragging documents to Files/Affinity Photo. Default 'Background' export slice is correctly named on document creation. Edit menu completely visible when using left handed mode Added option to disable 'Cache screen updates' for any users who still experience graphical corruption during use a few minor memory leaks and fixes. To avoid a potentially lengthy beta process that is all that is included in this release. The update takes a while for Apple to roll out worldwide and should be visible to all in the iPad store within 24 hours. To check which version you are running, the version number is visible in the bottom right corner of the Preferences dialog.
  3. Dampsquid

    SVG export problem

    Hi - please take a look at this thread... Post in iPad questions The question was around export of a design to SVG where a curve is a shape compounded from two with the subtract operation. There seems to be a bug here given it's not just me experiencing it. Thanks!
  4. In Affinity Designer I was doing sketches and wanted to mask out a section of them. I attempted to use a mask layer but they are having a strange effect where it looks as is it is erasing parts of my lines. Kind of looks like a blend mode gone awry. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?
  5. Is there any plan to support iPad mobile / touch interface for Surface (windows) platform?
  6. Daneel

    Custom fonts not installing

    Hi there! I’ve uploaded a few fonts to my Google Drive in order to install them using the Affinity D (iPad) font installation feature. Problem is: all font files appear greyed-out and not-selectable. There’s nothing I’ve tried that managed to change/fix this. Now, is this an Affinity D bug on the iPad? Or is it an Apple issue? Anyone experiencing this as well? Thanks in advance for any help!
  7. Hi! I'm new on forums and on the wonderful Affinity universe. I have Affinity Designer on my new iPad and I can't find how to get back to the default brush. I drew with it from the beginning and now I tried some others brush and I can't find it!! Some help, please?
  8. Having edited an image on my iPad, I then export, select icloud and then photos folder and 'add', but the edited photo does not arrive in my standard photo library, which only holds the original. What am I doing wrong? If I share the edited image to the 'icloud photo sharing' app, still the edited photo fails to arrive within that app, as one would expect. And if I place it as file on iPad, I can only open it again in Affinity. So I am finding very difficult to establish a simple work flow, so a photo from the iPad's embedded photo library can be edited and stored along with the original in the same place.
  9. is there a way to save gradients to the swatch pallet ? i can save colors. thanks
  10. Please how can I merge and blend two pictures in Affinity photo for iPad. Thank you.
  11. NiceButton

    Jumping back in history

    I'm new to this software (so I hope I'm using the right terminology!) and I'm very happy so far, but I encountered this little mystery twice in 30 minutes, and I can't figure out if it's a bug or user error. This occurred on my iPad. I'm working with a PNG layer, creating vector curves on top to create a separate mask for each item in my image. My process is to draw a shape around an item with the pen tool, duplicate the image, drag it into the curve layer to mask it, then repeat the process for each item. I was plugging along making masks from solid shapes, then I had to make a shape with a couple of holes in it (the cilantro/coriander leaves, image 1). A few steps after masking that piece, the document reverted back a few steps to before I tucked the image into the cilantro mask. I thought maybe I bumped the history panel with my palm, so I got back to work. After successfully masking all but one of my objects, it happened again and reverted back to that same spot, just before the complex mask. None of the recent work was available in the panel for redos, but I think that could be because I accidentally selected or moved something before I knew what was going on. The reason I wonder if it is a bug is because the history panel shows four very old states, but also a snapshot of my most advanced work state, pointed out in blue in image 2. However, if I tap on that state I don't return to the "future" and get my work back--it's just a disappointing little tease. Image 3 is a reconstruction of what my work looked like before the history reset. You can see that it's about the same as in the history panel in image 2.
  12. Hello there. I have noticed the app on the iPad crashes either importing fonts from the cloud or applying these custom fonts on any given example. Can the Technical team reproduce that crash? Is there anything I can do to submit the bug? Thank you.
  13. Jason Ramasami

    Solid brush artefacts. Grrrr.

    Okay so this is my main current gripe with what is an awesome product overall. The inking using a solid brush usually results in an uneven artefact at the end of the stroke. I have screen captured the current issue - actually this is the first time I have seen this since updating the most recent version. Prior to this there has often been a slight weird taper at the start and end of the stroke - you can seen an example in the ‘x’ shape at the top of the video frame. 434889D3-C478-4DD5-8978-1784483253EB.MOV
  14. I’m not new to creating vector imagery but after so many years of utter frustration with Illustrator I left Bézier curves behind for good. It was just too painful. Now with this lovely software I am having to revise the weird and wonderful ways that different vector shapes can be used to create other shapes using the intersection tools in the menu. The problem is that I feel quite fed up with it because there often isn’t any rhyme or reason why something transform another object. The results don’t feel that intuitive, but Designer is good enough for me to come back nd learn this thing properly. Can anyone point me to me to an online resource that explains what each of the Bezier Node and Intersection tools do? One silly example is this: i draw a rectangle and want to break it into smaller sections so I place another rectangle over the top, select both and press subtract or divide and the result is something really weird that I don’t understand. I remember years ago doing the same thing and then breaking the shape up into parts and deleting what I didn’t need - rather like a cookie cutter effect. This seems different. Any help much appreciated.
  15. We’re really happy to provide a brand new set of tutorials to accompany the newly launched Affinity Designer for iPad app. The tutorials are all available from the app’s Home screen via the Tutorials option at bottom left. You can also access them here: https://affinity.serif.com/tutorials/designer/ipad/ Some tutorial facts.. 62 video in total Seven tutorial categories Shot in 4k resolution Subtitling for eight languages (DE, FR, ES, IT, PT-BR, RU, JA, zh-Hans) Different tutors for specialist areas Here’s the full tutorial list.. Basic operations UI overview Gestures New and save Open and import Placing images Pan, zoom and rotate canvas Selecting Moving, resizing and rotating Grouping Ordering Layers Studio Align and distribute Copy, paste and power duplicate Undo, redo and history Quick export Advanced operations Art-boards Symbols Assets Studio Snapping Constraints View modes for pixel preview Vector Tools Pen Tool Node Tool Advanced curve drawing Editing strokes Pencil Tool Shape tools Corner Tool Boolean operations Colour Picker Tool Fill Tool Advanced colour Gradients Transparency Tool Vector Brush Tool Managing vector brushes Pixel Tools Pixel Tool Paint Brush Tool Advanced brush options Managing raster brushes Smudge tools Erase Brush Tool Flood Fill Tool Flood selections Drawn selections Selection modification tools Smart Selection Brush Tool Refine Selection Tool Export Persona Slice Tool Export Persona - Slices Studio Export Persona - Layers Studio Text Tools Frame Text Tool Art Text Tool Advanced typography Text on a path Importing fonts Effects & Adjustments Applying adjustments Masking adjustments Layer effects Advanced layer effects Blend modes Styles If you have any feedback, please comment on this thread. Best wishes Affinity documentation
  16. Affinity Photo for iPad is a powerhouse for editing pictures from digital cameras... one at a time. This philosophy is embedded in every single aspect of the workflow, from importing and making adjustments all the way to exporting. I have created an account on this website precisely to be able to ask the developers or marketers of the app (if they ever read this) who and why they’ve decided to blatantly limit the functionality of the iPad version of the app compared to the desktop version. The fact that this limitation in function is not mentioned anywhere in the description on iTunes Store or in any of the tutorials or promotionals videos is appalling and borders false advertising. But I guess the answer has been in the title all along...after all, it’s Affinity Photo not Affinity Photos... Inquisitively and respectfully, Mihai
  17. Hello there, Affinity-lovers! Tonight I saw an illustration of an surfboard on the internet. And, when zooming in on that surface I saw an very interesting pattern, just like a fabric in black and grey... My try to replicate this in Designer for iPad was to make three grouped object with a lot of parallel lines (made by pen tool and a grid/snapping)... I thought I could use the Geometry functions in the app to “cut out” my above layed object and maintain the nice fabriclike pattern (had applied an overlay layer effect just to see the pattern thru my object)... But, there’s a but, I just can’t to cut out just my object with that nice pattern applied...? Any suggestions on that? Is it possible at all? See my teo screenshots: thank’s in advance!
  18. Horst Freigang

    Grid settings

    Hello lovely ones! I am curious if I have missed a button and/or an entry in the manual which points me to some grid settings? I wanted to set up an isometric grid. But I couldn't find anything. [insert sad face here]
  19. Hello. How can I scale/transform an image layer in Affinity Photo (iPad)? I'm trying to get to grips with the Affinity suite on the iPad (Photo and Designer) and cannot seem to find anything related to a relatively basic feature such as transforming an image layer on iPad. Found something for the desktop version but it does not seem to apply to the iPad interface.
  20. Patrick Connor

    Affinity Photo for iPad - 1.6.8

    Hi, We are pleased to announce the App Store release of Affinity Photo for iPad, version 1.6.8 The small change-list is as follows and is essentially made to allow users of iOS 12 to be able to use the application again: iOS 12 speed issues HDR merge produces corrupted result on iOS 12 a few minor memory leaks and fixes. To avoid a potentially lengthy beta process that is all that is included in this release. The release notes for the previous Affinity Photo for iPad (build 1.6.7) is here
  21. How can one create a border - either in a straight line or in a dashed line - like the one you can create with the “stroke” function in photoshop?
  22. Hi, My MacBook Pro is pretty much dead, which happened very shortly after I got Affinity Designer causing me to search for a new laptop to use affinity on! I then realized some of the computer reviews say most laptops can't display all of the Adobe rgb colors and Adobe rgb contains the cmyk colors; the laptop I had considered first could only display 60% of the Adobe rgb colors. I had previously just started designing for teespring and redbubble products such as pillows, phone cases, bags, shirts, leggings, etc... One company had me use cmyk colors and the other said they can do rgb/srgb etc.... I also looked into an external monitor that could display full Adobe rgb colors, but figured if it's plugged into a laptop that doesn't display all the colors needed, then it probably would effect the external monitor displaying full colors and the same would happen to a drawing tablet seeing it transmits the screen over/mirrors the laptop display? I went to Best Buy and someone there agreed (about the external monitor and the drawing tablet monitor not displaying full color if the laptop doesn't) who did graphic design and said I should get a iMac 5k screen desktop which is powerful and has the best screen (seeing I'm also into photography and music) as well as an iPad maybe for drawing later. I told that person it seems that iPads and Macs have p3 color which is not the same as Adobe rgb and cmyk, especially in blues, greens, and reds. But they said the Mac would be ok........ I don't want to have to spend a ton of money, but I also don't want to think I'm designing with a certain green and have it print a totally different green even with gamut check on because my screen can't display all the colors it should for designing. What computers or iPads do you use for designing to get accurate colors or recommend any drawing tablets? I really want to be able to draw and have accurate colors! Thank you in advance for all your help!!! I'm so excited affinity Designer just came out on the iPad! Also, I would love a 12.9" iPad pro but don't know how to get a new one cheap or when the next ones will be realeased? I figure this generation would be best because it has the better color and processor for designing. Is the 10.5 really small after a while for designing? A lot of people say they like drawing on it better than drawing monitors for many reasons. Which do you prefer? Also, if I got an iPad, would that transfer or count as one of my operating system devices licenses seeing you can have affinity on multiple devices you own with the same os? Or would I have to purchase affinity again?
  23. Desinio

    Pen Tool Delay in Designer

    Hello everyone, I’ve noticed a small issue with Affinity Designer for iPad. Whenever I use the pen tool to create a curved path, there is always a small delay from the moment I’ve clicked and dragged on the screen to the moment the path actually appears. This does not happen with the Pen Tool in Affinity Photo and non-curved paths also appear instantly. I’m using the first version of the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. I hope this helps.
  24. paulstar08

    Reverse Text Path

    I was wondering if the "reverse text path" feature that is on the desktop version of Affinity Designer will be on the iPad version. I use that feature a ton on the desktop and find it super useful. If it is on the iPad version already please ignore this Thanks for an amazing app!
  25. The new Affinity designer for iPad looks and feels awesome. I would love to see a similar version of the Designer on Windows 10 which uses the full potential of the Windows 10 touch functionalities. A direct copy of the iPad UI could be awesome.