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Found 640 results

  1. Much appreciated if someone could demonstrate how to draw text shadow as below on the iPad. I've tried duplicating a layer and pasting, but it's simply not as elegant as in Adobe Illustrator. Source:
  2. Good evening, I continue to explore AD on with my iPad... I love this machine! Delicate subject, especially drops of water..... What do you think?
  3. Hi, I love using Affinity Designer Desktop for UI design, and I'm planning to buy an iPad in the near future. I'm just wondering if I can still do UI design on the AD iPad? Is it even doable? Or there are some feature limitations comparing to the desktop version? Thank you, Cheers!
  4. Its been a week since I’ve been using photo on ipad and today the apps keeps crashing everytime I’m trying to go back to main gallery or whenever I’m saving. At first, I imported my file directly from google drive, and then i tried saving a copy to ipad and open that file to work on it. Same issues regardless. Please help solve this because I can’t do any job done this way. Thank you. WeddingWinie.afphoto
  5. A small faucet/tap to continue taking AD on iPad :)
  6. Hi there, I am currently working on a project in Affinity Designer. Somehow, since a week, the app is very slow. If I draw a line with the vector brush tool, it takes about 8 seconds for the app to process and display the line (see attached video file). I've tried the following: - restarting the app - restarting the iPad several times - disconnect and reconnect the Apple pencil - checked if everything is up to date in the App Store - whether the iPad is charging, charged 100% or detached from a charger: it reacts the same - the Apple pencil is fully charged Other drawing programs such as Procreate are working perfectly, so it's nothing to do with the iPad or the Apple Pencil. The app is somehow crashing all the time. It's been like this for five days now, without any changes. Hopefully you can help me with this! WhatsApp Video 2019-09-17 at 15.23.54.mp4
  7. Hi there, this is one of my latest Artworks. I hope you like it. you can find more of my Stuff on instagram: @lifestyle_geildesignt C U Soon
  8. Hi! I already bought Affinity Designer, Publisher and Photo. Fine gems! So I just acquired Affinity Photo for iPad but I must say that I am a bit confused... As there are many differences between the desktop and the iPad versions, do you know where I can find a comprehensive list of the functionalities actually available on this Affinity Photo for iPad version ? It would be very much appreciated Any ideas ? Thanks!
  9. Hi, Affinity Team. I have a suggestion for a program of Affinity series. A program of Animation frame by frame. I'd love to that idea. I hope you like! Yours sincerely, Lucas.
  10. Hi, I’m having two issues with the colour picker tool on my iPad Pro 12in while using an Apple Pencil. Firstly, the pencil is not selecting the colour I choose; ie, I select the tool, move and hover over a colour, release the pencil off the screen (mimicking the finger process) but it does not select the color, ie the swatch does not change to the colour I have chosen. The selection process works perfectly when I use my finger. Secondly, selecting the colour picker results in two magnifying selection dots that hover over the screen, rather than the expected single dot (see attached pic).
  11. I’m am new to bleeds, so maybe I’m doing something wrong, but… If I create a new document in Designer for iPad, and in the document setup dialog I don’t create an artboard, then once the document is created, I can select Bleed from the document menu and add & change bleeds on any side. If, however, I create a new document and select Artboard in the document setup dialog, then once the document is created, I select Bleed from the Document menu, I get the options to view & create bleeds, but they don’t show up. Also, the Include Bleed option is disabled on PDF Export. Likewise, if I create a document without artboards, and then add a bleed (say, on just 2 sides), it works fine, but once I selecte Document—>Artboards and add an artboard, I can no longer add or edit the existing bleeds. Are bleeds meant to work with artboards? Can different artboards within a single document have different bleeds? (I’m guessing not.) Thanks.
  12. Trying to split a shape into 3 piece, would there be any method of resting the binding box?
  13. If there’s a smoothing tool in AD, I can’t find it. If there isn’t one, I need it, as I often use it in Illustrator, and I want to phase out Adobe ASAP. I also like Astute Graphic’s plugins and will make a separate feature request for that.
  14. Colt 357 with vision vintage + modern
  15. I added a Mask Layer to Gaussian Blur, and using the eraser tool either black or white, I'm not getting any results. I tried closing the app and force restart.
  16. Hello, Just test AD + iPad.... Getting started a little difficult
  17. Is there a way on the iPad version, to reset the Basic Brushes after they have been edited via the Brushes Studio? (Other than de-install / re-install the app).
  18. Howdy, Apologies if this is addressed elsewhere on this forum already, but I wasn't able to find anything. My issue is this: I purchased the "Grave Etcher Brush Pack" from the Affinity Store to use with Affinity Designer for the iPad, but I can't figure out how to install it (using the published instructions for how to install brushes). From within the app I click on the Vector Persona and then from the Brushes Studio I choose "Import Brushes..." from the hamburger button. From what I can tell, Designer opens up a version of Apple's "Files" application, from which I navigate to where I have the .afbrushes file stored (I've tried storing in various locations in Files, including Google Drive and "On My iPad). The file appears but without any "afbrushes" extension. The icon and listing for the file appears grey/gray-colo(u)red, as if Affinity doesn't recognize the file as a legitimate brushes file. I can poke, pinch, and swipe at the brushes file as much as I want, but Affinity Designer + the Files dialog refuse to consume the file. I've tried with other community-created .afbrushes files and get exactly the same behavior. So... how can I import an .afbrushes file into Affinity Designer for the iPad? Any information that I can provide to provide clues as to what is happening? Thanks! Regards, Jim
  19. Is there a way we can edit SVGs that we import into affinity designer on the iPad? It is labeled "Embedded Document" once imported. I saw that you can edit it on the desktop version but I haven't found anything about the iPad version. Thanks in advance for any help!
  20. Hello, I am trying to print a document in A4 format, with the drawing in the center, but the print makes it small and on one side of the A4, someone would know how to let me touch to make it correct. Thank you
  21. I generated 5 color swatch from an Instagram image, I matched them with a personal photo, and saved it as a preset, but I can’t find it under LUT or Presets. Where else can I find it? It’s also not on Files
  22. There is no "Affinity Photo extension" in "Photos". I bought it for iPad yesterday and I am so disappointed not to see it in Photos. Is it expected to implement this extension as it existe in the Mac desktop version of Affinity ? In the present state I will never use this software. Affinity needs to have the same tools on mobile and desktop application. I plan to buy the Mac desktop version when this specific point, often asked by users, will be improved.
  23. This morning I updated my IOS 13 beta... I then continued to work on a project in design... when I export the project as any of the options. Only part of the project is shown... the first pi shows how it appears as saved.. second pic is a screenshot of what it is to look like . I’m hoping that this is my error and not the IOS or Design error.. Im on an IPad IOS13 beta sorry if this is not the right forum
  24. I’d like to request a blur tool that varies the degree of blur between paths. Much how contour lines on a map indicate altitude, the path would set the blur radius. Not to be confused with the path blur you get in photoshop; it’s closer to a field blur, but instead of radial points it uses vector paths. I really dislike using masks on blurs as it looks unconvincing. I’ve tried other methods for realistic focal depth on a 2d image (painting my own z-depth, multi layered blurs, etc) but they are quite a lot of effort to make. I feel this method would be the quickest and easiest if only it existed! If this tool already exists somewhere/anywhere, please let me know! I’ve tried to illustrate the idea below (excuse the lame character)...
  25. Hey there my name is Maddy! I‘m new here & if I make any mistake just tell me! I think I have found a bug in Designer for iPad. So I made a design with vectors & forms and have selected all options, that the exported png has a transparent background (transparent setting at the beginning, transparent setting in the document, while export selecting png & letting all options like they are). But when I save the design on my iPad via the sharing option on the bottom left, it makes a white background. It worked before without any problems. Then I tried an illustration without predone formes like hearts or stars & the export with transparent background worked perfectly fine. I have to say, when the formes don‘t have a preselected filling color, it workes as well. But when placing the form with colour & then remove it, the export will have again a white background even if the transparent Settings are activated. when I bring the design with the new white background back in the Designer, the background is automatically transparent again! I hope you can understand, what I mean (I am not a native English speaker) Greets, Maddy