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Found 283 results

  1. Can open in place a file (.afphoto) from Dropbox, make changes, return to Project screen and use hamburger menu to Save changes. Dialogue states Saving file. Remove local copy from Project screen, reopen from Dropbox. Previously saved edits are not there! I'm using the latest store release and an iPad Pro. The Original image was Saved to Dropbox using Save a Copy to create the .afphoto file. The image was then deleted and the .afphoto file opened in Dropbox. Saves are now meant to be made to the opened Dropbox file. Video shows what occurs. After deleting two layers and Saving, then closing file in Projects and reopening from cloud. Layers are still there. May be relevant that Dropbox app updated yesterday? 1AD0167C-CE77-4784-8F60-04928D98AE61.MP4
  2. I am attempting to emulate a tutorial on displacement mapming performed with affinity Photo desktop, on my iPads Affinity Photo. Method. New canvas 2400x2400mm divided into 200x2400mm slices. Make first slice wth rectangle tool, add black to white gradient (tilt gradient slightly) and copy 12 times. Finish with a 2400x2400 image comprising 12 x 200mm Gradients side by side. Simple so far. Issue 1: Exporting this file takes ages and eventually produces a jpg file of over 280mb size. Attempting to reopen this jpg file crashes Affinity. Issue 2: After placing an image in the original 'gradient map .afphoto file, any further actions 'appear' to lock up AP, though in realty I think it is still working, just very very very slowly as the spinning gear is evident. Edit: still spinning 2hrs later Is this processing 'beyond' the iPads capability or is it a limitation/bug with Displacement filter and gradients in AP for iPad? Here is a screen shot of the offending file.
  3. I would like to know if Affinity Designer for iPad is a serif's plan for the near future. I'm planning to buy an iPad to work, but there things that I can't do in Affinity Photos. Thanks
  4. Just wanted to say that I have to give it up to Affinity lately. I’ve been editing RAW images in Photo on the iPad for over a week. Maybe 3 dozen edits start to finish and haven’t had a single crash or glitch at all. Every function I’ve used has performed without the slightest hitch or issue. iPad 10.5 iOS 11.2.6 Bravo
  5. I’m on iOS 11.1 on iPad Pro 10.5. Not sure if I should update to 11.2.6, b/c of all of the reported issues. There seem to be some pretty dramatic screw-ups in that update. But the App Store won’t let me purchase or download Affinity unless I’m on 11.2.6. Is there a way for me to download an older version for iPad that’ll work on 11.1? I’m really interested in this app! Thanks in advance!
  6. I’d love to reproduce the effect from this photoshop tutorial! Any pointers? Cartoon Effect in Photoshop Tutorial
  7. Hi, I was editing some images on the iPad yesterday. I'm trying to force myself to use the iPad more for photo editing because I'm tired of doing a quick iPad photo edit, then have to recreate a similar but more detailed edit on the desktop... double the work. I've grown increasingly more trusting of the Photo app in general. I've had some "serious edits" done solely in Photo on the iPad... printed large and was happy with the results and accuracy. So, back to my question... I was editing about a dozen images yesterday in Photo on the iPad. They were all RAW images, shot with nearly the same settings of basically the same subject matter. I found myself doing pretty much exactly the same preliminary RAW edit on all of them. Is there a way that I can somehow save RAW edit settings, and them batch apply them to multiple RAW images on the iPad? I'm guessing not, but I thought I'd ask. If not for RAW, is that possible for JPG sources?
  8. I looked at several useful videos of different topics , but none to how to label a layer. The help on the iPad did not work (appears to be for the computer version). This appears to be a bug, but maybe I just have not found the magic touch. Frustrating.
  9. If a have purchased the iPad version do i also have to purchase the Mac version?
  10. Hi I have purchased Affinity Photo on both Mac and iPad via the Apple Appstore, how do I obtain the FREE extras that come with the launch of 1.6.7? There doesn't appear to be a way for customers who have made purchases via the Appstore to download them? Thanks
  11. Hello Affinity Team, Is there a way to preview the cursor/brush size while painting or brushing? I understand the iPad doesn't have hover support but at least while brushing, I hope to see the boundaries of the brush. Thank you so much!
  12. Hi, My I pad pro 10.5 is going to be full. And I know finally why. in the affinity app they save the files on the front page. I must delete them one by one. I have hundreds of them in it. so thats take me days when all of it is gone. I hope I have explained it well, and hope if you guys have an solution for it to delete it all in one time. thank you! Gladys
  13. I'm an iPad user of Affinity Photo. I received the email "Last chance to get our iPad update with 3 FREE content packs" How can I download them? Thanks
  14. Hi, We are pleased to announce the App Store release of Affinity Photo for iPad, version 1.6.7 The change-list is as follows: - Brand new shadows / highlights algorithm in Develop.- Brand new clarity algorithm in Develop.- Now fully supports open-in-place - including saving back directly to the original location.- New “Import from Camera” - supporting RAW and automatic HDR bracketed merge. Has fancy histograms and scopes.- New ability to install custom fonts in preferences.- New “Average Blur” filter.- New “Solo” layer option in layer properties panel.- New preferences option to show touches - good for screen recording.- Added the “Median Brush” tool.- Added ability to export brushes.- Added ability to both import and export styles.- Added option in preferences to cache screen updates - you will see much less pixelation when painting etc. - but it uses more memory.- Added transparent TGA import support.- Adjustments panel now has an option to show a simple list (by popular request).- Overhaul of pencil / touch input mechanism - this enabled much needed functionality such as long pressing with Apple Pencil to pick colours in brush tools, etc.- Apple Pencil can now dismiss flyouts without passing a tap through.- Further performance improvements in develop persona.- Preferences option to choose default storage location.- Improved support for the dropping of files into an open document.- Bitmap fills are now available on vector objects.- Can now rotate image in Develop.- Pasting now keeps things in the right place.- Maximum / minimum filters now obey the current channels properly.- Brush scatter works properly when controller is “random”.- Improved angle / tilt support for Apple Pencil.- Handle vertical panoramas better.- Improved crop tool behaviour when using ratios.- Improved retouching tools in 32bit mode.- Improvements to selection refinement.- Improved TIFF support.- Channels page improvements / fixes.- “Save a copy” stability improvements.- Ability to clear history.- New “Constrain” modifier button for Depth of Field tool.- Snapping candidates can now be selected by hovering over them whilst in a drag.- All colour flyouts now have a built in colour picker.- Increased the maximum undo stack size.- OpenType improvements.- Added “Undo” to the two-finger-tap context menu.- Improved input smoothing for all tools.- Improved behaviour when trying to move small layers (ie. avoid inadvertent resizes).- Improved text tool UI.- Moved spelling suggestions to context menu.- Creating stacks from RAW files now works more correctly.- Improved Perlin Noise filter.- PSD, PDF import / export improvements.- Help improvements.- Fixed transform studio aspect ratio lock.- Fixed some HDR merge crashes.- Fixed multiply blend mode in 32bit documents.- Fixed marching ants disappearing when canvas is rotated.- Fixed issues with “Direction” brush controller.- Fixed colour picker appearing too easily in paint brush tool.- Fixed long press being too short in some tools.- Fixed HEIF import from Photos app.- Fixed issue where stray colour picker loupe could remain after switching tools.- Fixed incorrect DPI limit in resize tool.- Fixed inability to export liquify meshes.- Numerous other fixes and stability improvements. Please do not post bugs or problems that you find when using this version of the software in this thread, instead make a new thread in the Bugs on iPad section
  15. It would be useful to have floating panels - both in the desktop and iPad versions of AP - for some features. For example, the Scopes panels - and indeed regarding scopes would it not be helpful to also be able to see more than one scope at a time? If the panels could be individually floated, then it should be possible to do this, so that one could have, for example, an RGB parade and a Vectorscope visible or even a Curves and a Vectorscope simultaneously. The panels could be pinned to parts of the screen as the user wished. It is possible that this could become confusing however - as sometimes happens with GIMP if many tools are used. In the iPad version of AP it seems awkward to have only one tool "out" at any one time - and floating panels could overcome this.
  16. Is it just me, or do others find the iPad version and its interface confusing, compared with the desktop version? There doesn’t always seem to be enough visual feedback, such as a visible brush circle, and perhaps sometimes that’s because there isn’t a brush selected or the wrong kind of layer is being used. If the user doesn’t know this, a lot of trial and error “work” is needed to fix things - or not! Some form of status panel could be very helpful, together with better feedback on the photo being edited.
  17. Don’t know what I did but I need some help. Affinity Photos for iPad is not responding to my finger when I used tools like the brush or crop tools. I can’t select or crop. I can scroll or move a file around but not select a colour, etc. It was working when I first started “learning”. This totally has me mystified and a little frustrated. Help! IPad Pro 9.7
  18. This will sound crazy to some but I have an Apple Pencil and find it much less efficient than a tablet due to the ability to hover over an area. I guess it’s become second nature after using graphics tablets for years. I saw that Procreate has third party tablet support and wondered if it might be possible to integrate it with Affinity Photo too. It’s great to be further back from the screen too. I have the tiny intuos photo pen and touch which is small enough to carry anywhere.
  19. If you're designing an iOS app icon, you can use this template to export the 18 different icon sizes required by Apple named according to Apple’s guidelines. To get started, edit the Icon symbol on the App Icon layer. When you are ready to export, switch to the Export Persona and click the Export Slices button. Make sure to disable the mask layers before you export – icons should be exported as square images. You can download the latest version on my website. Thanks for looking!
  20. I am trying to import a gradient palette (.afpalette) to AP on the iPad. I can access the palette menu and see option to 'Add Application/Document' palette. All this does is generate a new Category heading. No option to navigate to the palette file. Am I doing something wrong or, Is the import option unavailable on the iPad version?
  21. A request to add an option of disabling the magnifying glass for the pen tool and node tool. The magnifying glass is a nice feature when using a finger, but with the Apple Pencil it blocks the view and makes the process of editing curves harder. Thank you.
  22. I have a few questions relating to Macros on both Mac & iOS devices. My first question is also a testimonial to what really won me over to Affinity Photo this week. I was editing a photo taking in a living room on my iPad in Affinity Photo and was trying the macros out and ended up with a photo that now looks like it was taken in a studio. I recreated what I did on the iPad on my mac and turned it into a macro but there's one major issue I have. My macro creates a layer mask of for the people in the photo and this overall macro is one I'd like to reuse however I can't for the life of me figure out how to have it ask to make a selection when ran and would that also work on the iPad? In case that's not clear I'd like to run a macro on either device and if part of that macro requires a selection to be made have it prompt me to make one. Secondly I accidentally imported the same macro in twice and created a duplicate and did not see an easy way to delete the duplicated live macros. I ended up deleting the app and reinstalling but this seems a bit drastic especially as time goes on and with the additional macros we can import now from desktop version would like to see a way to manage these on the iPad. Lastly will there be a way to create macros from the iPad itself in the future? I'm honestly blown away by the ability to create macros and effortlessly sync them to the iPad and I didn't even realize this was possible until this week. While I've owned both Mac & iOS versions of Affinity Photo this is what really caused me to push aside other apps. This is amazing.
  23. I’ve had this happen twice in the same day now. I create masks and save my photo and everything looks great. I close the app and when I open it again to work on it all the masks seem to not work anymore. Everything is showing and my eraser marks and everything else are present when before they were perfectly blended. See my examples attached. It should look more like the one where the masks obviously aren’t all messed up and basically not working anymore. I don’t know how to revert it back to the masks working correctly. Please advise
  24. I'm on the 12.9 iPad pro 2nd gen. I load the image attached to try and use as a learning tool. My goal is to select just the tree and use the brush tool to paint on a color overlay. However Everytime I do this the brush tool affects both the tree and the sky. My process so far has been. Open image. Use in painting to remove some stray black dots. Use the option in the selection persona to select by color of sky. Adjust range to fill out sky only and click the check mark to select. Now my selection is perfect so I invert and move to the photo persona I choose the paintbrush. Lower to opacity and start brushing and it effects the entire image. I tried creating a mask layer from the selection but this hides the sky. I researched the selection refinement tutorial and I suppose I must be missing something.
  25. I shoot Raw with my fuji camera(apple shows RAF is supposed).But when I open any photos I can only see they’re 1960*1280.All the photos are confirmed to be corrected.But the app is wrong.Please help me,thank you very very much.