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Found 901 results

  1. Serif allow customers to test new builds of the software even before it is released to the public. These "beta" builds offer an opportunity to trial bug fixes, add support for new file formats and show off new features before they are launched. This post is designed to be an aid to knowing if you are trying the latest beta version of the Affinity software on your platform. Product Name | Platform | Beta Ver. | ====================|================|==================| Affinity Designer | iPad 12.x-14.x | 1.9.0 (1.9.10) | Affinity Photo | iPad 12.x-14.x | | Affinity Publisher | iPad 12.x-14.x | to be announced | ADe and APh iPad Customer Betas require you to be an owner of the paid for version of the software to work. You need to have the purchased software installed on the same iPad as the customer beta. APu iPad beta has not yet been announced or released. If you would like to try the iPad Customer Beta build look for the top (pinned) post in each of these forums, the latest of which is posted in this thread: Affinity Designer beta for iPad forum Affinity Photo beta for iPad forum Affinity Publisher Public beta for iPad to be announced iPad build numbers and Windows/Mac builds are independent. The third number increases each time a public release is made, the last number is generated by a build server and so not directly related to each other. I will update/edit this post as new iPadOS Beta releases are added by the developers. This thread is locked and will only be posted to by Serif Staff when the beta release versions are updated. Please follow this thread if you want to know about future version changes. If you think this post has got behind announcing the iPadOS beta updates and needs updating please PM me.
  2. In both the Print and Web device documents I am unable to set the Grid Spacing above .853. I am using Affinity Designer on the iPad and it seems that Affinity Photo on the iPad has the same problem. I tried it on the desktop version of Affinity Designer and can set the Spacing to 2.667 inches, so it appears this is a defect in the iPad version. Since the iPad version does not have the Ruler feature, I was trying to use the Grid to show 1-inch squares divided into 1/8" squares.
  3. I’d love to reproduce the effect from this photoshop tutorial! Any pointers? Cartoon Effect in Photoshop Tutorial
  4. Hello all! I have been using Affinity Photo and Designer on my iPad Pro for a long while now. Thoroughly enjoy it, and might I say recommended and promote it myself in conversations all the time with others. Was just hoping to get more updated info on Affinity Publisher for iPad; coming soon, release dates, etc. It is June 2020...nudge, nudge, wink, wink...and know with previous possibilities of it coming around now, and the unfortunate Corona impacts, it may have delayed. Of course understand Affinity wanting a big announcement for it...it is of course software akin to marketing stuffs, but any latest news? And please, no need to influx with Users restating long-standing announcements from 2019....like to hear from Affinity, in 2020. Thanks! ;)
  5. I was having some issues with Affinity Designer running on my iPad Air 4 so I thought a fresh install might fix things. I made sure to save all my documents to the Affinity folder in files. Double checking that everything I wanted saved was in the folder, I deleted the app. But the folder is gone too now, along with everything in it! I checked the "Recently Deleted" folder and don't see any of my lost documents. Did I just lose all my documents, or is there a way to get them back?
  6. Affinity Photo is a great app on the iPad and on Windows, but working together with both platforms is not so easy. You could use iCloud to sync your files, but it is very slow when working with large files and regular changes. Therefore it would be nice to be able to access file servers (FTP or SMB) directly inside the Affinity Photo App. This feature would be very cool and I would also pay something for this feature as an In-App-Transaction.
  7. I came up with some ideas to improve workflow. Look at second photo coz i dont know how to delete first one.
  8. Designer on iPad, recently updated: when I want to DUPLICATE a BRUSH from a list, the message "new brush added" appears, but no brush appears at the bottom of the list. In Affinity Photo duplication occurs, but in Designer NO
  9. I just got Designer for iPad here in 2020 and I was hoping it would include Orozco’s God Lion sample. I would so love to study it! For some reason I’m under the impression it was included with earlier version(s). If that’s true, is there somewhere I can download it? I’m registered with Affinity and everything. And, in fact, go all the way back to early PagePlus et al days. So delighted with Affinity suite - I was heartbroken when I defected to Mac and couldn’t use all my beloved Serif products anymore. Having a ball now, lol, totally addicted. TIA
  10. We're aware of an issue where PSD files are greyed out when trying to open/import them into our iPad apps. This is happening because you have opened PSD files into another iPad app and the .PSD file extension is now associated to that app. If you've opened .PSD files into an another iPad app such as Adobe Fresco, you will need to temporarily uninstall that app. Once uninstalled you will be able to open/import PSD files into our apps. Once PSD files are associated with our app you can then reinstall the other app again if needed. This issue is logged with our developers.
  11. I'm finding that my prints from Designer for iPad are enlarged. My tests of a 1 x 7 (inch) object prints at 1+ x 7.125". When printing through my Designer PC app, there is no issue. Only through the iPad. Since I can't control the printer (HP 9010) settings on the iPad - how an I control this? thanks
  12. I recently purchased an iPad Pro with Affinity Photo and am trying to use the Selective Color tool. However, when I go to the tool there's nothing selectable and no options to change colors. I've attached a screen grab and screen recording below as a reference. RPReplay_Final1609630582.mov
  13. Hello Affinity Team, Is there a way to preview the cursor/brush size while painting or brushing? I understand the iPad doesn't have hover support but at least while brushing, I hope to see the boundaries of the brush. Thank you so much!
  14. Vector art & text look so crisp on my ipad screen. But when I print them they look low DPI and have jagged edges. Non Affinity Designer docs print fine, so it’s not the printer. I’m not printing directly from the app, or from my iPad, because AirPrint is totally (insert bad word here). I have already tried: Increasing resolution of documents to 300dpi, 600dpi, & 1200dpi. Exporting documents as PDF for print. Setting dpi in export settings to 300dpi & 600dpi. Setting Rasterizing in export settings to unsupported properties, nothing, and everything. Making sure layer opacity set to Normal in all layers. I’m using a USB laser printer. This is my first post. Any help appreciated.
  15. Hello Affinity team, as a designer who heavily relies on art boards to produce an array of files for a single project. I would love to see a save feature within the export persona that allows for us to export the art boards as the artboard name we have chosen, but also the project name. Something like this: MasterFileName_ArtboardName.psd. That way when we export multiple files that are very similar in size and have the same extension, we can move them around more efficiently. If this is already a feature, please someone show me how. I feel like this would boost my productivity immensely.
  16. Hi, I don’t know how to correct Spelling errors in affinity Designer for iPad. I’m already enable the Spelling box in the font studio, but nothing happen. Can you help me? Thank you.
  17. Just practicing my lettering techniques and texturing effects.
  18. I don’t get it! From the reviews I’ve read before getting the Affinity Designer for the iPad, I was under the impression that this is the best design app ever! How does the best design app ever not have a Free Transform tool or options?! I’m totally frustrated and wasting a lot of time to figure this out, because I simply can’t imagine that a “design” app doesn’t allow me to distort an image. And the idea that I have to buy another app and add to the work and time, just to transform a simple image, and disrupt my work flow! Could someone explain how this happened? Because I’m regretting buying the app with every passing day.
  19. Hi, We are going to edit a photo from the ‘Botanical theatre’ series I took and posted on Instagram. This walk-through is created in Affinity photo for iPad but if you have a desktop version please give it a try. I think it shouldn’t differ so much. flower in Vysehrad by miresk -Original (download here) As I was reviewing the photos I got an idea to create something saturnine :) According to Merriam-Webster dictionary there are a few meanings. One of them is the following: Here is a result after a few edits that we are going to make together. By the way, did you know that Saturn’s rings are made mostly of chunks of ice? Brrr..I think that definition above could work for this image. Result 1. Perspective A photo we work with has a grid on the wall. As a first step let’s change the perspective of this photo to create a bending wall effect. Something that looks like if we were inside a well. Click the three dots to expand the menu and select Projections -> Equirectangular Projection. Move around the photo until you are happy with a perspective. We want one flower to stand out in the final composition so keep that in mind. 2. Tracing with pen tool Now after we applied the projection we can use the pen tool to select a few tiles on a wall. We will later use them as windows that we can look through. Select Pen tool and click from one corner of a tile to another creating the lines until you close the first point. TIP: Select Edit Mode (1st icon from left at the bottom of the screen) to quickly adjust the nodes and curves. After you trace the lines Use fill (for example white) to see what you have already traced. 3. Download space images There is a cool feature called Stock where you can browse images available to download and use them in your work. I wrote ‘saturn’ in the search bar and found a photo of space I liked. Then I switched to Pixabay service and downloaded an image of Saturn planet. Stock images 4. Rasterise the layers We can hide the downloaded images for now as we are going to rasterise the vector layers created with pen tool from step 2. Select a layer, click on the 2nd icon from left top in Layers panel and select Rasterise. Do this step for each vector layer (white squares). If you know how to rasterise several selected layers at once let me know please 5. Merge selected layers and mask In this step we are going to select all pixel layers we rasterised. On iPad version of Affinity Photo you can do it by swiping a layer for example from left to right. When they are all selected, go to menu options as in previous step and click Merge Selected. We will get 1 layer from the objects we traced with the pen tool. Grab this layer and drag it onto a thumbnail of the space photo as displayed below. This will effectively create a mask, and we can look through the windows to universe. 6. Clean up the scene with the erase brush tool Bring the opacity of the universe background down and zoom in to parts where the flowers intervene. Erase these parts of the mask so the leaves can shine in the moonlight 7. Making it more saturnine We are almost done. It’s looking pretty good but Saturn is still missing so let’s make it visible and move it to top in the layers panel. I placed it at the top so it’s nicely aligned with the grid, rotated it slightly and erased the black parts of the image so only the planet itself is visible. Then I applied the Darker Colour layer mode which made some segments of the image noisy. 8. Final tweaks in Develop mode Select the background photo (wall) and go to Develop mode (lens icon at the top). There we can adjust many things like curves, brightness, colors etc. but I adjusted only Vignette effect to make the corners darker so the flower stands out a bit more in our final composition. And that’s it. I would like to see your version so please feel free to share it. Many thanks for reading!
  20. Many of us artist, illustrator and designers had some experience by using adobe's software when we started. I took a look around the recent adobe illustrator app in order to see what features they have I bring here a video that I review the Adobe Illustrator app, and I make some comparisons with Affinity. I have to say, Affinity is a very awesome tool and it's just one time purchase Of course, tools like Mirror / Repeat / Erase tool / Quick Shortcuts / Smoothing Nodes during the Pencil Tool Would be very welcome to the Affinity on Ipad Here is my honest review Have you tested this app? what you guys like most and wanted to see on the Affinity?
  21. I am struggling with a lack of snapping-compliance in Designer for iPad. To make things easier I have attached one screen shot with an example and another one with my snapping preferences. In the example I am attempting to satisfy my very strong desire to snap the red shape by it’s lower right point to the blue shape’s upmost point, yet it refuses to comply. Does anyone know of a way more straight forward than the workaround below? The one workaround I am aware of at this point: - lock the blue object first - select both, the blue and the red object - switch to the node tool and select all points on the red one - snap the red shape by any point to any point of the blue shape - smile Cheers!
  22. Hi, I load a photo from the Photos app and select the foreground as trying sky replacement. I then use refine for around the trees and other areas missed. I choose Output to New Layer or New Layer with Mask Affinity crashes. is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? thanks Ade. Using Affinity IPad 1.8.6 on iPad Air 3rd gen with iPadOS 13.6.1
  23. I faced the old AD problem of hairline \ gap like in I read most of such topics. any solutions works fine. Problem still exist after export. May be only "force pixel alignment" delete a few "gaps" but not all and in other situation they still visible. and of course even if some of gaps will hone after export, while working on canvas - this gaps are annoying and then try to guess how many of them will stay. This problem exist since 2015... Top app and so frustrating. Did not find any updated about this Exported png and source file for testing. Here separated white blocks, and in some cases where they snapping each other "gap" can exist after export, some time no test.aftemplate
  24. I can't even begin to explain how useful an Affinity alternative to the Quickshape (Procreate) or Snapline (Adobe) feature would be. 😊 The ability to draw a pixel line, circle, or rectangle by hand, and then hold the stylus/mouse down for a second for it to become a 'perfect' shape. It would be a total game changer and save so much time, especially for anyone using Affinity apps for illustration or digital artwork.
  25. Hi there. Just found out that you are restricted in terms of file location on iPad. Is there a logical reason why Designer and Photo do not support locations like Google Drive? Why is a proper exchange / sync workflow only allowed within the Apple ecosystem? Even iOS now lets you use Chrome as your default browser
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