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Found 3 results

  1. Honestly, I don't know if this is a bug in Designer iPad, some dumb thing I have done, or what but compare these 2 screenshots, the first from the Files app on my iPad & the second from my Mac's Finder: Each of the 3 folders have the same files when opened either in Files.app on the iPad or in Finder, including the badged Affinity Photo folder that for some reason is not showing the number of items in it in the Finder view. I am reasonably sure they really are the same because if I change the file name either on the Mac or on the iPad, that name is updated on the other device within a few seconds. The same is true for the date modified info if I edit the file on either device. Another strange thing, & possibly a clue about the above, is that on the iPad Affinity Designer Home screen if I tap on 'Open From Cloud' & navigate to the badged Affinity Designer folder, either of the files in it open for editing as expected. However, from the Files app if I go to the same folder & tap on either file, all I get is a full screen preview with a "Done" & the Share options. For the badged Affinity Photo folder, from the Files app tapping on a file opens it in in Photo. That is what I expected to happen with the Designer folder too, so I do not understand why they behave differently.
  2. Why iPad version of Affinity saves projects in app instead of icloud drive affinity folder, i guess the ipad version should link it main screen to affiniy photo folder in icloud file app, if i update from ipad i can use same on mac, but in this case i have to export project to icloud drive in order to use it on mac, and if i forget to export then i cant open that project on mac, same as if i export that project in icloud and edit it on mac then i want to do something on ipad with same file then ill have to open from icloud and that copies to ipad version but not updating the icloud version, with this practice the more i import the more copies ill get on ipad version, which is quiet waste of space.
  3. A question just occurred to me when thinking about how iCloud will work with the suite. Affinity shares the same file format across all the apps right? So in other words I will be able to open my Affinity Designer files in Affinity Photo? If that is the case then how does sandboxed iCloud storage work? If I save one of my Affinity Designer files in the iCloud sandbox then when I go to Affinity Photo it won't be in the Affinity Photo sandbox.