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Found 25 results

  1. OS:Windows 10 2004 Designer Version: There's no screen capture for this problem because I have not installed any software can show my keyboard operation. My application is not updated to date though, I don't think this causes differences. It is not mentioned on the fix list. So, this problem, I mean. When Pencil Tool or Vector Brush Tool is chosen, holding <space> <alt> then click at view happens nothing. Sometimes it works if I'm holding <space> <ctrl> then press <alt> and click at the same time. <space> <ctrl> + drag is good, but the sensitivity is too low for zoom out.
  2. An accessibility improvement such as a hotkey for the "Protect Alpha" option would cause a great improvement in digital painting workflow as this option is used many times throughout the process of a single digital painting in most techniques. In Photoshop it is possible to assign a hotkey for this as far as I know. In AP the only way to do this is by clicking the button that hides in a dropdown menu (shown on the attached pic) when using Affinity on a laptop (which has smaller screen than desktop monitors - on a big desktop monitor the option is normally showing in the same toolbar). There should also be the option to customize the tools in the said context toolbar. When it comes to the brush context toolbar, the customization option would allow me to hide the "Symmetry" and "Mirror" tools since I hardly ever use them and make space on the screen for the "Protect Alpha" tool that I use all the time. I've seen someone on the Affinity Photo forum raise tha case of "Protect Alpha" hiding in a dropdown menu. I believe that the customizable context toolbar would help not only digital painters often needing to toggle "Protect Alpha", but also users across variety of disciplines to improve their workflow in Affinity software.
  3. I was trying to add a hotkey to Smooth Curve, but can not find it listed in the Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts area. Can this please be added? This button... Also, it would be nice to be able to hotkey Close Curve and Reverse Curve too. Thank you
  4. Hi Mates, Is there anyway to rename the layer/layers with a hotkey? Tried to search in hotkey config but I didn't find any renaming option in Layer keys. Thanks!
  5. Affinity Designer / Photo, Windows 7 x64 Hello Experts, I have the problem that my hotkeys for enlarging and reducing the brush tip (] and [) only work in Photo. In Affinity Designer the same hotkeys are defined, but the brush tip does not zoom in / out. I test it in Affinity Designer in Pixel Persona with the paintbrush (B). Can anyone confirm the problem or has a solution for it? I don't like to use other hotkeys for it. Markus
  6. Hi. Recently, I'm finding that Affinity Photo will suddenly stop recognizing the square bracket 'brush size +/-', after working fine for a long time during that session. I currently don't see any obvious trigger for the hotkey to stop working, and I'm hoping to spot it in the next few times it occurs. The keyboard itself continues to function, and all other hotkeys continue to work in AP. It's solely the brush size hotkeys. Nothing seems to restore it, other than restarting AP. Affinity Photo Win7 Pro
  7. In Affinity Photo you can use the alt key with the brush tool to temporarily bring up the color picker. There needs to be a similar hotkey that can bring up the color picker while using the flood fill tool. I’m a professional cartoonists, and laying flat colors underneath a layer of black line art is a crucial part of my job. The way that the Flood Fill tool and the Freehand selection tool preform will have a direct impact on weather comic artists buy your program or not. Please consider sitting down with some comic artists and hearing their needs. We want to buy this program.
  8. So to use dynamic zoom you have to hit spacebar then ctrl. Is there a way to swap this or allow it to do both? I'm so used to hitting ctrl + spacebar. With my mindset being: start from the outside of the keyboard and working my way inward while hitting hotkeys. Thanks!
  9. This is a feature that exists in Photoshop that is a pain point for me as a new user. It appears to be missing in Affinity Photo and it makes baby Hitler murder baby Jesus with a vacuum and a toy dinosaur. When I have a layer with effects on it, and I have a pixel-art box that I want to make a few pixels wider or taller or narrower, my usual workflow is to press M for rectangular box, select the edge of the box I want to move, then press V for Move tool. Then I do this weird Kung-fu triple finger dinosaur strike to hit Alt-Ctrl-Shift so I can sliiiide this part of the box over along a single axis and create a copy of it, overwriting the pixels in that layer with its new contents. And boom! Now my box is slightly wider or narrower. It's also handy when I need to copy-move a visual element in one axis with precise controls. Not so in Affinity Photo, this feature is not there. Yeah, I can copy pasta the box into a new layer, then disable all other layers (click, click, click... click n-infinity-1 click) to merge the two layers together, oh but wait now I need to apply my layer effects all over again. Then hey, paste FX doesn't do it right, the pillow emboss didn't set the border correctly, why is the number doubled? I need to adjust it again. Then I have to delete the other layers and re-enable the layers again (click, click, click...). Can I work around it? Yeah, but I'm lazy so I'd rather work with a program that lets me do it the lazy way. I realize this post sounds rather negative, so let me put a positive spin on it. How much money do I need to throw at my screen to make this happen?
  10. Hi, Can you please add a new feature to rename the name layer with a hotkey in Affinity Designer/Photo? Maybe cmd + r/ctrl + r; or at least give an option to assign hotkey for this operation Thank you!
  11. Hi all. Thank you for your work on Affinity Designer. When I hold down the "Zoom Out" Hotkey, SPACE + COMMAND + ALT (or SPACE + ALT) it plays an error "beep" sound effect on repeat. Thanks again.
  12. Is there anyway I can hot key the ability to toggle the zoom tool to "ctrl+space" like it is in photoshop? Same type of hotkey setup as just hitting the space bar to toggle the view tool. Z activates the tool permanently and it dynamically zooms in. I just want to be able to hotkey the toggle. Thanks, - Ken
  13. I'm assigning my own custom keyboard shortcut system (have cleared the default one) and have experienced the following: (Affinity Photo on Windows 10, non English keyboard) When I try to assign a shortcut for a tool in the form of Shift or Ctrl or Alt + any letter key, the new shortcut is accepted but does not work. Single letter shortcuts work, Shift or Ctrl or Alt + any letter key shortcuts also work for other functions (like select all or filters ect.) but not for tools. Am I doing something wrong here or is this some limitation I don't know about or is it a bug? :huh: Example: - Go to Edit>Preferences>Custom Keyboard Shortcuts, click "clear all shortcuts" - Open the Tools panel and assign Ctrl+d for the flood fill tool. the shortcut doesn't work. Nor any other Shift or Ctrl or Alt + any letter key shortcut for any tool.
  14. Can you please add "Find in Layer Panel" to a toolbar in Affinity Designer/Photo? I can't add a shortcut in macOS for it because it doesn't exist in a menu, outside of right clicking something on the canvas. More specifically, I can add it, it just doesn't work. I'm finding myself having to find several dozen layers individually for adjustments because AD's cmd+shift+v often times fails to apply the same sized effects to different layers. This happens to me a lot; I don't know the cause (I haven't resized the layers, but I have rotated them).
  15. I've always had my own custom keyboard shortcuts and now changing over to Affinity Photo (on Windows10) I'm trying to create the same here. I know how to add a custom keyboard shortcut but run into some difficulties and need help: I started by clicking "Clear All Shortcuts" to make sure I start building my shortcut system from scratch. However numeric keys for example still keep their old function: even if I assign a new command to a numeric key, when I press it keeps setting opacity (a function I do not need shortcut for). My questions: 1. Is there a way I can assign my own functions to the numeric keys? In GIMP I could even assign separate shortcuts for 0-9 keys and NumLock 1-9 keys on the right end of the keyboard. 2. Can *all* keys be customized or are there some that I can not assign my chosen function to? 3. Can I find advanced help/tutorials about customizing shortcuts? For example: how does toggle/cycle work? Thank You, Booth
  16. So far i cannot see a way to bind a hotkey to Next/Previous Artboad (like Page Up/Page Down). I suggest its strongly needed if you want to continue Atboard and Pages development. Also, to name a main menu item Layer instead of Object it's a bit confusing 'cause it contains almost nothing to do with Layer and everything with objects.
  17. Can we get an equivalent to AI's Ctrl+Shift+M (transform -> move). This is something I am constantly using for exact object/text placement.
  18. Hello everyone! Sorry if someone already asked this (although I did a quick search and didn't find an answer), but where exactly in the Preferences>Keyboard Shortcus menu can I change my default zoom in/out option from ctrl + mousewheel, to alt+mousewheel? I found a 2015 hotkeys cheat sheet for AFDesigner that, surprisingly, says that the default zoom option should be with the "alt" key and not "ctrl", but I guess something changed since then... thanks!
  19. I tried setting it to either Create Compound or Release Compound, but it didn't have the effect I was hoping for (see below). I currently have shortcut for "Geometry > Divide" bound to CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+G. Whenever I try the shortcut, however, it just turns the currently selected curve into a compound. I've tried closing and reopening the program and have checked the list of shortcuts, but it still has the same discrepancy. Feature Request I'm coming from illustrator in which, when you cut a shape in half by subtracting a shape in front of it the two resulting shapes are "grouped." You can then turn them into two useable shapes by just ungrouping them with CTRL+SHIFT+G like any other group. As it stands, I only found the Geometry > Divide operation by accident and don't understand its utility (yet).
  20. I love the obviousness of the snapping candidates when I'm working, but they make it hard to tell what my design will actually look like, especially with thin strokes. Could we either: have a hotkey that toggles snapping on and off (yes, it's in the toolbar, but that doesn't allow for quick checks via muscle memory)? have a hotkey to a "preview mode" wherein all guides, grids, snapping candidates, etc are hidden?
  21. Hi, i may be wrong, but i miss a hotkey preference for the "Toggle Assets Panel" function in Affinity Designer 1.5 Can anyone point me to a solution or is it really a bug? Cheers, Torsten
  22. Hi while working with Affinity Designer, there is one little feature I repeatedly wish for. Which is a Hotkey to scroll the Layerlist to the currently selected Layer. This would save me a lot of time. Maybe you can implement something like it.
  23. hi, first of all: terrific program(s) you are developing here! these really expose the competition's lack of performance! just wondering if you intend to let the user customize tool shortcuts at some point? could not see it mentioned in the roadmap. this is pretty much a standard across most 2D/3D tools i've come across in my day-job and very helpful when working with multiple apps so as to not get shortcuts mixed up all the time. on the mac i know we can assign our own shortcuts to menu entries via the system keyboard preference pane but from what i can see the tools are not accessible this way. please consider it!
  24. I'd like an additional hotkey that can be used with the pen tool. Currently, after click and dragging to make a node and adjust its bezier handles, you can break the colinear-ness of the bezier handles by holding option. This matches the behavior of going back to break and edit bezier handles on existing nodes. You can also currently hold command to go back and edit the length of and existing bezier handle without breaking its colinear-ness with its counterpart. The hotkey I'd like added is: after clicking and dragging to create a new node and adjust its bezier handles, hold command to adjust the and of both handles (because they remain colinear) and the length of the second handle (the one that it under the cursor) while maintaining their colinear-ness. Currently holding command in this context does nothing, and I think this would add some symmetry between the behavior of the option and command keys between creating new nodes and editing old bezier handles.
  25. Hello! I often type a texts in Russian layout and once typing "," (Shift + 6) I switched on Split View, not ",". But I think when I worked in that time, I pressed some hotkey, accidentally. I tried to find settings related with Split View but not found anything. Searching my trouble in Google not give me results. So, now I typing this one in English layout. It is not comfortable. And It looks like a bug. OS X 10.11 Affinity Designer 1.3.5 I not sure it would help, but:
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