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Found 39 results

  1. Hi. Looong time Photoshop user here, my first PS came on floppy's. I still use Adobe professionally at work but I wanted a cheaper photo editor at home. An alternative who isn't bogged down with options I never use / touch. So Affinity it was! Black and white colorization was on my bucket list for a long time. So I used it to learn Affinity Photo. Learning new techniques along with new software is generally not a good idea. But AP passed on all fronts. I like it so much I even use it as my personal photo editor. I'll update this thread from time to time if it's appreciated.
  2. When I export an Affinity file on iCloud, I just loses its history. Can’t find a way to keep it. When I reopen it, it’s the file without the history. If I instead duplicate it within the app, it maintains it if I select that option. I am new to the app so probably I’m doing something wrong. Is it possible to export the file WITH history to the cloud?
  3. I love the "save history with document" feature. But it certainly can balloon a file's size. How do you clear it? Just turn it off and back on? Or is there a more direct way?
  4. When using the undo brush in AP 1.6 by default it paints the original state of the image. I can modify this by clicking on the camera icon in the history panel next to one of the earlier states. After painting with one state selected in history panel, I would like to again paint to the original state, as if no camera icon would be selected. But there doesn't seem to be a way to clear the camera icon from history panel. I can only move it to other states, but then there is no way to undo-brush to the original state.
  5. feature request > history pallet window > icon > duplicate state of file up through current history > opens duplicate of the file in a new tab preserves history slider so a user can save these steps in finder duplicate file rename in explorer copy / paste / rename open file in affinity photo / designer Thank you for your consideration. Sorry if this feature request is a duplicate, I briefly searched and didn't see a similar request.
  6. I tried the history to go back to something but unfortunately can't return to the latest work I had done. How do I do this? I looked in the help but found nothing can't wait for better documentation.
  7. Hello fellow AP, I was experiencing some serious crashing when trying to exit <- to the main menu. Ipad pro 12.9 2017 iOS 11. AP I made some adjustments in the adjustments menu, section general. I reduced the undo limit to the minimum 8 and set autosave interval also to the minimum. After that I opened a 6000*4000 16bit rgb image. I put every adjustment layer on top. After that I started to add live filters. After having all adjustment layers on there an having added six live filters the processing started to slow way down, but no crashing. I can now easily return <- home. Exporting or flattening this file takes longer than I was willing to wait. After manually having merged all layers I enden up with a 280MB PSD file or 22MB JPG. I need to experiment some more to see if this a long term solution. Please see if this reduces the crashing in your edits as I realy look forward to seeing this program become an industry standard. Peace
  8. I'm new to Serif Affinity Photo. I purchased it with hopes to replace PS of my photography bundle, I still use LR for the majority of my RAW conversion and processing. I tried searching for an answer to a problem I came across recently and couldn't find one. When working on a project, I saved it, using the Save As, which of course saved it as an afphoto file. There were steps I used in this project that I wanted to later recreate. However sadly it seems they are not saved when I reopened the project. History starts all over, why? I would think that saving a project (afphoto) would retain this information. I do understand that the changes made in the Develop Persona are baked, as it is a RAW conversion. This however was not in the Develop Persona, but the Photo Persona. Here's what I done, and was hoping the project retained; I first tried sending the photo from LR to AP, which was a TIFF or PSD file. Photo did open the file and I was able to work on it. I tried saving it to send it back to LR, without closing Photo. I then done a save as, to save the project. Photo did save a afphoto file, sadly the next day I discovered the file was empty, 0 bytes. So I had to try and recall the steps used to create the image file. Also Photo did not send the file back to LR. The PSD was created, just that for some reason, when installing Affinity Photo, it decided to associate my PSD files with itself, which prevented LR from using them in this round trip process. Now, when I have been recreating this image, I'm seeing that none of my steps are saved in the History if I close the program. These are all in the Photo Persona; Creating a duplicate Layer Cropping Applying the Mirror Filter The crop and filter are baked in. However reflecting on this I guess this would be the same as PS's Smart Objects, and is something that Affinity Photo is not capable of, . However why does it save other filters? Perhaps I'm not going about it correctly? So is Photo able to save all the Filters applied in a project? Thank you.
  9. Hey there, I always forget to check the "Save History File with Document" after creating a new one. I understand, that not everybody wants to save the history by default, because it would make a lot of files a lot larger (I guess so?). But for others it would be nice to have a Checkbox in the (User-)Settings to get the history saved with the document by default when saving a document. Perhaps it would even be possible, to have a "per document"-exception-setting. Greetings, Johannes
  10. There needs to be a way to export the history of changes into a Macro for use against other pics. It would be a HUGE time-saver to be able to grab the history of all applied edits, save to a Macro, and then re-apply those same "final" changes as a batch job to other pics. Example - I have 20 pics that were all taken at the same time (similar lighting, etc), so they need the same basic treatment at least to begin with. After I'm satisfied with the edits I make to picture #1, I can save, and batch run the other 19. I get that I may be able to do some of this by just running a Macro at the beginning of my editing session, but that's clunky and also through testing doesn't quite allow me to do some things (such as set layer visibility as I work through changes, retain the "before" setting as in an Exposure change, etc).
  11. When duplicating and moving an object in Affinity Designer with option+drag, 3 history items are created: Transform Duplicate Transform Intuitively, I expect only one, and when "undoing" with command+z, the "Duplicate" action doesn't make a visible change, leading me to frequently end up with unintended duplicates all over the place. I think that merging these into a single history item would be a huge usability improvement. Check out the bug in a tiny screencast:
  12. When working on challenging images, it may be better go back to the initial raw development to fine tune the parameters to get he most out of the image file. The current version requires to user to close the image and reopen it which can be troublesome if file history is not enabled in macOS. Until the time when non-destructive Develop persona (raw development) is available, can we have the ability to undo the initial raw development? The history would just need to have "File open" as the first entry and reopen it upon user selection.
  13. I absolutely love the history feature in Designer! It goes beyond any other similar tool that I've used in the past. However, I think there is a feature that could be added that would make it even better. Problem: When traversing your history, it is very easy to accidentally perform an action, like deselecting an object, thereby erasing all the other "future" actions from the history panel. From what I can tell, this cannot be undone. Requested Feature: Whenever you make a change while traversing your history, branch the history so that you are able to return to the original branch/path.
  14. The Save History with Document is a brilliant function, that allows to screencast and build clean making-ofs. I noticed though that there's a cap around the hundreds or so; the first steps in the list disappear progressively. On purpose?
  15. Hello, I've been poking around the internet some after seeing an ad about this app that caught my eye while browsing youtube videos. This application seems like the perfect blend of just about everything I need all in one, subscription-free package, and It definitely looks impressive. I've just got one niche little feature request that I'd like to see at some point in the future, if possible: Can you add the ability to play-back and save the history as a video/gif file? I love being able to visually see progress - especially when I can see each step along the way to further enhance/review my understanding of what I can do and how I can do it. Even though I'm looking to download it as just an app for now until I get into super professional stuff (if ever), I still think some desktop users would appreciate such a feature. The only way to do something of the sort is use a sort of screen-recording software, which can quickly eat away at available storage space with all the down-time that may exist without editing it manually.In my head, it sounds simple, for the history slider is already there... but the programmer side of me says anything can be difficult when you least expect it. :P Thank you for your consideration! I'll get to buying and using the app soon! :D
  16. I just upgraded from an iPad Pro 12.9 V1 to the new iPad Pro 12.9 V2. Having watched the WWDC keynote, I was excited to see the Affinity Photo demo and immediately went to the App Store and bought it. I'm running Affinity Photo V1.6.2. Going through the tutorials (on Vimeo) on inpainting and using one of my own photos (I tried a JPG and a TIFF), the app crashed three times. In each case, my history basically was blown away. Is there a setting to allow saving more frequently? I've had to start from scratch each time after the crash. Not encouraging! However, I am encouraged and blown away by the capabilities and thoughtfulness of the app. Clearly, the developers have put a lot of care into both the feature set and usability. But, I'm concerned about reliability thus far, and I've just started using it. Without reliability, I'm not sure how I can use it professionally, which is what I want to do. Has the app always been unstable? If the app crashes, is the history commonly blown away? Is there a setting that reliably assures my most recent edits, up to the crash, have been saved? What's the optimum UNDO limit on the new iPad Pro with 4GB of RAM? What's the optimum AUTOSAVE interval? I just set it to 30. Is that 30 seconds? 30 edits? Thanks! /P
  17. Hey, One feature that always bugs me is the fact in the history of a document, selecting or deselecting an object is included. I find it irritating that there isn't at the very least an option to not include this in the history as it is something so minimal that can lead to you losing a huge chunk of your history should you want to temporarily go back and accidentally (de)select an object as that loses any progress you made in that time. I understand sometimes it can be helpful, but most of the time I find it to be a nuisance. Any feedback is greatly appreciated, Harry
  18. Hey guys! Thank's for your app, it's great! Makes some of my routine tasks much faster =) In my work I really get used to check the pic with before/after. In PS it's very easy to do with picking the history state you need and then just jumping back and forth with just one button combination cmd+z. What I'm saying is that I can jump in PS between the state I need in the middle of history and the last state in history using cmd+z only. Unfortunately that doesn't work in AP. I have to use slider or manually scroll through the history. Which is not convenient at all when I need to check if I'm not over dodging/burning... Please, add this option in future releases! Thousands of retouchers would be happy! Oh, and also is there a way to use Frequency Separation with 3 level separation? Adding extra frequency in between will increase precision and accuracy of retouch, especially with high-end portraits.
  19. I've been experimenting with AP and AD, and have now found out how to do blur of selected parts of images using both - thank you forum members! One of my files - now effectively a test file - has a slight corruption - though mostly I can simply mark the layers with the problem as non visible. I'd quite like to find out what went wrong, and maybe then delete any unwanted layers, or redo the steps "correctly". Is there a history trace which can be used to identify where the unwanted edit took place, and which can be used to go over the process again? Either in Designer, or Photo - perhaps even both!
  20. The history panel collects every step, which is great. However it can make it difficult to see where I added specific adjustments, etc. It would be brilliant if these could be made to stand out somehow, for example with different colours for different types of step. It's a bit like modern code editors - colouring functions, etc. makes them easier to find later. A variant on this could perhaps be done with outlining (maybe even mapping to level panel). Cheers! Dave
  21. Affinity has this very handy split screen preview that is used for filter previews in Photo, Outline Mode in Designer and so on. It would be really cool if there was a way to also enable this for items from both the History and Snapshots panels to compare different states of the document side by side. This would of course be especially beneficial inside of Photo, but I can imagine it could also come in handy in Designer or Publisher.
  22. Bonjour de France :), J'ai Affinity Designer version sur Windows 7 Pro Service Pack 1 (64 bits). Mon pc est un Lenovo W510 Intel Core I7 M620 2.67GHz avec 8Go de Ram (année 2008). J'essayais les outils et j'étais avec l'outil plume. Après plusieurs manipulations, quand j'ai voulu tout annuler d'un coup dans l'onglet Historique avec Position, AD a crashé : 1re image (AffinityDesigner_crash_07022017.JPG), vous pouvez voir le fichier log derrière le message d'erreur. Je l'ai relancé, retenté la manipulation puis il a crashé de nouveau avec un nouveau message, 2nd image (AffinityDesigner_crash2_07022017.JPG). J'ai eu une fenêtre de récupération qui a marché 2 fois mais la 3e fois, j'ai cela, 3e image (AffinityDesigner_crash3_07022017.JPG) : " Abandon - Au moins un fichier est actuellement ouvert. Veuillez attendre la fin du chargement avant de quitter l'application. " Quand je clique sur OK, rien ne se passe, aucune image n'apparait et quand j'essaye de fermer AD, j'ai de nouveau ce message (AffinityDesigner_crash3_07022017.JPG). Je vais devoir arrêter le processus dans le gestionnaire des taches. J'espère que quelqu'un trouvera une solution. Merci pour ce super logiciel. Ciao ;) David alias edspeedy. Hello from France :), First, sorry for the English, it's the Google translate (a bit corrected) :D . I have Affinity Designer version on Windows 7 Pro Service Pack 1 (64 bit). My PC is a Lenovo W510 Intel Core I7 M620 2.67GHz with 8GB of Ram (year 2008). I was trying the tools and I was with the pen tool. After several manipulations, when I wanted to undo all at once in the History tab with Position, AD crashed: 1st image (AffinityDesigner_crash_07022017.JPG), you can see the log file behind the error message. I restarted it, retried the manipulation and then it crashed again with a new message, 2nd image (AffinityDesigner_crash2_07022017.JPG). I had a recovery window that worked 2 times but the 3rd time, I have this, 3rd image (AffinityDesigner_crash3_07022017.JPG): " Abort - At least one file is currently open. Please wait until loading is completed before exiting the application. " When I click OK, nothing happens, no image appears and when I try to close AD, I have this message again (AffinityDesigner_crash3_07022017.JPG). I will have to stop the process in the task manager. I hope someone will find a solution. Thanks for this great software. Ciao ;) David aka edspeedy.
  23. I would like you to imitate History from photoshop by adding an anchor where you want stay then you can go back and do whatever you like and you still have the option to go to the marked step. Something horrible happened to me today, I just went back in history like 5 hours of work, and then I did accidentally a change in the document and I couldn't go back to the current step, the document autosaved and I couldn't recover my work. I think you need to improve the way documents are autosaved. I like how Apple Motion 5 has a backup history.
  24. I keep the Affinity icon along with other applications in my Mac OSX dock. When I mouse over the icon, the file names of photos I've worked on are stacked above the icon. How can I clear this and/or make these file names not visible from my dock?
  25. Hi, I started working with separated mode and I've noticed that when I alt tab of any other way of switching to another program bugs history in that when I return to Affinity Designer, after using another program, the history panel doesn't always show the correct history, it shows the history of a workfield that isn't currently used but on the background, cmd+z also influences the panel on the background and not the active panel on the forground.