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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I'm just writing because I have found a solution to a problem I was having recently. Since I found no solution online, I thought it might help someone else. For some time I had been having trouble with the high pass filters. What happened was that the filter was very bright (see picture below), and no detail showed up. When working correctly, the filter used to be dark grey and the details light grey. I first thought it might have something to do with the characteristics of the image, such as brightness or frequency, but it seemed to happen with any image. I had tried:
  2. I have inverted a High Pass live filter layer and am trying to paint back in just the parts that I want. When I hover with the paint brush over the image Affinity Photo creates a trail of black splotches. Affinity Photo 1.7.1 on macOS 10.13.6 Here is a screen movie: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1viEQnHnmqgz52_vJxko7EZAiJZF_-d4m
  3. I recently ran across this proposal for using a high pass filter in Photoshop to achieve the same results as negative clarity: http://thegreyblog.blogspot.com/2011/11/clarity-adjustment-local-contrast-in.html . In effect, the proposal is to "simply" invert the layer created by the high pass filter and overlay that on the original, this as opposed to not inverting the layer before overlaying it, thereby simulating the clarify filter. I'm having some difficulty doing this in Affinity Photo. I create a high pass live filter underneath the Background layer, set a radius that makes it evident w
  4. Hi, when i add a high pass to any pixel layer in LAB/16 mode, the result is broken. The rersult seems more like a invert filter. Increasing the radius leads to blurring (instead of HP sharpening effect) Same isse for live and non-live filter. Same result on iPad 2017 and iPad Pro 2018.
  5. Here's a quick and simple way I used to create a cartoon efffect. Duplicate background layer. High-pass adjustment layer (as child of duplicate), radius about 10 (don't use any blend mode). Threshold layer (as child of duplicate), adjust to see outlines (up to 49%). Blend mode of duplicate: Overlay. Fiddle with adjustments to your heart's content. Ole. Sample below and .afphoto attached. cartoon.afphoto
  6. Another question comes to mind as I try to find a way to emulate as closely as possible in Photo the workflow I'm used to in PS: PS remembers most user settings, and it seems that Photo does not. For example, if I call up the High Pass filter in PS, it remembers the Radius value I used last time. Photo always seem to go back to its default value (zero pixel), thus making the user adjust the slider or type in the value again every time... Would there be a way to set Photo so that it remembers such things, or is that a feature to request? Many thanks in advance.
  7. How do I properly apply the High Pass Filter to an image. When I select the filter then convert to Live Filter, the image looks "embossed" without any color. Any instructions would be helpful.
  8. Hi, I would like to ask if there's someone has a tutorial or know how to do high pass filter processing in affinity photo in iPad to sharpening my images? Thanks!
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