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Found 4 results

  1. While working on a flyer and making text corrections and formatting changes, Affinity Designer frequently hangs when trying to drag create a new text frame. At that point nothing in the program works. Sometimes after a long wait the program will catch up, sometimes a reboot is needed losing all interim changes since the last auto save. Any suggestion ideas are appreciated, lulgi
  2. It has been happening since a day that whenever I am trying to change the fonts and I go to the dropdown menu in text options Affinity Photo freezes...on Mac High Sierra. The beachball goes on and on and I have to force quite and restart the app but even after several attempts it hangs as soon as I touch the fonts selection dropdown either in the floating window or the the top shelf. This has made it unusable. Has anybody else experienced this? Is there a solution to this bug?
  3. Hi, Affinity is otherwise excellent, but it hangs whenever I select all or a large subset of items in a small document with MANY thousand small vector objects. I have the document as a pdf - but I think it was originally produced by CAD software. Any help? or suggestions? G
  4. Now this is working. Don't know what changed other than I have used it for a few hours. --------------------- This problem is only showing up in, not in 1.3.2 or any other version before. a. If I right click on a jpg on my desktop and select Open with... Affinity Designer Beta it pauses for about 5 seconds then I get 'Verifying "Affinity Designer Beta.app"...', forever (it hangs). b. If I right click a jpg anywhere using Finder and select Open with... Affinity Designer Beta it pauses for about 5 seconds then I get 'Verifying "Affinity Designer Beta.app"...', forever. c. If I right click a .afdesign file using Finder and select Open with... then Affinity Designer Beta is not even offered as a choice. d. If I click Open or Open recently from within Affinity Designer Beta then it opens with no problem. e. If I right click either a jpg or afdesign file from Path Finder (third party replacement for Finder) then it opens with no problem. I have tried a complete reset (ctrl open), no effect on this problem. I only updated to Yosemite 10.10.4 (from 10.10.1) 3 days ago. 27" iMac late 2009, Yosemite 10.10.4