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Found 6 results

  1. I'm working on a Mac with Mojave 10.14.5 on a file with 9 art boards. As of yesterday afternoon every time I choose a colour from my imported document palette in the vector persona I get the coloured spinner and Designer (version 1.8.3) hangs endlessly until I force quit. I've created a new document and copy/pasted onto 1 art board to check if multiple art boards is the problem but it's doing the same thing immediately. Anyone else having this problem or know what I can do to solve it - I have a deadline to meet next week and I'm worried.
  2. Hello, I am having serious problems with Publisher 1.8 too. It keeps hanging when I try to add new pages and I am forced to restart the computer I am willing to reinstall 1.7.3 and have a question : My work document, a 300 page book, is in 1.8 afpub format How do I open 1.8 files with the 1.7.3 Publisher? There doesn't seem to be an option to "save as" with an older format in 1.8 I'd be thankful for an answer
  3. When I try to import a new brush for the design I am using, 1.8 simply hangs,,, eventually it will crash, if it fails to crash I have to force a shut down. Windows 10 Dalebb
  4. Hello I am having trouble using the new 1.8 version I have a 300 page book project underway with about 20 linked images and about 20 tables. When I try to add pages from the "pages" tool, it goes into a hang, nothing happens for sometimes 5-7 minutes while the RAM AP needs goes up and down from 2 to 10 Gbites with 85% CPU The RAM sink hole becomes so huge that my PC has be rebooted by hard reset Very, very bad for my files and PC Sometimes it manages to get out of the problem and finally does the job (even adding a couple pages does this), sometimes it needs me to restart my PC or, at best, kill the app in my process manager A friend has exactly the same problem with the trial version 1.8 and my own adpub project (an exact copy of mine) on a more powerful PC than mine Please help ! Alternatively, I am considering rolling back to 1.7.3. Can you tell me how I could open 1.8 documents with the 1.7.3 stable version of Publisher? OR save the current document under a previous version so that the 1.7.3 can open it? I need your advice as soon as possible. Thank you very much
  5. I was following the "Create 3D Text Effect | Affiinity Designer | Tutorial | Type Mockup" on YouTube on my MacBook Pro (running macOS 10.13.6 and Affinity Designer for Mac v1.6.1 and iPad v 1.6.1) and replicating the tutorial steps on AD as I went along. However, AD hung at 2.38m in when adding/merging two layers. I tried several times again after rebooting, removing and reinstalling AD on the mac but the issue remained. I had just bought AD for my iPad Pro (v1.6.1 also) and tried to follow the tutorial step by step again on the iPad version of AD but it hung in exactly the same place! Clearly there is a major issue here with AD. Can anybody help? Affinity? David.
  6. Affinity photo is hanging, and I don't know what's causing it. I have had similar freezes happen in the last few weeks of using it too. Not many, but even just one every few days of use is enough to disrupt workflow. What I was doing: Merged down the attached file onto a single layer. Made visible only the merged down layer. Went into develop mode on the merged down layer, and started making adjustments (shadows and highlights, contrast, etc) Pressed the split view button so that I could compare the image before and after adjustments. AFFINITY HANGING! My setup: 64-bit Windows 10 8GB RAM Affinity Photo So, interestingly, it's not showing as "not responding", but if I click on the Affinity Photo icon, it doesn't bring the window up, it just shows what was there before. Task manager lists affinity photo, and that it is consuming 2GB of RAM (RAM usage in total running at 70%), but not using any processing power. Attempting to close the application by right clicking on Affinity Photo and pressing close window doesn't seem to do anything. So instead I have closed the application by using "end task" in the task manager. After re-opening the file, and doing the process again, it proceeded without hanging. Nick at drawing board.afphoto
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