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Found 25 results

  1. Hello Affinity, I have attached this video explaining my issue when it comes to grouping objects. Regards, Hossein 01-grouping-issue.mp4
  2. I frequently have objects with different parents which should always transform together, for example I can have an Erase object which cuts a certain layer and reveals itself underneath, something like this (but generally much more complicated): They are separated so I can export the layers individually. It would be good if I could save a selection of objects (whose relative positions, rotations, and sizes should always be maintained), similar to how snapshots or symbols are created. Then if I want to move them all I can easily select them all, by selecting the selection group.
  3. Hello, I was working on wireframe project and the moment I group objects, the suddenly transform and move unexpectedly. The grouping bug is so annoying and I cannot constraint feature because I cannot group object. I have recorded my screen using Affinity Designer when this bug occurs. I have also highlighted the bug area with a dashed rectangle, so you could pay attention when the bug occurs. Please Help. Thank you grouping-bug.mp4
  4. I'm having a problem when grouping objects in Affinity Desiger mac desktop v1.7.2. When grouping objects, the objects move within the group. See attached example.
  5. I was wondering if there was a way to group elements that are on different layers. For instance, I would like to group the 'compass' into one but still keep the 'document' sandwiched in between while not including the 'document' in the group. Is this possible? *see image for context*
  6. Ever since the upgrade when I try to group layers AP crashes. This is within a saved AP file. Windows 7 - 64 bit ~ AP Is there a later patch after this version? I had no problems before other than kind of laggy but I don't have a real powerful computer, either so it was not unexpected. Can I just uninstall then reinstall the previous version? EDIT 6.15.19 I saved this file as a jpg and created a couple of layers in the jpg file, grouped them and there were no issues. ALSO, I did not mention that I had grouped layers in the original file so the crash is happening after the RAW file is saved as an Affinity Photo file with the history saved.
  7. Affinity Designer version Grouping objects moves them. there is a another post about this problem but there is no fix. Group Bug.afdesign
  8. I have made adjustment layers to make my model's skin look more red, a fill layer with a peachy tone, and an adjustment layer to make cheeks look more red. I have ordered the layers as typed from bottom to high. When I group the layers together, I have noticed that my red skin layer does not respond to turning on or off if the fill layer is turned off (as if the red skin layer doesn't exist). When the fill layer is turned on, the red skin layer can be turned on and off. I have also ungrouped the layers and the red skin layer works perfectly normal regardless of the fill layer. Is this a bug and can it be fixed?
  9. Hey I am trying to make a small icon 24x24. I have a rectangle, 24x24 and an icon that sits on the rectangle, 21x21 I center the icon in the rectangle, then group the objects and Affinity changes the size of the grouped objects to 29.6x29.6 I so not understand why it does this and its annoying the shit out of me. Can someone help out and just explain WTF is going on? Thanks so much https://sales-wscr-com.tinytake.com/sf/Mjk5ODc4NF84OTkwNzI2
  10. I am trying to use as less files as possible for comic projects using the same pages (digital/print editions, reprints, trade paperbacks, revised editions, etc.), and I think one of the ways to do this would be to have the option of grouping Page thumbnails into folders, and having a check box beside each page and folder. This way, we could just check the pages to export in a project before exporting it to PDF for example. Would it be possible to have such an option in Affinity Publisher?
  11. Hiya! So I'm having a little trouble with texture pack vectors when it comes to trying to select vector group. In Illustrator I'm able to select which texture group I'd like and it grabs the entire texture, but I noticed that with designer it groups it differently. For example, half the texture will be in it's own group but the other half of the texture will be combined with a separate group. Sounds weird I know but I've attached some pictures to kinda show what I mean.
  12. It would be nice if the Layers panel disclosure widgets had the same behavior as Finder's List view, expanding and collapsing all child containers when Option-clicked.
  13. Hi, many times I group few objects I got my grouped elements jumped to a some random(?) generated position, out of artboard I'm working on, and out of sight in general. Why is this happening? If there is any sense in what's happening is there a meaningful way to put it under control? Please check the video attached within the link below to see what I'm talking about: VIDEO
  14. AD 1.5.5 Please see the file attached. When you select all the objects notice the overall height of the selection. It should be 20. Now make a group out of it (cmd +g). The height of the group is smaller than the height of the objects the group is made of. Example.afdesign
  15. Hi I have again a problem when ui designing. I somehow see some relation in this new bug with what I experienced before some month ago (and still suffering it). Please check the video I attached here and the other issue I reported months ago. Now the issue is when I group objects, sometimes, some of them go crazy and fly somewhere else int he canvas. Before it was when moving them via cursor arrows. group.mp4
  16. Green button is made of elements with default constraints and its effects behave normaly when grouped. Blue button is made of elements with custom constraints and the bottommost element crops its effect when grouped. It happens with all effects. I also noticed some issues with aligning shapes with custom constraints. Looks like constraints need more of dev's attention...
  17. When grouping an item (with itself) that contains and item with constraints, the transformation values get all out of whack. I took a quick GIF of the issue: http://share.genealabs.com/ggzEoFp
  18. The background: Webpage with footer "attached" to bottom of the page using constraints. All elements of footer are not groupped. Some of the elements are attached to page using constraints. The problem: When I select layers and want to goup them together they disapear. They don't change positions. They just disapear. When I click on the element in layers palette, handlers appear where they should, but there is nothing inside them. I've found workaround, creating group from any object without constaints, and then manually adding layers by draging them onto the group created in layers palette. It works, but I think it would be easier to just to hit CMD+G :) best regards from Poland Cezary Kaczmarek
  19. I am using several shapes to form a cartoon character. For the arm for example, I used 3 shapes that I grouped together. I want to outline the finished arm, but it keeps outlining all of the individual shapes within the group. Any guidance would be appreciated.
  20. I made 2 shapes and snapped them together, because I wanted to group them into one item. But as you can see in the attachment, there's a thin white (or I guess transparent) line in between. (both shapes have a fill color and the line set to transparent) Is there something I'm not doing? How can I make the line disappear? In the photo attached, the two shapes are SNAPPED together... I'd like to not have to overlap because this is something I'll be doing often (snapping+grouping) & it won't always be acceptable to just go over the edge of one shape with another. Thanks.
  21. Hi, Just noticed something in Designer 1.5.1 that I haven't come across before. Just started working on an idea and wanted to group some of the balloons in the screenshots attached. Selecting them and then CMD-G to group them makes them move position. Is this normal [new] behaviour and have I missed a new setting or a bug? Regards, Bert
  22. Given a circle C and a series of concentric squares A1, A2 etc, I would like C to cut across A1...An right down the middle and apply a subtraction on all of them. If I select all of them and try to do it wholesale, it applies as if A3-(A2-A1) etc, when what I really want is (C-A1) U (C-A2) etc. I have attached pictures of the setup and what I actually want. When I apply a grouped subtraction, everything gets deleted, obviously. Is there a simple way of doing this? Thank you, craftybones
  23. I have various layers (mostly text) inside groups and I want to pull them out and group them together so I can flatten everything else. After selecting them if I simply group them the items are scattered everywhere, including off the artboard. Instead I have to cut then paste everything. It's not a huge deal for me to do this but seems to be a bug.
  24. I am working in natural sciences (biology), and use vector graphics in generating figures for publication. This often includes importing graphics generated by other software (often in pdf format), improving these for publication, and assembling different graphics into figures. I have replaced AI with Affinity Designer for the last six months. However, a recurring problem for me is that AD is not able to recognise text in my pdf files properly. Single text objects are combined or grouped into a single layer. In my attached file, the two lowermost text objects have been correctly imported as individual layers, probably because they are separated from other text objects. The other text objects have been grouped. This is a serious problem for me. Often it is easiest for me to remove all imported text rather than trying to modify the grouped text. I have tried to uncheck "Favour editable text over fidelity", without seeing any change. An older version of AI has no problems identifying each text object as individual layers. I'll be grateful for any suggestions! Tree pdf import.afdesign
  25. Hi Group, I'm a newbie in this forum and so far didn't find a topic covering the issue i'm seeing. I received a AI file of a school logo made of several vectors. My task is to scale it down and place it onto an image (really basic stuff indeed). - I group all the vectors - Drop the group onto the destination image - Start scaling down. What happens is that the scaling distorts the logo and vectors seem to overlap each other. The smaller it gets, the worse it gets. I'm attaching a few screenshot. I'd really appreciate your feedback and apologize if mistake is on my side. Thanks Despe
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