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Found 11 results

  1. Hi. I used google drive for a long time, and now that AD is there decided to go portable, but i am having problem exporting on google drive cloud forlders. Google drive is integrated into files app, and i can save there, but can't export to it like i do on icloud. Thank you.
  2. I cannot find a way to open an image stored on my Google Drive from within Affinity Photo iPad. Please can someone guide me? TIA
  3. Loving the apps! ICloud is great but i uses Onedrive myself mostly because you can chose where on your device that the files are stored (iCloud is ONLY the C drive). I would love if your wonderful team would consider adding separate storage locations such as the Onedrive, Dropbox, CC storage (I understand if you skip this one!) and Google Drive. I have your windows suit of apps as well as the iPad designer and i would love to work on one file. currently i have to use the iCloud drive as a go-between to make the workflow viable but you allways end up with file blot when you pass them to a middle ground like this. I did a quick search to see if this was already addressed and did not find anything. However I am new to this form so i apologize if I missed this from another user. Cheers
  4. Ever since I updated to iOS 11 and the latest version of Affinity Photo I haven’t been able to export my files to Dropbox or add my Google Drive as an option to save to. Any help would be appreciateed
  5. When trying to export slices in the Export persona, exporting works perfectly fine to iCloud Drive, but absolutly not to google drive.
  6. You guys may know this, but I didn’t, stumbled upon it after spending 30-40minutes researching it yesterday. Thus, wanted to save anybody that time by share this for those not in the know: (thank you Apple - for making this shiat unnecessarily difficult) Anywho here it goes: 1) Via safari browser (or any browser of your choosing) Go to google drive. (Must be from browser, not google drive app, the app doesn’t import raws) 2) May have to request desktop view, otherwise your app will keep launching. (To request desktop - long press refresh circular arrow at top right, inside browser) 3) once in google drive, choose your file, tap drop down download arrow or long press to save. *boom* you’re done. Raw file.
  7. I am using the ipad affinity version and wanted to test the import of RAW Files. RAW Import IS working totally fine with iCloud - for some reason (probable bug) it's NOT working at all with Google Drive! It simply shows the files greyed out. Access not possible. Curious to hear, if s.b. else had made the same experience Werner
  8. I am using affinity version 1.6.4 on the iPad Pro (newest version) I am having trouble with importing raw flies into affinity from either iCloud or google drive. I can access both from affinity but the files are grayed unable to be selected. I'm using a Nikon d750.
  9. When I try to import a PSD from Google Drive on my iPad Pro, the file is visible in Drive, but grayed out. I tried to make a copy of the file, but the copy is also grayed out (actually, all PSDs in my Drive are inaccessible). I tried to use iCloud instead, and transferred a copy of the file to there, but it was– again– grayed out. I tried to look at Affinity Photo in my Settings on my iPad, but there was no information there at all. When I selected the app, the settings page was literally blank. I tried changing the language in the app (which was Default: English) to UK English, as I had read that sometimes issues resolved upon switching to that language… but no. I updated Affinity Photo. Nope. I closed Affinity Photo. I reopened it. Nope. I shut down my iPad. Turned it back on. Reopened Affinity Photo. NOPE. Googling the issue turned up basically nothing… there was one post that seemed to have had the same problem; it that stated the importing issue was resolved on June 28th, 2017 and said was in the next update. However, the most recent update is from June 15th, 2017. I am already updated to the current version of Affinity Photo (and my OS is up to date as well). Please help!
  10. Hello, I am unable to open CR2 raw files from google save (grayed out). I am also unable to save .afphoto files on google drive (affinity app crashes every time). Sending a copy of .afphoto from google drive to affinity photo also fails. The app also crashes when I try and export a .jpeg to google drive (I found a workaround using the share button the export screen though). Found Bug: The presence of a / in the file name crash the app to crash from exporting. Any guidance would be appreciated. Using Affinity Photo 1.6.2 and iPad Pro 10.5 (2017). iOS 10.3.2
  11. When I create a new document by opening it from a cloud drive, then choose google drive and browse to a folder filled with ORF (EM1) raw files and their JPG counterparts I see the ORF files greyed out. I can't open them. I can open the JPGs just fine. I saw a similar bug report that may or may not be related. That one talks about opening from Photos and the response suggested that perhaps the RAWs hadn't really been imported.https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/42130-when-i-import-rawjpeg-photos-from-dslr-ap-opens-only-jpeg/ In my case it's a Google Drive folder and the ORFs are definitely there with their JPGs (I shoot RAW+JPG) John
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