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Found 5 results

  1. It'll be great if there is a feature for Glyph Browser where a glyph/character's enlarged preview can be seen while hovering (or one-click) over it. This comes handy especially with handwriting style fonts with very tiny glyphs like these where it's a hassle to find the right one because of the size. It's a Malayalam language font and I've to rely on Glyph Browser as Malayalam is unsupported by Affinity.
  2. I have just tried the version 238 beta and decided to try to find out if a previously reported problem over using the Glyph Browser has been fixed. Alas no, though even the very slight colour change seems to have gone. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/77847-glyph-browser-search-facility/ Yet I found a peculiar problem with the glyph browser. I tied to search for the character h and just got a display with a subset of the characters that are in the font. It looked peculiar but it suddenly occurred to me that each of the characters in the subset has a letter h in the character name of the glyph in the font. Yet that only works for most of the top row. Once one gets to À (LATIN CAPITAL LETER A WITH GRAVE) that does not seem to be the rule. I tried it with other letters such a j and q and the results are interesting. William Overington Monday 18 February 2019
  3. Hi, I found this bug in Beta of Publisher, but actually it is present in the latest stable Designer release. See: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/65649-17057-β-missing-glyphs-in-glyph-browser/ Download and install Charis SIL or FreeSerif fonts (they contains some of the missing glyphs - both are available for free) In Designer open Glyph Browser (View > Studio > Glyph Browser) Open context menu ([ Ξ̬ ]next to close [x] button) and change from "Glyphs" to "Unicode". Scroll the list and find № glyph (U+2116; do not use the search box - find it manually) The ℟ (Response; U+211F) is not listed - should be present somewhere between № and ™. What interesting, the "Response" glyph can be found with search bar.
  4. Hi there, in my opinion, it would be great to have the following three options in the Glyph Browser: “Show Selected Font” Checkbox. If engaged, selecting some text in a text frame would bring up the respective font overview in the Glyph Browser. The Glyph Browser could be blank, if texts with more than one fonts were selected, or it could display the font overviews one after another. “Show Selected Glyph” Checkbox. If engaged, the Glyph Browser would jump to the currently selected glyph of the currently selected font. Custom Glyph Lists or Tables. It would be great, if we could create custom glyph lists or glyph tables, and in particular cross-font glyph tables. Adding glyphs to a glyph table should be possible by using a context menu on items of an existing glyph table and by using a context menu or a shortcut on a selection of text. In particular, it should be possible to add all glyphs of a text selection to a glyph table at once, and that means in particular, it should be possible to create a glyph table from all glyphs that are used in a text frame (… or in a story … Publisher is coming … ). What regards the checkboxes, I would love to have the option to select or deselect the mentioned options. In some contexts, it is really useful to have a static glyph table that does not respond to what I am doing in a text frame, as it is currently the case. In other contexts, however, it would be also useful to have the dynamic options I outlined. Please make sure to provide both options. That would be wonderful. Thank you, Alex
  5. Hello, just installed Affinity Photo I just can´t open any of these panels: character, paragraph and glyph browser. I tried trhough the "Text" and "View/Studio..." menus. Neither of two ways are working... Thanks in advance.
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