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Found 33 results

  1. Hello, I recently downloaded the trial versions of Affinity Photo and Design. I really love your apps but I've noticed a problem. In both apps when I try to edit text, they freeze for a while. Sometimes they even crush and close. Also when I type letters appear really slow. I work on Windows 7 64bit. Thank you in advance
  2. High Sierra:10.13 (17A405) iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017), 16Gb Affinity: 1.5.5 This happens seemingly randomly and sadly I can't find a reason for it. Some Affinity projects will freeze the app with the beachball when you go to export slices. It only happens if the slices contain a @2x scale factor and a Force Quit is required when this happens. I would attach a crash report but sadly there are none from Affinity in my logs folder yet. I'm seeing this quite often with several different new Affinity projects since High Sierra was installed on my machine.
  3. Hi Team, I am having an issue with merging vectors. I am trying to create a grunge layer wich only consists of one big vector. The problem is: While merging the small vectors together, at a certain point the merging process doesn't come to an end. Affinity cannot be used any more at that point. I have to hard quit. Maybe there are too many dots for Affinity Designer. Is there a solution for that? Thanks Tim
  4. Hello Affinity, i found an issue. When i try to open multiple images in same time (f.e. 6 images), the designer .82 freeze and there is info about "opening 6 files", but nothing happens. CPU load is above 90%. I tried to let it work for about 1 minute, but designer opened nothing. Those files are .jpg (saved from Ps for web), about 2Mpx resolution, hundreds Kb each, so relatively small images (newsletter designs in my case). I attached screenshot captured in progress of opening.
  5. In Affinity Designer, when dragging either the start or end handle of the text path in the attached file, while holding the CTRL key, the application slows down significantly and ultimately becomes unresponsive. TextPathBug.afdesign Edit: I mean these orange handles which define the text's range:
  6. When you're in the Liquify Persona, it would be very cool (pardon the pun) if you could keep the freezing tool within the bounds of your current selection. See attached.
  7. Hi all, I was wondering why every time I start Designer or Photo and I already see the interface, they stop working for different seconds, I see the mouse pointer spinning and then everything works flawlessly. It's not a major complaint, but it's a bit annoying every time I open them to experience such a freeze. Is there something I can do to avoid this? I am on Windows 10 Pro, i7 3370, 16 GB of ram and GTX 1060. I don't think it's a hardware issue. Thanks Nazzareno
  8. Hi, I've encountered a lot of freezes with this beta using the frame text tool with snapping turned on, the only way out has been to open task manager and force close AD. I've attached the file that I've been working on that I'm encountering the freeze. Open AD and check that all the snapping options are turned on in the toolbar Open the file attached Select the frame text tool and drag from the left side to the right anywhere on the page. As soon as a guideline pops up the text frame box gets stuck next to it and AD freezes. You don't have to use the file attached it can be confirmed on a new file: Open AD and check that the snapping options are on Draw a few shapes on a new page Select the frame text tool and drag across the page. As soon as a guidleline pops up the frame text box gets stuck on the guideline and AD freezes. 2017 whole page layout.afdesign
  9. 새로운 PC (Ryzen 1700) 새 윈도우 10 64 비트 홈을 설치하세요. MS-Word, Hancom Word 및 더 많은 응용 프로그램. 나 '동결 친화 사진'( )과 관계를 게시하고 있습니다. 모든 새로운 시스템 섭음 붙어 동향 애 사진. 내 친한 사진 버전은입니다. 증상은 다음과 일. ------------------------------------------- 1. 친밀감 사진 열기 2. 닫기 시작 페이지 3. 새 문서 열기 (900x900px) 4. 예술적 텍스트 도구 선택 5. 문서 위로 드래그 입력이 준비되었습니다. 6. 글꼴 선택 .... 그런 다음 7. 어피 니티 사진 얼기. ------------------------------------------- 첨부 파일을 참조하십시오. 귀하 고맙습니다.
  10. I use Designer for personal projects on Mac without any issues and Designer at work on a 2 month old, Windows 10 PC. The PC has 8 gb RAM and an Intel Core i5 @ 3.20GHz. A task I have to perform at least 3 times a week in drawing shapes on top of a placed bitmap image. The images is already compressed and usually aprox 30 to 50 mb itself. After I place the image, every action causes Designer to freeze or run incredibly slow. The Designer files end up in the 200 to 350 mb range. I'm trying to find out if the freezing and lag is a product of my PC or Designer. Any ideas? Also, why is the Designer file size so incredibly large?
  11. recently affinity photo version has trouble opening an image. Sometimes there is a message and closes on it's own, other times it just does not load the image for an indefinite time. After a long period use task manager to end program. I am not very technical, so I do not know how to approach this. Thanks,
  12. Hi! I'm experiencing a quite annoying bug... It seems that, randomly (like 1 every 4 ou five times), when I use cmd+c to copy a layer AD (latest version) freezes and the app doesn't respond anymore :( Any clue ? I'm running a mc book pro Retina 13-inch late 2013 with Sierra (latest update) Thanks for the answer
  13. Hi, Slow and unstable (freeze) work program on the laptop Lenovo Y70 (i5 4200H and GTX860m). By the way, I noticed a very large memory usage in Windows 10. What can be the reason? Thanks
  14. Beanie (layer): 24 elements Zorak (layer) Head (group): 6 elements Neck (group): 5 elements Antenna(layer): 2 elements Bubble(layer): 1 element 2 Text layers. I managed to free AD by attempting a multi-layer copy operation after running AD for probably over an hour working on another document. I wanted to add layers from an older graphic. I opened the older graphic, and attempted to copy the layers by selecting them in the layers pane and hitting cmd-c. The app froze, and I waited at least 5 minutes to see if it might recover gracefully, but after a while, I force quit the app. I was trying to make something so, I did not try to troubleshoot it until today. I tried reproducing the problem again by launching AD and copying the same layers. It did not freeze, which indicates a memory issue (leak?) that only manifests after the app is near its max—just speculation though. I’ll attach a log & an image to show structure. Affinity
  15. When I add a HSL adjustment layer, everey now and then the live preview freezes. Need to close and reopen the settings window to get the live preview working agian.
  16. I hung Affinity Designer when I attempted to copied 5 layers (shown in image): layer 1 has 24 elements, layer 2 : 2 groups of 7 & 5 elements, layer 3&4 are text elements, & layer 5 is a vector fill. A majority of shape vectors & the text has gradient fills. Only 2 elements have layer fx applied. I wasn’t able to replicate the multi-layer copy that caused the freeze by copying the same content from a clean launch. I guessed it was a memory issue, and this behavior reinforces it. I’m attaching the log to help speed this up. Given I can usually crash/freeze most apps very quickly, & I’ve been using Affinity Designer over a year & this is the first crash, kudos to the dev team. Affinity
  17. In AD, Sometimes when I changed the width of a stroke, created by the pen tool, in the "Transform" box, the stroke disappears. The number in the "W:" box disappears, and I can't do anything in the program. It doesn't freeze completely though. When I hover over objects, they are highlighted, but when I click on an object, nothing happens. I've tried to re-enter the width, delete key, and pretty much everything else. After a while of clicking around, the program crashes. I can't recreate it with a newly opened document, but maybe I'm not recreating it correctly. It usually happens after a few hours of work.
  18. Please fix this, bug happen by the steps as you see in my screenshot. Cheers. :)
  19. Hello! In Develop Persona, if I set clarity above 0% another operations (exposure, blackpoint, brightness, highlights etc.) freeze on about 5 seconds (some times a few square of photo react earlier). You can see it better if you move several times any slider to the left, to the right. Slawek P. S. Thank you for Affinity Photo for Windows!!!
  20. I have been just editing an AD document. When I toggled some font layer to be invisible and then visible again the app froze. (beach ball for a few minutes, the fans of my macbook sped up). After a few minutes I force quitted the application. After starting the app again I was asked if I like to restore the unsaved changes. Yes! I like to, in order to not lose 2 hours of work. But when clicking restore the app freezes again after already showing me the correct view of the document in question. I noticed that the thumbnail of the file in the Finder shows still a very old version of the file from a few hours ago. So I was afraid to have lost all work. So I tried the following: - restarting the app again - getting asked if I like to restore the file - confirming - then hitting CMD+S really fast in order to save the file before affinity crashes It worked! The thumbnail of the file in the Finder now shows the correct version of the file. But I still can not open the document because AD freezes instantly (but is still able to render the file's content right before the freeze). I have attached the document. It would be really great if there is a possibility to work with that file again. I already tried opening it with the current AD beta (1.5.4 RC1) but it freezes as well.
  21. I usually found this bug for a while. From my file, Let's try to align it to center of the canvas then you will see the bug. Cheers. 2pt_Align_bug.afdesign
  22. Downloaded and tried to install. and froze my machine and would not close. Had to restart.
  23. AD freezes when I try to drag the object using move tool Sorry, can't upload video example, here is the link
  24. After an hour or so of use: after using View cannot select Move. Select any other tool then go back to Move and it will work. After several minutes that won't work. At that point cannot select any tool. Close down application then restart. It works again.
  25. When I tred to open the attached pdf AD locked up and froze. I had to use the task manager for force close it. The pdf was created in Xara Designer Pro 365 crose.pdf