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Found 53 results

  1. I frequently browse the forum using the Chrome browser on an Android tablet. A recurring problem is that the body text displays too small to read easily. I have tried changing the default font size in both the browser and the Operating System to no avail. This affects the text I am writing now (in the new message window), but not the body text in the forum generally. I can make the overall display bigger, but this means that I have to scroll sideways to see each line. My guess is that the font size is hard-wired ino the forum page stylesheet. Is it possible to change this? John
  2. After browsing a subforum, I usually click on the Mark forum read button. Usually, this gives me a box to confirm. I click on OK, then click on he Return button and I am back in the Main Forum. Sporadically, when I click on the Mark forum read button, it does not give me the confirmatory box, it just marks all messages in the forum as read. Now, when I click on Return, nothing happens apart from what looks like a page refresh. If I click Return again, it will now usually return. (Or I can click on Home.) It seems more likely to behave this way if there are just a few unread threads. This happens when I am using my Android Tablet and Chrome. I have not noticed it on my Windows PC. John
  3. I think one useful modification for the Forums would be to force those who post a topic to select one or more of the products (Photo, Designer, Publisher) instead of relying on the user to specify a tag. This would make searches much more efficient. For example, I recently was wondering about a mirroring feature in Designer. But when I search for "mirror(ing)" I got a lot of unwanted hits for AP. Thanks.
  4. Can someone please divide questions and posts for your Photo and Designer iPad apps into seperate forums? Its very frustrating slogging through topic headings that either cover Designer or Photo when I'm searching ONLY for those relevant to the app I need help with. PLUS a lot of the headers don't mention the app being asked about.
  5. I've noticed there's now a "Hide" button in the area where you can reply to a topic. I was just wondering what it was for and why I might want to use it.
  6. Affinity Forum fails to make a read thread closed, during open session. If I click unread, read post and return to read next post, the old read post is still available. I don’t know if this is intended, a bug or due to Apple’s recent updates. Sorry if I posted question in wrong place. Best fit for problem.
  7. As there are now 30 pages of threads in the Resources forum, I think it might be a good time to split it into sub-forums to make it easier for people to browse the sort of items they are interested in. A split along the lines of something like this: * Vector Brushes (Designer only); * Raster Brushes (Designer and Photo only); * Palettes; * Styles; * Assets; * Macros (Photo only); * LUTs; * Procedural Presets (Photo only) * Plugins (Photo only); * Samples (and maybe templates, when they come); * Miscellaneous; … may be useful. What does anyone else think?
  8. While we have some great lists of tutorials pinned to the top of the Tutorials forum it can be very difficult for some people – especially beginners – to find what they need. For example, in the Photo tutorials list we have entries for things like “Focus Merging”, “Infer LUT” and “Displace Filter” (amongst many many others). Most beginners – and some non-beginners – will have no idea what these things mean or what they can do with them from the name alone. When someone wants to do something – unless they already know what it is they want to do – they probably won’t know what the name of the thing is that they need. And because of this they will have to browse to lots of different pages over and over again just to try and find what they need, if they find it at all. To try and get round this problem, my proposal is that two new threads are started and pinned to the top of the Tutorials forum. One could be called “Visual Tutorial Index” (henceforth VTI) and the other could be called “Visual Tutorial Index Discussions” (henceforth DIS). The VTI would be where tutorials are listed and the DIS would be where discussions about the VTI are held – to keep the discussions from clogging up the VTI itself. Each VTI post would look like those in my crudely-drawn attached example and have: * a title describing the thing that someone might want to do, e.g. bend text; * a before and after picture showing what the user has before the actions and what they get after the actions; * a list of tutorials broken down by application so the user can choose depending on what they have. When a user comes to the VTI, all they need to do is scroll down looking at the images to see if there’s something that does what they need to do. They don’t need to know the name of the technique, feature or tool, all they have to do is look at the pictures. Once they find what they want they can quickly see if that thing is possible with the application(s) they have, rather than having to search the three lists already pinned, or asking in the Questions forum. (I’ve lost count of the number of times that the same “how can I do this” questions have been asked, and I’m probably guilty of doing so myself as I usually know what I want but don’t know what it’s called.) To take some of the workload off the website moderators, the users of the forum can volunteer to take a particular area, then research which tutorials are available, and then create a single post with the relevant list of tutorials. If someone wants to add a new tutorial to an existing post then they can PM the relevant VTI-poster and ask them to add it to the list. If a VTI-poster stops being active in the forums then, either a moderator can intervene and ‘switch’ the post to a different forum user (to be decided in the DIS), or someone else can create a new post – containing both the existing information and the new information – and ask for the outdated original to be deleted. Discussions about the VTI – “Should this tutorial be added?”, “What I want isn’t on the list”, etc. – should be in the DIS instead of the VTI. This way the VTI thread only holds the tutorials and not loads of distracting stuff. The VTI doesn’t need to be in any particular order as people would be searching it visually by what’s in the images. I realise that a Wiki is probably a better way of doing this but the moderators may not want to have the extra workload of having to moderate one of those too. This way we would be using the technology and software already in the forums site with minimal extra moderator intervention (which gives them more time to do more important things like helping us with our problems). What do people think about this idea? Does it have any merit? Does it pose any problems? Is there a better way of doing something similar?
  9. Is it possible to search on an item for Affinity Designer only? As far as I can see, there's just one big 'Affinity on Desktop Questions (Mac and Windows). For example, I'm looking for questions/answers about clipping paths/masks in Designer, but the search results displays a lot of Photo topics. Thanks!
  10. I’ve just noticed that Firefox stopped instagram.com from tracking me when I looked at one of the threads in Share Your Work section (“Photos developed and optimized with AP” by Andyneu). While it’s great that Firefox has blocked the tracker for me, other people who are running less-secure browsers might not want to be invisibly tracked in these forums. I’ve always seen this site as a safe place to browse. Hence my question, or, to put it another way: “Should this site allow tracking of its users by outside sites?” Or am I the only one who thinks this might be a problem?
  11. Hi, Sorry, I don't know where to post about the forum. I checked the forum with the option "Content I Posted In", and today, each time I click on a link, I end up on the 1st page of the thread instead of the latest post. Is that normal? I'm used to check "Contents I follow", that send to the latest post of the thread and it seems more logical.
  12. There has been a persistent bug in the Forum software which results in the member's location being elided with the word 'Location' in a message ID. Someone posted a solution to this a long time ago which I cannot now find. A problem is that if you prepend the location with a space it gets lost. I have solved this by simply prepending the two characters ': ' (colon-space) to my location. I entered ': Essex' rather than just 'Essex'. You can see the result in my message information to the left. John
  13. In many posts, I see frame comprising a link to another post in these forums. There is a link arrow in the top right corner. How do I create such a link? For example, if I wanted to link to this post: I seem to have answered my own question. I just inserted the url and it got automatically embedded. However I'm sure there are many users who would like to know this. John
  14. I have made a number of posts in this Tutorials forum on how to do various things, mainly involving Distort > Equations. Many have also provided a macro that executes the operation. I have realized more recently that posts such as these, which are mainly presenting a macro would better fit in the Resources forum. I would welcome some guidance from moderators as to choosing the appropriate forum. My feeling is that a post that is mainly explaining a procedure, a 'how to' is best as a Tutorial, whereas a post presenting a finished product (a macro) is best as a Resource. There could be appropriate cross-referencing between the two if needs be. Just to blur the issue, I note that the Tutorials forum often has posts which are asking for 'how to' explanations, which should perhaps belong in the Questions forum. Perhaps the mods would include a sticky Guidelines for Tutrials at the top of the forum? John
  15. Hello, Sorry if I appear a bit lame, and possibly posting the wrong forum, but I wanted to know if there was a way to filter the tutorials by software eg: only designer or publisher. Sometimes tutorials don't even mention which software they cover (most of the tutorials seems to be for APhoto, which I don't own). I can't find a way to filter by tags (even though most posts don't have the software as a tag, it could help). I find searching a bit tedious a a result, but there is search feature I may have missed? This is bizarre because other forums are separated by "Photo", "designer", "Publisher", and then separated by platform. As it stands, the tutorials sub-forum is a bit of a mess Let this small puzzlement not distract from the fact that I am very grateful to those who publish tutorials
  16. I've had a look on the Invision website and can only find this: https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/how-to-use-ips-community-suite/content-discovery/searching-your-community-r70/ which isn't much use. It would be nice to have some instructions on how to search for, for example: * All posts where the body contains both the words "first" and "second" but not "third"; * All posts where the body contains "first" but not either "second" or "third"; * All posts that have "first second" - in that order, next to each other - and also "third" anywhere else in the post; * All posts that have "first second" - in that order, next to each other - but not where "third" is anywhere else in the post * All posts that have "first" in the title but not "second" in the body; * All posts that have "first" in the title and "second" or "third" in the body; etc. etc. etc. (The example words are just 'place-holders' and not actual search terms.) Obviously there are many different ways people want to search but if we had some instructions on what sort of thing we can do then it might make it easier for us to find things (and perhaps not report duplicate problems/issues).
  17. When creating new forum topic, most authors forget about what product the topic is about, which often makes the answers more difficult and leads to further questions. Would not it be advisable to allow product type to be entered using checkboxes directly on the input form?
  18. Hello, I have a suggestion for the forums. How about adding a ": "(colon and a space) after Location info or simply removing the text "Location" from the post/comment author pane. Its really annoying(I hope many would have felt the same). Current issue: My suggested change would be: Thanks!
  19. In the "Reply" section of a thread we can use the "at" sign and type someone's nick to create a 'whatever-it's-called' that notifies that user. Most of the time I have to enter pretty-much the entire nick to get the one I want. It would be better if the software put the nicks of the people who have already posted to the thread at the top of the list. Having the 'current thread users' nicks at the top of the list would make it much easier to select them.
  20. Apologies for posting this here but, as you will read later, there wasn't anywhere else for me to put it. There have been a few times where I have needed to ask a question about the forum itself - not the software, just the forum website - and have had to put my post somewhere - like here - that seems inappropriate. Would it be possible for there to be a "Forum Questions" section just for people asking about the forum software? You could pin tips and information up there too so people know how to conduct themselves. Or what about a "Website Questions" section where people could also post about things on the main Affinity website and Affinity Spotlight too? I have a couple of questions to ask and I really don't want to have to put them in the "Customer Service, Accounts and Purchasing" section, but there's nowhere else that I can see.
  21. I didn't know where to post this issue as it's not about the Affinity software itself, so apologies if it's in the wrong place. Earlier today, once I'd added someone's nick to the start of a new post - using the 'at' symbol - I found that I couldn't paste text into the post or delete the nick. I had to submit the post and then add another after it: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/72823-i-would-like-to-know-where-can-i-get-a-newsprint-style-filter/&tab=comments#comment-382498 Could someone have a look and see if it was just me doing something wrong please?
  22. Using the latest Mac version of Firefox, I just spent the past half hour trying to join your forum but kept getting the message "You did not pass the security check. Please try again." There was no clue what the failure was or how to fix it. I was about to give up when I thought maybe I'd try once more with Safari. This time the Security Check had a Captcha in it. Apparently, the Captcha isn't working in Firefox. I just thought you might want to know about this. I'll attach a screenshot of what I was getting. As long as this gets to the right people there should be no need to actually post it on your forums. <Pic containing email address removed by mod>
  23. I have seen that this forum has a section where people share the work and it would seem ideal for me to have a social network with this initiative. Some of us already do it in the social networks that exist, but if there was one of Affinity, it could be used for everything that this web page serves.
  24. Is it possible / How to preset or trigger a Custom Sort Filter without using “SORT BY”? /&sortby=forums_topics.last_post&sortdirection=desc&page=1&filter=???????
  25. Quick Tips: for finding Affinity content with Google Search With a few helpful Google search engine tricks, searching the Affinity Forum via Google can be made much more effective. The Common Search In general, you should string search terms with a space together to start the context search. Thus, the input "Affinity forum gradient" or "Affinity forum macro" in the search window shows all found link entries on the screen which contain those terms. Quoting ("...") helps to search after more closely related search text here. Extended or Exclusive Search To make Google search more effective, you should use so-called operators. Here are some of them. A tilde (~) before a search term makes the term synonymous. So "Affinity ~forum" brings both the Affinity forum as well as hints for possible other related forums. With a minus sign (-) you can specifically exclude terms from the search. For example, the minus designer in "Affinity layer masks -designer" calls up a list of Affinity layer masks related entries without designer in the context. With a plus sign (+) you can instead specifically include terms to the search criterias. Search in and for Websites To specifically search a particular website/page, prefix your search term with a "site:URL" - where the URL is the web address of the site/page on which you read the info recently. For example, "site:affinity.forum.com macro recording" searches and calls for a list of threads which deal with macro recording on the Affinity forum. A minus sign in the "-site:URL" input behind the actual search terms excludes results from the named URL. So "Affinity video -site:youtube.com" will exclude all Youtube videos from the search. With "site:de" it will only search German websites with the extension .de; Of course, other endings like .org or .com etc. can also be used here. With "related:URL" you can find out if other websites have similar content. In order to browse only publications from a specific period, you must connect the adjacent years with three points: here "2014...2018" only lists publications between 2014 and 2018 in the results list. For example in order to find at affinity.forum.com current practical contributions to macro recording you would use "site:affinity.forum.com macro recording 2016...2018". Some helpful browser shortcuts To speed up the search in general, there are a few shortcuts available. For example, "Ctrl + F" will bring up a small search window at the bottom of the page that will help you to search the current page for terms. Ctrl + or - enlarges the view, zooms in or out. Ctrl + L moves the cursor back to the address bar so you can enter a new website or search term. Calculations, units of measurement and currencies The Google search engine can also calculate and convert. For those of you who struggle with mental arithmetic, just type the math questions directly into the Google search window using the +, -, * / symbols. This calls at the same time the calculator for further input of even more complicated tasks. If you want to convert units of measure or currencies, you can also type these directly into the search window. Thus, the input "inches in millimeters" picks up a unit calculator, with "pounds in euros" you get the current price displayed as well as references to various currency converters.
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