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Found 5 results

  1. Hey, first post here, as i could not find any solution to this. I am trying to put a text into this bear shape so that it will fill the shape inside, just like the one on the left. I feel like it should be straightforward, but I can't seem to work it out. Since it stems from a picture, I was unable to convert it to text frame in designer. I have all 3 programs available.
  2. Hello Affinity Folks, I have no idea if I am positing this in the right place so I can only hope so. I don't see a "suggestions for a NEW product" option so I am putting my suggestion here. As I have seen, many people are asking for PDF Form creation and many are asking for it to be incorporated into your existing products. I personally would RATHER see affinity create their own version of LiveCycle. Here is why. If you were to create this software, you could not only make it robust and compatible to all your other software, but it would not be a convoluted mess in code compared to merging these features into your other packages. Updates would be much easier as well as adding in new beneficial features. Best of all it could be MAC compatible. Something Adobe LiveCycle is not. Yes, it would be yet another software package but you already have something from your past even to work from. So it's not like your working from a blank slate. Please give this some consideration and if possible put it out there for us to start testing. My hope of course would be 2020 as, PDF Form Creation (and Internet Webpage Forms) is a desperate need for us designers. Thank you, Epic
  3. Hi I started working with Affinity a while ago and have to admit I am not a professional designer. But in my Spare time I like being creative. Though I'm trying to fit Text into a shape. But I do not want to have it aligned or set on the outline. I would like to fill the whole shape with a word. In Corel I did this with the Envelope tool but I just can not figure out how to do this in Affinity. I could have sworn I have seen this once in a tutorial and it was just a basic function but maybe I'M mistaken. The picture below shows the basic idea I really would appreciate the help
  4. Hi All, Have a user with the need to design a fillable PDF form. Looking for software to do that, something along the lines of Adobe Livecycle Designer, but without the cost or complexity. Do any of the Affinity products offer similar capability?
  5. my wife is a teacher. She often needs to crop or multiple crop regions from images for worksheets. She did it in Affinity by hand. Region by region. Then we discovered Export Persona and it took the workflow to a whole new level. And the there was the one image, where the regions we needed were like crooked pictures. To crop them, one still needs to crop it by hand and then turn them till the are in horizontal orientation. Would be cool to be able to rotate the slice frames and have them oriented automatically, horizontally or vertically, or in 90 deg. steps. Hm, perhaps a little to special:-) But who knows, maybe there are more people like me. This export persona thing has great potential ! By the way: thx for the cool software.
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