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Found 23 results

  1. Can you please integrate bigger and smaller buttons in text options? Your predetermined text sizes always are either way too small or way too big. Please consider. Having to enter in the field then return to see it apply, THEN do it again is a waste of time. Thanks.
  2. Hello, I'm almost ready with the first book I made with Affinity Publisher and I uploaded to lulu.com for a quick test. I keep getting a warning stating that I used a 5pt font size in the document but I cannot find this text – and I guess I never used such small font. Is there any way to find out all the font size used in the document? If there is no way, will it be possible to to implement (in the next version) the ability to suggest in Preflight whenever a font smaller than 8pt is used in the document? Thank you!
  3. I frequently browse the forum using the Chrome browser on an Android tablet. A recurring problem is that the body text displays too small to read easily. I have tried changing the default font size in both the browser and the Operating System to no avail. This affects the text I am writing now (in the new message window), but not the body text in the forum generally. I can make the overall display bigger, but this means that I have to scroll sideways to see each line. My guess is that the font size is hard-wired ino the forum page stylesheet. Is it possible to change this? John
  4. I'm not entirely certain if this has already been covered in another thread, but I'm sorely missing the ability to automatically have text resized to fit the frame. This feature does exist in the PagePlus program, so I'm hopeful it's just yet to be implemented? As a side note, the closest reference I have been able to find to this type of feature in the Affinity forums is resizing the frame to the text, which was in an old feature request for the Designer beta. Needless to say, this is rather the opposite of what I would like to happen. Thanks for any feedback you can provi
  5. Would be nice if you could add an option to sync style(font and size) between a text object and belonging inline text objects.
  6. Hi, I'm using the current release of Affinity Designer and I found out, that it's not possible to change the font size with the number block at the right of the keyboard. It's only possible with the number sequnce at the top. Best regards, Thomas
  7. When importing SVG files into Affinity Designer, the text size becomes drastically reduced. Please see the following images comparing the same file when opened in Chrome vs affinity designer. This bug seems to affect all SVG files created by the software ChemDraw, so I can provide additional files if needed. By default, ChemDraw should export images with a font size of 10. I am using the latest version of the software as installed by the Microsoft Store. aniline.svg
  8. I recently decided to try Affinity Photo after Photoshop CS6 stopped working in macOS Catalina. However, the application's UI size on normal large monitors (2560x1440) is a literal pain to look at because the fonts are blurry and tiny. No other UI I have on my mac is like this. The screenshots below show the difference between Photoshop CS6 and Sketch app, which have UIs that work well, and Affinity Photo, which has a UI that's blurry and hurts my eyes to look at. Is there any way to adjust Affinity Photo's UI to either make the fonts bigger or at least smooth them out so they're not grai
  9. Hey there! When switching between Affinity Designer on iPad and macOS, the font sizes change, and it's quite ugly! I'm using the Damascus font. Screenshots attached. Am I doing something wrong here?
  10. I'm not sure if this is a feature on Publisher or not, but I was looking for a way to find and replace fonts in an entire document. Publisher is working great for pulling in PDFs and allowing you to edit the content. Better than anything I have used before. Currently I am able to edit manually, page by page, to change the fonts. I'm working with multiple 20+ page PDFs that need font styles and text sizes to change. InDesign has a feature called 'Find Font' that allows you to see all the fonts in the entire document and change the style/family and size. I wanted to see if this is a feature in P
  11. Hi, I keep encountering this in 1.7 in all three apps, Designer, Photo and Publisher. Add Artistic text Switch to the pointer tool with the text selected Click on the font size drop down to alter the size Observe: Font changes to the new size while drop down is selected Click on the page Observe: Font reverts to original size I can add text without a problem, but if I want to change the font size by selecting the text with the pointer and using the context toolbar drop down the size changes while I have the size selected with the mouse but as soon
  12. Hi, Please forgive my rather naive question but I'm a little confused. As a rule of thumb I understood 16px is a good font size for readable text on a website. I'm just examining the great Grade UI Kit and see that some of the header text is 4.8pt ( see attached screenshot ). I've just read that 1pt is equal to 1/72" so at 72dpi 1pt should equal 1px. Obviously if I follow my rule of thumb here and use 16pt ( which should equal 16px? ) the text is huge. What am I missing? I've just referred back to some of my PSD designs and 16pt looks fine. Many thanks in advance if an
  13. It would be a nice addition to be able to resize text and multiple text objects by inputting point size AND have them all reduce or increase size by the transformation panel reference point. It does do this now but I have to input an overall width in the transformation panel. Just would keep things uniform in point size and not get a weird decimal point size. Thanks
  14. I cannot seem to increase the font size in the macro library it is much too small for me to see. Do you have any suggestions> Also in the preferences, you can select font size as default or large but large is not very large and is still hard to see. Thank you
  15. When you click inside the stroke width textbox, and press the up/down arrow keys, it increases/decreases by one point. The same should happen after clicking on the font size textbox.
  16. I edit under Windows 10 on a 40 inch Phillips 4K monitor, which needs a little care as the default font size is very small. But you can tell Windows about this and it compensates in normal operation. Applications can pick up on this setting and Affinity Photo does this well in the main window. But when I do something like a File/Save, it does not, using the basic very small font sizing. It's not the end of the world but I do have to squint (I'm pretty short sighted). Hopefully not too difficult a fix.
  17. Hello, I am experiencing an issue with AD on Windows 10 where when I focus Font Size text field on the top bar or on the floating panel and press the down or up keys on the keyboard, it will decrease/increase the font size as expected, but if I press the down or up key again it will move the selected text object down/up instead of decreasing/increasing the font size again. It also happens on all other fields on the floating Character/Font panel. Is this the expected behavior? I would expect it to keep focus so I can play around with font size/kerning/line-height/etc until I a
  18. I defined a paragraph style GTD filler 1 and formatted some text boxes. I wanted to change the font size in the EDIT TEXT STYLE dialog box. On the FONT page, in the drop down FONT SIZE the entry KEINE ÄNDERUNG // NO CHANGE was automatically selected. When hovering another size from the list, my text is corectly previewed with the hovered size in background of the dialogue box. But when I actually select a font size to change it, the preview switches back to the former size. When I open the dialog box again, the entry for the font size automatically switched back to KEINE ÄNDERUNG // NO CHANGE.
  19. I am new to Affinity and am having problems changing the font in Preferences for the User Interface. Could you please tell me how to make the user interface fonts and or icons larger on a MacBook Pro.
  20. I primarily do web design, so I work with font sizes in pixels, not points. If I try to set a text object to "64 px", it becomes "64 pt". My current workaround is to set the document to 72dpi so that 1px = 1pt, which is fine for now, since I'm working on a mockup I won't need to export. Is there a better way to deal with this, though?
  21. Is this unique to my system? I'm not familiar with fonts in "px". I've seen it before, somewhere, but can't remember ever using it, and have no reference to it that makes any sense to me. Anyone else seeing this, and know what it means:
  22. Hi, I'm experiencing a serious issue with Affinity Designer. Everything worked fine and suddenly, the font sizes when creating a new text with the Art Text Tool give me completely incoherent font sizes. I was in 72 dpi, but it switched to 144 dpi by itself. If I press "OK" in Document Setup, it doubles the dpi every time. I tried to set the DPI to 36, it did changed to 72 dpi when I pressed OK, but font sizes of newly created fonts are still wrong. Note that the font sizes of previously created texts are correct. This issue occurs with Retina documents. I changed settings to set the size o
  23. I have a document with e.g. 70 DPI, some text inside has e.g. 12 pt font and I when change the DPI of the document to anything else, let's say 300, then all fonts of the text shrink to 1.8 pt or something like that. I can't even copy the text to another document and then back. They still have broken size. I think font size should be preserved with a change of a document DPI because I need to export the same document with different DPIs (e.g. for print 300, for web 70). The only workaround I found is to copy all texts to Apple Pages, change document DPI and them copy & paste texts b
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