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Found 5 results

  1. Big problem: I'm an art director, graphic artist, illustrator. I work in layered images with Affinity Photo, having ended my many years using Photoshop. I'm enjoying the new Affinity software, but I am experiencing what seems to be a major flaw with Affinity Photo. 1: If I begin a new project by opening an existing file (let's say, "Blue_10.afphoto"), I often do a "Save As", and in doing so I rename the file (let's say, renamed as "Green_20.afphoto") because the work I am about to do is to be a completely new version based on that original. 2: After completing my new multi-layered image, and saving the final (still as "Green_20.afphoto"), 3: I then save a flattened version of the file, using the same name but with the addition of "flt" (i.e., the flattened file is now called "Green_20_flt.afphoto". 4: Subsequently, and still in Affinity Photo, I export that flattened file as a jpeg, and now the jpeg file exists as "Green_20_flt.jpg". I now have the three files (two .afphoto files and one .jpg file) on my Mac, and all seems fine, each with the correct name and file type. 5: I noticed the following problem when I uploaded jpeg files to my online Flickr account. The files upload, but the titles are often totally wrong (in this example, possibly the name of the old original defunct file "Blue_10.afphoto". The title is not only totally incorrect, but I now have to double-check each and every image exported from Photo before sending, uploading or delivering to avoid major mistakes or embarrassment if not caught and corrected. Please tell me there's a fix for this. I have never had such a problem before. Thanks, anyone.
  2. Dear Sir or Ma'am, Thank you for the recent decision of Affinity to allow 90-day free trials of software and discounting to 50%. I recently bought Publisher license for Windows and it's the latest stable version of I'm unable to figure out how to change the underscores "_" in the files exported from Publisher into dishes "-" or whatever elements/parameters I like to rename on export. In other words, ALL files exported from Publisher is FileName_1, where 1 indicates the page number. On modern computers and file nomenclature, underscores are irrevocably grotesque. I'm familiar with batch naming via Adobe Bridge; however, I rather not perform the second step. Unless I missed something, please let know how I could change the underscores into dashes. Additionally, please consider allow users to rename however they wish automatically for Publisher. Thank you for the privilege of your time. Best in health and warmest wishes, Ronald
  3. Hi! I cannot open .afdesign Document in Affinity Photo on iPad. It is just greyed out. Why is this, if they are the same? But if they are really the same Files, it should be possible to just change file extension from .afdesign to .afphoto. I will try this now. Anyway AF Photo on iPad should also recognize .afdesign Files, as there is no AF Designer on iPad yet and there shouldn’t be the need to rename them. thx an best regards, Stuepfnick
  4. I have had problems with some images edited in Affinity refusing to open. I discovered there was a naming conflict between two files in the browser section. The name of one file had been assigned to another file resulting in two completely different image files in the browser having the same name. Checking the original raw files on the flash card one had the name _dsc0026, and the other _dsc1009. Seems some wires may have got crossed in Affinity.
  5. I know Affinity prides itself on the the applications being able to natively open each other's documents, but my Mac seems to be see them as so similar that it can't seem to distinguish between them at all. Both .afphoto and .afdesign files currently open into Affinity Photo if I double-click them. But have no fear, I am a Mac ninja and know how to solve this… so I select "Get info" about my .afdesign file change the application intended to open it from Affinity Photo to Affinity Designer. Click "Change all". I double-click my .afdesign file and it now correctly opens into Affinity Designer. Ta-dah. Problem solved! …NOT! Now both file types open automatically into Affinity Designer by default. I do this again and again swapping out the target application with the same results each time (it would appear my ninja sword is a little rusty). How can I get my Mac to recognise these file types as being different so they can open into their own respective applications? (I'm running OSX 10.8.5 incase you need to know)
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