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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, Perhaps I might be the only one looking for this, but I think it would be nice to have a listing of all the Affinity related filetypes / fileformats. I couldn't find them in the help, on the site or on the forum. So I'm listing what I have found. afassets afbrushes afdesign afgrids afmacro afmacros afpalette afphoto afpub afselection afshort afstyles aftemplate aftonemap profile Best regards Ady
  2. Hi, I'm a rookie and I've come from using Inkscape. I've found that opening inkscapes .svg files doesn't always load correctly in Af Designer due to the differences in how they save/read files (I think) i've got a load of .svg files id like to convert so they work as they should in Affinity so I can uninstall Inkscape. I thought it would be to save as plain .svg and then load in affinity designer but it didn't load properly. I tried searching but didn't find many definite answers on this, I just want to know which is the best format to save in out of these to then load in Designer and then save in the .afdesign format? I've attached an image of all the formats Inkscape lets to save in. Thanks and sorry if this has been covered already.
  3. Can I open PageMaker 6.5 files in Affinity Publisher? Can I open Microsoft Office Publisher in Affinity Publisher?
  4. As someone who transferred to Affinity Designer upon launch, ditching the traditional Adobe Products that most of the industry utilizes I am, for the most part, thrilled with incorporating Affinity Designer into my workflow. However, there are two features that I have been longing for. The first of which is the incorporation of editable text in an exported PSD. Some clients desperately want the PSD files of all of the work in the final form, and documents with tons of text present an issue as all text now exports as a pixel layer. I know it is a huge coding ordeal, but it would be such a huge asset to us all. Please, in your next update try to incorporate this feature for your dedicated designers using your design programs so that we are not forced to find ridiculous workarounds. Secondly, I would love to see an option for batch exporting of artboards to save them as the individual artboard name in a dedicated folder. So much of my time is spent opening a new document and placing the contents of each artboard individually on a new canvas and saving them for client work. A batch save option would be extremely helpful, especially if the same options are available there like the ones currently available in the export menu.
  5. Been trying out Affinity Designer Trial for a while now, and i love it. Only concern i have right know will designers of all kinds be able to sell their work? As most people or customers out there require the format .AI from illustrator as well as the other formats .eps, .svg, .jpeg and so on. Any tips for this concern? I also use illustrator but im thinking about switching to Affinity Designer on full time. Thank you!
  6. I've been learning my way around GIMP and Krita for the last year and have gotten pretty skilled at both. Been looking into more "professional" software but I refuse to pay for a cloud license. Been holding my breath for your Windows Beta and let me tell you it did not disappoint. You folks really have something great here. The only problem is that I still have to use GIMP for a few things, mostly the Gmic plugin- which I realize would be difficult for you to support for licensing reasons. Exporting to PDF has proven tricky. Sometimes it works flawlessly, but other times GIMP/Krita will remove all my layers and just merge everything to a single image. OpenEXR might work, but every time I try to export with layers I get an error message. What would really solve this is if you guys supported an open format, such as the GIMP gcf format or even OpenRaster. So far, this is the only thing that will keep me from happily paying for the program when the Windows Beta ends. You've made an excellent program here.
  7. Future request for more files formats, I have many 3D textures of which I save in ".tga" format but when I tried opening it in Affinity Photo, it gives me file format not available. Please include more file types for photo's.
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