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Found 4 results

  1. In this video, we have shown how to export EPS files in the Affinity Designer for Coreldraw and Illustrator.
  2. Hi! Im a little new to this so be gentle anyways..i have a file. 6335x2400mm and everytime i try to add a new layer-raster one. Then the app crashes. Also when i try to save it as pdf it crashes. Jpeg was okay. Also png..it just buffers and never ends so i cant save it.. Other files have been fine so far but the app does crash a lot.. is the problem that my file is too big or what? Because its not that big. I really do need to save this file and get it printed and its very frustrating cause nothing works.. please YELP!! all the best R Untitled_2.afdesign
  3. Dear all, I would like to compress my massive amount of JPGs in order to save some space and when I just opened up a picture in order to try out the amount of compression that would not yet show too much in the quality the following thing surprised me: The original JPG is about 4.4 MB big. If I go straight to "Export" (really don't do anything in between) and want to export it at 100% it is suddenly 9.43 MB when using Affinity Photo. When using Photo Plus X8 the "new" picture is about 8.0 MB. So it more than doubles in size just by opening in a programme and exporting it in the original format, the original resolution and at the original quality? Is it correct to assume that this is somehow because of the Resampling Method? Kind of like: I didn't do anything but the programme actually did quite a lot? And if I cannot export without resampling: Can anyone recommend a combination of Resampling Method and quality level that one the one hand don't lover the perceived quality too much but on the other hand put a good dent in the file size? Thank you very much in advance, Dreamer
  4. Frustration!!! To take a pic from Aperture to Affinity, it's a simple drag and drop procedure. To go from Affinity back to Aperture after retouching, (I keep all my pics in Aperture from past practice) it is a multiple stage operation either by "Save" or "Export" to a selected folder in Finder, then one can drag and drop into Aperture. You cannot go directly to Aperture! WHY? Additionally, Affinity cannot be kept in the dock for immediate re-opening. It must be quit first, then reopened by clicking on the icon. All other apps. can remain in dock and a single click will open.