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Found 25 results

  1. Good morning, after I did some tests with Affinity Photo on my iMac I decided to wait for the new iPad Version. Bought now Affinity Photo for iPad and a new 12,9" iPad Pro :-) However, I´m missing the Support to edit Photos from within the Apple Photos App using the Extension function. Also when using Affinity Photos and opening photos from Apples Photos (iCloud) from the App there is only a very small PopUp to open a photo. Hopefully there will be a better / bigger overview in the future. I´m handling all my photos with Apples Photo App (>40k photos) and it will be tricky to find a photo Please integreate the function to "overwrite" an already existing photo with the edited one keeping the possibility to reset changes later on. This was one of the most interesting functions for me using Affinity Photo on my iMac as I don´t need to Keep duplicates (edited and non edited Versions) Hope I could make clear what I´m missing and looking forward for your comments and hopefully improvements with the next update. Thx., Michael
  2. Hello, I have tried numerous times to open a photo in Apple Photos, and then send it to Affinity Photo for editing. I can send it via contextual menu or by opening Edit in Photos and then using the " ... " for extension activation. After editing in Affinity Photo I close the editing photo and attempt to Save Changes in the Apple Photos edit extension window. The edits do not save and I get an error message. I remember this use to work. Am I doing something wrong now? I am attaching a low bit-rate video (lens correction, straightening, and cropping) showing the process and result. Hope to hear back with a fix. Photos Extension Affinity Photo fail.mp4
  3. After a while editing in Mac Photos using the Affinity Extensions I get the error message: 'Unable to edit with Affinity Develop - an unexpected error occurred' after pressing save changes. Once this has happened it recurs every time I try to use Develop unless I close Photos and re-open. The error then seems to recur after fewer photos than before - until I restart. Is this a memory leak problem? I am editing 24bit jpeg files of around 4500 × 3000 7.5 MB Model Name: MacBook Pro Model Identifier: MacBookPro12,1 Processor Name: Intel Core i5 Processor Speed: 2.7 GHz Number of Processors: 1 Total Number of Cores: 2 L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB L3 Cache: 3 MB Memory: 8 GB Boot ROM Version: MBP121.0167.B16
  4. There is no "Affinity Photo extension" in "Photos". I bought it for iPad yesterday and I am so disappointed not to see it in Photos. Is it expected to implement this extension as it existe in the Mac desktop version of Affinity ? In the present state I will never use this software. Affinity needs to have the same tools on mobile and desktop application. I plan to buy the Mac desktop version when this specific point, often asked by users, will be improved.
  5. Affinity 1.7.2 Mac OS 10.14.6 MacBook Air 2018. I really like to use the affinity extension within Photos as it provide useful tools and a very simple workflow. However every time I use the Affinity develop extension it crash when closing. This happens every time I try and always with the same error message "Unable to edit with Affinity Develop, unexpected error occurred". What can I do to get this resolved? MatsF
  6. Please, what is going wrong that I can't use anymore the extension in Photos IMac Catalina? After Catalina was installed Photos doesn't accept the edit made by Affinity extension. We need an update from Affinity to be in accordance with Catalina!!!
  7. Very pleased with Affinity Photo. I guess, learning to work with it, I stumbled into a minor problem or bug. I am using Apple Photo's vs 3 as my DAM an High Sierra 10.13.4. When I try to use the extension showing up as "Edit in Affinity Photo" It returns a thumbnail of the picture and the message "Affinity Photo could not be launched.Please press cancel"(see screenshot). All other Affinity extensions work fine. The strange thing is that when I use the Apple Photo's function "Edit with" (by richt-clicking a picture and then choose Affinity Photo) it launches Affinity Photo as it should. Is this a bug or did I miss a setting. Thanks Ben
  8. I have some problem to save images when I use extension in photos app in macOs Sierra. I know that is only a beta of the Os and maybe it's an Apple problem, but I decide to create this post because other extension works well and there's some possibilities that it's a bug of your program, so you could fix in your next release. Thanks
  9. I have opened windows of photos in Affinity Photo that I want to combine in an HDR image. How can I add these open windows directly to a new HDR merge? When I select a few photos in the desktop Mac Photos with the Affinity Photo plugin extension, Affinity Photos opens with windows for the selected photos open. However, when I select new HDR merge, I can't find the photos already open in Affinity Photo to add to the HDR merge and I can't enter the Mac Photos Library through the HDR merge window's "add" button. My tedious work around has been to export the selected photos from Mac Photos to a separate folder and then add the exported files to a new HDR merge, then after creating a new HDR image in Affinity Photos, import it back into Mac Photos. The whole process uses my time and storage very inefficiently and defeats the whole purpose of the Affinity plugin for Mac Photos, so there must be a better way that I haven't been able to discover. I look forward to your guidance in using the Photos plugin to efficiently create HDR images.
  10. I know there's ways to transfer plugins to Affinity. However, is there a way to do that with Extensions? (I have an example included) I really want my Magic Picker extension to be included .. if that's possible.
  11. Hi Affinity team, sorry to bother you with yet another problem. Short description When using Affinity Photo as an extension to Apple Photos, PSD files from the Apple Photo's Library cannot be opened User story As a user of both Affinity Photo 1.6.6 and Apple Photos 2.0 (3161.4.140) on Mac OS Sierra I'd like to be able to perform iterative edits to developed RAW files larger than about 1 MegaPixels. Problem 1 Apple Photos seems to apply a limit of 16MB to adjustment data of Photo Editing Extensions, so round-tripping is effectively only possible with raw files up to about 1 Megapixels; larger files will result in the message 16MB change limit exceeded - document will be flattened and saving only the JPEG into the Apple Photos Library Problem 2 Affinity Photo does not allow saving a copy in its native .afphoto file format when editing a file named "Apple Photos Document.afextensiondocument" (the File -> Save As... menu option is greyed out) but it does allow exporting a PSD document in this case. Attempted work-around I've tried to work around these limitations by exporting a PSD and reimporting the PSD in Photos. (.afphoto files can not be imported into Apple Photos unless they are saved as adjustment data by the Photo Editing Extension AND the file size if below 16MB) Perceived bug However when trying to edit the PSD using Affinity Photo as Photo Editing Extension the following message is displayed in Affinity Photo: Failed to open file [...]/6LVTQB9699.com.seriflabs.extensions/intermediates/Apple Photos Document.afextensiondocument The file type is not supported. Additional information Testing revealed that Affinity Photo CAN open the file when a .psd extension is appended to the file name. [edit] More testing revealed that the document type contained in .afextensiondocument file can be recognised by the "file" tool (file-5.31 as of macOS Sierra) - when editing OpenEXR files (can be opened by Affinity Photo) $ file -b "Apple Photos Document.afextensiondocument" OpenEXR image data, version 2, storage: scanline, compression: zip, dataWindow: (0 0)-(4944 3274), displayWindow: (0 0)-(4944 3274), lineOrder: increasing y - when editing PSD files (can not be opened by Affinity Photo) $ file -b "Apple Photos Document.afextensiondocument" Adobe Photoshop Image, 4945 x 3275, RGB, 3x 32-bit channels
  12. Hi all, Is it possible to rotate a photo using the Develop extension in Apple’s Photos.app? I imported a number of RAW+JPEGs from my Fuji X-T20 to Photos.app, which imported the orientation correctly. But when I go to the Develop extension they revert to sensor orientation, and I can’t find a way to rotate them in the Develop extension. It’s kind of distracting to adjust highlights and shadows on a 90º-rotated subject.
  13. Affinity v. 1.6.6 Mac OS 10.13.3 Nikon D3300 (.NEF files) After editing a RAW file using "Edit in Affinity Photo" in Photos.app, closing the image in Affinity photo, and returning to Mac Photos.app, the image that Affinity saves to Photos.app is corrupted. The end result looks corrupted. The black point appears boosted, noise reduction thrown out, exposure totally off - really quite terrible and NOT the edits that I made. See the images attached for details. This RAW editing feature using "Edit in Affinity Photo" extension was definitely working back when I was trying the Trial about a month ago, and was one of the reasons I decided to purchase a copy of Affinity. Has anyone else ran into this issue? Is this a known issue?
  14. I was having a problem where Affinity Photo kept crashing when I tried to use the "Edit with Affinity Photo" extension in Photos for MacOS to edit RAW files. After some troubleshooting, I found that AP 1.5.2 crashes in this scenario when it is set to use the Apple (Core Image RAW) option rather than the Serif Labs option. The latest AP 1.6 Beta also shows the same behavior. Hopefully this saves others a few hours of troubleshooting. A fix from the developers will be appreciated.
  15. I have enabled Affinity Photo Editing as an extension in Mac Photos. When I select an image in Photos to edit and then select Affinity Photo Editor in extensions, I am told that Affinity will not open. I am using the 10 day trial if that makes a difference. What am I doing wrong
  16. when I choose to export TIFF e.g. it does not make a whole lot of sense to offer PNG etc. options and presets? cheers
  17. Hey guys, This is something that's been bothering me since I've started using Affinity Photo and the Photos Extension. When I make adjustments for an open document, and I move my cursor back and forth, the picture pans randomly. See the attached screencap about this (I randomly grabbed sliders to reproduce the issue, because it doesn't always happen), it happens quite a few times: the first one is around 0:07. https://www.dropbox.com/s/27soh2icm73p4h9/extension%20jumping%20picture.mov?dl=0 A similar thing happens with sliders in Affinity Photo: when I release on of the adjustments, and start to pan the picture, the slider moves instead. It does happen when I move to another slider and try to adjust that. I couldn't grab it on screen right now, if I have some more time, I will post it. (This is with a ,,magic" mouse, with a Wacom Intuos 5 tablet it was even more frequent.) Best regards, Balázs
  18. I'm not sure if there is anybody who asked this before, but i just wanna know why we can't save as or export to .ai or .cdr or maybe other extension instead of affinity file? Is it because of something like copyright (?) limitation or will it be a new feature in the future? Thanks
  19. Hello, By executing the following steps: Import an Adobe RGB jpeg picture in Apple Photos, Edit the photo through the Affinity Photo extension "Edit in Affinity Photo" AP does not identify the color profile and it assigns the default one. If I simply open the picture with AP, the color profile it's managed correctly. Does Apple Photos purge the color profile data? Is there any other way to edit the file directly without using the "External Editors" extension? Thank you
  20. Hello, Latest beta 10 is unable to open PSD files without with an extension to the filename. Thank you
  21. How can I change the far to big liquify tool in the "Photos Extension" of Affinity Photo? Appreciate any reply! :)
  22. I have Affinity Photo 1.4.1 and have problem to use extensions in Apple Photos. Affinity Photos works fine as a standalone applications. I can open the extension. But when I am trying to do something, I can just click on one control and then I am stuck whit that control and its first results. I can’t use another control and I can’t change the result. And then to leave the extension, I have to change to Finder or another program and then back to Photos before I can leave the extension. I have an iMac with the Intel Core i7, El Capitan 10.11.3 and Photos 1.3.
  23. I downloaded the latest Affinity Photo betas and I notice new extensions!!!! This is awesome!!! Can I make some requests? 1) Can we have a scroll bar on the Develop extension so I can see all the adjustments? I cannot set most of the noise adjustment when the window is too small. 2) Can we also add brush/gradiant overlay for local adjustments for Develop extension? 3)Also can we also add a level and curves adjustment to the Develop extension? Thank you very much!!!! This stuff is getting more awesome with each update!!!
  24. Affinity Extensions are now available in the Mac App Store version of Affinity Photo (1.4). For more information please read the Extensions for Apple Photos + Video Tutorial thread. Please note: If you have any questions regarding Affinity Retouching, please post them in the Questions section :) How do I find the Affinity Retouching Photos extension: The Photos extension aka Affinity Retouching is currently only available in the latest Customer Beta build of Affinity Photo. The Customer Beta builds can only be used by users who have the paid Mac App Store version of Affinity Photo installed. You will also need the latest version of OS X, El Capitan. Download and install the latest Affinity Photo Customer Beta build from here. Once installed, go to System Preferences... from the Apple Menu Click Extensions > Photos Select Affinity Retouching When you next edit an image in Photos you will have access to the Affinity Retouching extension. I've followed the above steps but Affinity Retouching is not showing in extensions. Now what? Try launching the Affinity Photo Beta version first before following the above steps. Is Affinity Retouching available in the Affinity Photo Trial? Not at the moment. If this changes, I will update this post. When will Affinity Retouching be available in the Mac App Store version of Affinity Photo? Affinity Retouching will be integrated into the MAS version of Affinity Photo in a future Mac App Store update. When I have more information, I will update this post. Hope this helps! Leigh
  25. HI! I just downloaded the trial version, and really want to test out the program without having to save, export, open each file... so I was hoping that this would come up in the list of extensions in the edit panel of Photos. However, it does not. Can you please help me figure out how to be able to use Affinity right from Photos? Thank you, Colette
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