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Found 1,248 results

  1. I'm testing Affinity Designer for the first time and I really like the ease of making complex shapes. I've never been much into Illustrator before, so Affinity is just what I need! I'm looking at the list of export formats and I couldn't find TGA. Don't know whether to think that's strange or not, but for game engines, TGA seem to be used more than I knew before. At the game design school I graduated from, we were encouraged to use TGA for UI elements. I thought that was strange to begin with, but I stuck to it. Now I'm modding a game, and the game wants TGA. It becomes a bit of a hassle to export to something else first and then convert to TGA. Is TGA of any interest for you to support ? I know I'd be super happy, and could make faster iterations with the automated export. Simply make a change in a slice, it exports on the fly, go into Unreal Engine and refresh the asset - bang! Done!
  2. So, as soon as I posted here, Designer exported without a problem. Sorry to create a useless post.
  3. Paul Ingraham

    jagged PNG-8 exports

    Affinity Designer 1.5.1, App Store version. All my PNG-8 exports seem to lack anti-aliasing. For instance, a simple circle is jagged. This bug was erratic when I was first attempting to export some simple icons as PNG-8. Some exports were fine, others were not. I assumed it had something to do with my custom settings, so I started trying to use the PNG-8 preset. From that point forward, every exported PNG-8 was jagged. (PNG-24 was fine.) I started messing around with every variable I could think of, but nothing helped. I restarted the app, and then the Mac, but I was still unable to export a healthy PNG-8. I copied the vectors into a fresh file, but was still unable to export a healthy PNG-8. I created a blank file with a single circle shape and tried to export that. Still jagged. That test file is attached. jagged png-8 export.afdesign
  4. In reference to a thread about a deal-breaker-problem that still persists in over a year see: As >|< pointed out in this thread, "the current Affinity PNG exporter does not support variable opacity in an indexed-pallet image (commonly called PNG-8), hence the jagged edges." A professional webdesigner uses PNG's quite often. If possible SVG, but PNG is still (and probably will remain) needed for specific artwork that is both small in file size and has professional transparent edges. As most of the webdesigners, that use Adobe software, know that since the CC version their new PNG exporter is quite brilliant. It exports clean, sharp and small PNG-files in 8-bit with (near) perfect transparency. In my opinion, every webdesigner living and creating websites in 2018 and beyond, cannot have jagged edges OR large filesizes. And with Affinity you have to choose between these two. The only workaround is extra software, or something like TinyPNG, through which you have to pull/batch every exported PNG-24 file in order to recreate what Adobe can do with one click. The fact that you cannot export optimal PNG-8 files directly from the Affinity software, is a show-stopper. I think for every(!) webdesigner that wants to build good websites. The workaround is no viable option - it's too complicated, slow and (very) inefficient. There are quite some options in software, both offline and online that offer the same (or sometimes even slightly better) PNG-24 » PNG-8 conversions, so the technology is there. But for me personally, i cannot use any Affinity product now because the end result (the export) is un-usable and needs an extra conversion in order to be used on the web. This problem should be fixed as soon as possible, because i think that the effective (and professional) user-base of Affinity might double. Why? Because now only fotographers of graphic-designers can use Affinity in day-to-day use. I don't believe that way more webdesigners will join Affinity, IF the PNG exporter gets improved to a professional standard. Hope to see this get implemented » then i most probably will start using Affinity!
  5. Could DXF export be added as a export option. I sometimes have have to send my designs to a CNC and vinyl cutting shop. There preferred format is DXF. It would be great not to have to import my design into cad program before sending it them. I currently use this feature in illustrator and it works nicely.
  6. Hello, Most of the time, I have to quit Affinity to be able to make an other export. Otherwise, sometime, as seen on the joint picture, when overwriting an already exported file, it seams that Affinity considers the file as a directory and fails to export the new file inside the old one. "xxx/infrastructures_routieres.png/infrastructures_routieres.png" Thanks for this awesome product, Regards,
  7. When in the slice persona, you can go through the process of selecting a folder. However, when you select a folder and export there is nothing in the folder and it does not export anywhere. Can export one at a time through the main menu.
  8. When exporting Dropbox was greyed out and inaccessible. I cleared Dropbox's cache, signed out, and deleted the app. Restarted my iPad Pro 10.5 and reinstalled Dropbox. Now Dropbox does not even show as an option. Affinity will not let me "Add" Dropbox either. This breaks my workflow as I work across multiple platforms and Dropbox is my jam. I know I can use another service for the time being, but a lack of functioning Dropbox export baked in is a HUGE problem for me. Is there another fix that doesn't involve resetting my iPad? iOS 12 on iPad Pro 10.5, all Apps up to date.
  9. I have an icon, 13x14. I select the icon, EXPORT, SELECTION WITHOUT BACKGROUND, and Affinity changes the size to 14x15 Why does it do this, and how can I stop it from doing this? Thanks
  10. I'm having issues exporting a particular file to SVG and am hoping someone can help me determine what I'm doing wrong. I have two primary issues with my export of this particular file (attached): 1. On export, the black color for all text in the image, specified as #000000 in the AD file, is changed to #030405. I can correct this manually in the code of the SVG, but I'd prefer to not have to. The red color (#ed1c24) of the Flag logo is not being modified during the export. 2. For the elements at the top of the image (flag logo, DiveTag and TM), fill colors are being supplied in the SVG code: style="fill:#030405;fill-rule:nonzero;" For the elements at the bottom of the image, though, (Reward Text, URL), fill colors are NOT being supplied in the SVG code: style="fill-rule:nonzero;" While the SVG renders correctly in a web browser without the fill colors being specified, it does not render properly in the PDF generator control we are using (https://github.com/dompdf/dompdf). It just fails to render the paths without color specified in their styles. Again, I can correct this manually in the code, but I am wondering if there is a way to force AD to specify fill colors for all exported SVG paths? Also, why is it specifying fill colors for some of the paths in my file, but not others? Thanks for any help you can provide! Personalized_tag_contents_750x750.afdesign Personalized_tag_contents_750x750.svg
  11. Is it possible to add compatibility with SVGO https://jakearchibald.github.io/svgomg/ It is the most popular SVG optimizer for the web. Exported SVG files would be a way lighter. And it would be good to have a checkbox for exporting inline styles as classes it is useful for colorizing SVG using JS or CSS.
  12. Hello! Please, make me a hint, when we can expect PNG8 with full alpha? I found myself less working with AD because of lack of this final step that I regularly needs for app and web development, and to keep small file size in AE projects. I searched on forum, and see that this is often requested in last 2 years already. AD have magnificent Export persona mode, that is great for automatisation, and really need this feature.
  13. Hey, Have been using Affinity for two years now and I never looked back after using Sketch and Photoshop. However I work in a big company now and I have a serious issues with exporting design for other people. Coders usually export project exported in PSD, they can also work with Sketch files (with Avocode and such). However PSD export is pretty useless since AD exports text as a bitmap and Avocode support is nowhere to be seen. The only way for me is to export all elements for the projects and put notes to every text aresa so coders know the font size/color/weight, which is very time consuming. Please help me out here, I would love to advocade AD to other colleagues but luck of proper export for coders to use holds the app back big time. I would be really sad if I needed to switch back to other apps just because of this. Mike
  14. Hi, it would be great if you add CSS export feature like CSS Hat (https://csshat.com). I think that every HTML & CSS coder will buy your Affinity Designer and stop using expensive Photoshop :-) Thanks. Petr
  15. Hi, For starters, i apologies for my bad english writing, it's not my native language. As a new user of Affinity Photo i would like some help with the following problem. I already managed to edit some pictures, saved them as a Affinity file and exported them as Jpeg by the export function. Everything went smooth until i tried to export the document as can be seen in the added screen shot. In the export dialog you can see that the estimated file size is "calculating...", this doesn't change. I've let it calculate for 10 to 15 minutes. Usually its calculated far within a minute. So I thought nevermind the calculating and just press export. When i do, nothing happens. The dialog closes but the popup for filename and directory to export to doesn't appear. I already tried other export formats, restarted the program, rebooted the computer and renamed the "save" file. Btw, i now see that this problems is also with other files/documents.. Hope someone knows a solution. Jeroen
  16. Hi, I've just downloaded the Affinity Designer trial, and am quite impressed. However, I am a design student and my school computers have adobe programs. As far as I can tell, I can't find any way of exporting Designer files as Ai files? I can see the option to export as psd, and I've tried to open Ai files using Designer with no problems - but I wanted to check whether there was a way of exporting to Ai that I had missed. Thanks
  17. Hello, I have a web layout that I've created using Affinity Designer and I want to export it as a PSD with layers (preferrably editable where possible) so someone I'm working with who only has and knows Photoshop can make changes. However, when I export the layout no matter which preset I choose (even PSD preserve editability) it always exports flattened to one pixel background layer. I'm opening the result in Photoshop CC 2018. What do I need to change so that it will export my document to layers?
  18. (Attached file "bug adding size 1 1.afdesign" can reproduce the bug) This is a perfect w=35px h=35px group. Coordinates and sizes are both integers. Decimal Place for pixels is set to 3. Create slice in export persona, its width became 36px, which is expected to be 35px. This happens once in a while, and I've found a workaround: If I copy the group - "perfect 35" to a new file; set its coordinate to x=0 y=0 and create slice again, I can get the slice with correct size: w=35px, h=35px. Exporting is supposed to be a light work with the user-friendly export persona. However, When I was working on a urgent project this afternoon, I encountered this bug. It brought me only pressure and frustration. I had to check each slices very carefully and re-sliced the incorrect ones with the workaround. Finally I got my work done. But what If i didn't know the workaround before? I knew this bug and found the workaround some days ago. I didn't report it because I thought you proberly knew this and had schedules. However, let alone this bug destories the mood whenever it shows up, knowing its existence, I have to keep checking carefully to ensure everything is correct. What a burden! I hope export persona become a partner I can trust as soon as possible. Windows 7 64 bit Affinity Designer (I've send the attached file to a Mac user and the bug was reproduced) bug adding size 1 1.afdesign
  19. Document Setup with facing pages, Arrangement horizontal, start on right At PDF Export "All Pages" I get an unexpected result: for the facing page and the last page are added inner bleeds, in the amount as outer bleed is set. Result: the width of facing page and the last page is too much (facing page at the left, last page at the right) , see attached files Hausaufgabenheft 01.afpub Hausaufgabenheft 01.pdf
  20. Sorry for my english.. I have a photo taken by smartphone, size is cm 106x cm 142 , 72 dpi: I want resized it to cm 21x cm28, 300 dpi : I have done it and I have my file.aphoto right; the problem arrives when I decide to export it to .jpg . ; when I had done the exportation, the size of the document (jpg) is always 106x142 72 dpi instead of what I want... Am I wrong in something? If I use Gimp I have no problem! Thank you. L.
  21. AlexCosta

    Exporting issues

    Hey guys. I'm having a lot of trouble with exporting Jpges. When I select a new photo to export to Google Drive, the previous photo I had exported appears on the drive. You see, I am selecting different photos, but some bug happens and A duplicate from the previous work is created. Does this happen to any of you?
  22. In my line of work it is essential that I am able to export my images to 8 bit .BMP Is it possible that this option may be added, or is there a simple alternative....without resorting to PhotoShop?
  23. In Affinity Designer, when I export my document as a png with "selection without background", layer blending modes are totally ignored. Export turns out fine if I export the whole document. Is this a bug?
  24. Hey!I really loved working with Affinity Publisher Beta - I come from Scribus and it's so much better! So I designed a whole magazine and was able to export it to PDF several times. But now I'd like to export the final version - and everytime I click on "Export", it shows me, that there are overflowing frames (I click on Ignore and Continue) and then the Export-screen is shown for half a second and then the whole program crashes. Can I change something, so it won't happen again?Yours (and again: thanks for the awesome program!)Dominik (Sorry, posted it in the wrong topic yesterday) https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/69121-crash-when-you-want-to-export-a-document/
  25. Hey! I really loved working with Affinity Publisher Beta - I come from Scribus and it's so much better! So I designed a whole magazine and was able to export it to PDF several times. But now I'd like to export the final version - and everytime I click on "Export", it shows me, that there are overflowing frames (I click on Ignore and Continue) and then the Export-screen is shown for half a second and then the whole program crashes. Can I change something, so it won't happen again? Yours (and again: thanks for the awesome program!) Dominik