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Found 30 results

  1. Hello Folks, What am I missing? This makes no sense. I am sure I must be doing something wrong here. When I try to "Expand Stroke" on a line created with the Pen or Pencil Tool, "Expand Stroke" does not work. It probably has to do with a custom brush being used. Do some custom brushes don't expand? Thank you in advance for your time.
  2. After the 1.6 update, the expand stroke function that wasn't accurate with rounded rectangles before, now is completely broken (see screenshot of a rounded rectangle, circle, and a cog). Upd. It seems to happen only in certain affinity files, not all of them. Regards, Anton
  3. I've created a vector mask, for a vector, to make the image look degraded. How do I then combine this mask/aged look effect, so I get one complete vector layer, so I can scale and resize with no loss? Am I missing something obvious? Edit: 'Distressed Look' Chapter in Affinity Workbook p.324 should help. Any more pointers though, do let me know.
  4. Hi Affinity Team, I found a blemish when converting a line to curve shape. Can the quality of the conversion be influenced or controlled in any way? This error occurs in AD as well as in the beta version. Curve.afdesign Line.afdesign
  5. Just found this bug still lingering. Every font until this one, I haven't had any issues with Expand Stroke. Expand
  6. It's been over 3 years since this bug was reported and it still exists. Basically thinner strokes don't expand properly and straight lines become curved, making it impossible to design pixel perfect icons. I heard 3 years back that this was high on the priority list but it clearly hasn't been fixed.
  7. In other apps like Inkscape we don’t get these failings like “Expand Stroke” in AD. Even with bigger curves we get inaccuracies in AD. t1.afdesign
  8. Not really expected/logical that the accuracy of vector commands like “Expand Stroke” depends on the chosen “DPI”. Will this behaviour be corrected?
  9. Hi, I have a problem. I have a logo and some parts of it are made of strokes. I want to expand them to curves but when I use the expand stroke command the curves on the stroke become not smooth. Any solutions? The logo it´s like a flower and don't want to manual touch every point or use the pen tool to trace every stroke. I have tried the convert smooth button but I what I get is not good too. I´m using The RC1 Thanks After the smooth curves button: This is the logo part in full view:
  10. I've been using Affinity Designer since its inception. Sometimes it really does help with illustration-based tasks, making it faster to work with than Adobe Illustrator. However, the "Expand Stroke" function is still terrible even after several years of development. Has this feature been entirely ignored? This is an example of what I'm talking about: After creating a stroke with the Stroke Pressure modified, I attempted to use "Expand Stroke." As you can see, the nicely rounded stroke converts into something pointy like a dagger. I searched through the forum for help, but all I found was a trail of complaints regarding "Expand Stroke" going back to 2014. With 2017 almost finished, it would be GREAT if this got fixed. Looks like my "timesaving" approach by using Affinity Designer rather than Adobe Illustrator is actually going to cost me a bit of time.
  11. I'm trying to figure out what Expand Stroke actually does. I'm going through the Affinity Design Work Book, and on the Logo Design chapter there is a tutorial about nesting vertical lines inside the shape of the logo. But surely I can do that just by having 'no fill' in the logo layer, and just nested my lines in that layer. I'm just trying to get my head around why I am being told to 'Expand Stroke' quite a few times in this tutorial.
  12. Hi Guys, Is it possible that the expand stroke option (and some other text options) is not available anymore in 1.6 beta 4? Thanks! Michiel
  13. Hi All, First of all, let me tell you I love designer more and more every day. As I work more and more with Affinity Designer (coming from Illustrator), I run into some annoyances that force me to switch to illustrator once in a while. While some are just missing features that will be addressed in the future, this one —I think— is a bug. When I draw a circle (or any other curve) and use "Expand Stroke" in the "Layer" menu this is the result: While I would assume this as a result: Way too many anchor points are added and make the curve almost can't be edited easily after expanding. Is there a way I can avoid these issues? Or is this something you can fix in future updates? Hope this explanation makes sense to you. Please let me know if you'd need more details or examples!
  14. In this tutorial I'm gonna show you how to draw a simple paper clip in Affinity designer. In the first step we will draw the single paper clip as a curve and will use the actions break curve and join curve. With the pen tool we will extend the curve so that it looks like a real paper clip. In the second step (8:18) we will link two paper clips together. Therefor we will use the function expand stroke and the operations devide and add. In the third step we will use a rectangle as a clipping mask to create the drawing for the closed paper clip brush (12:38). At 16:12 I'll show you how to export the paper clip drawings as transparent png files. Creating different brushes in AD and AP will been shown at 18:05.
  15. i used "expand stroke" and then i saw this (see attached file) .. the same thing happens, when i export as eps or pdf, as soon as i export the file, all lines are automatically converted in to "expanded strokes" .. so i have no choice .. i hope i did something wrong, because otherwise i cannot use this software :-( i expected a rounded bezier curve .. how do i get that in AD ? .. can anybody please help me? is there something i need to change in the preferences? is it a bug or will it stay like this?
  16. Hi there, just wondering if we're going to see a way of converting brush strokes to outline, in fact... making the whole outlining of artwork easier? Or am I missing something? At the moment having created a pattern with a new brush stroke I cannot convert to fill or outline it. thank you for any suggestions r
  17. Hello Affinity Team, I just discovered an annoying bug when using Expand Stroke. I'm having a Stroke that uses custom pressure to vary the Stroke Width along the path. When Expanding Stroke, the curve tip doesn't convert correctly. Here is before conversion and after: Before After Can you fix this please? Thank you very much, Philippe Côté
  18. As a FreeHand jockey whose 32-bit MacBook Pro finally went to its reward, AD is exactly what I've been looking for. So far, the beta performs beautifully. Very few problems. Amazingly stable for a beta… Huge kudos to AD developers for this wonderful program! When it's released, I'll be the first in line. The FreeHand tools (or facsimiles) I'm hoping for include: Add points & simplify points Envelope warping (or some kind of object-distortion tool) 3D rotation (perspective tool) Fisheye lens Roughen effect Expand Stroke, Stroke to path & Inset path Text flow around objects, along paths & flow between text boxes Multiple pages, with a scratch area for layout design work A lot to expect, I know. But when Affinity Designer can do these things, then it really is adios, Illustrator... I've heard that AD developers may be working on opening Freehand files. If so, then I DO believe in Santa Claus! Also, IMHO, pro-level CYMK prepress isn't a big priority since the vast majority of users (even Illustrator users) don't do 4-color publishing. Thanks again for filling a big hole in the Mac vector sphere...
  19. What about a quick expand button for stroked objects? I do this a lot and quick button to perform an expand stroke and union of parts would be great.
  20. I need to export svg icon and they said that the solution did not support the stroke. But i drew the icon with stroke, so i expanded the stroke. But the shape became a little fatter than it should be !!! This is so upset because i have 50+ icons to export. Does anyone have this kind of question before.
  21. Hi there! Does anybody else have experienced the following? I drew a straight line with the pen tool, with a round cap on it. When I expand the stroke it gets really curvy and not like how it suppose to be like when I drew with the pen. You can see it in the image attached, the bottom line is still an stroke and the upper line is expanded. Thanks in advance
  22. Hello everyone! I don't know if this occurs on this case but expanding stroke damage the straight lines. I've copy/pasted the same shape into AI and there were no damage when expanding.
  23. Hi! I had this path: Then, I applied “Expand Stroke”: I guess the problem is clear. I used the latest Mac Store version to create this. Please check, if you can reproduce the issue: bug.afdesign Thanks!
  24. Good Morning, I'm having a heck of a time with Expand Stroke. I've been all over the forum and I still don't understand. Attached is a Geometric Eye. I want to make all the segments an individual shape so I can color each one differently. I honestly made it work once last week. I got everything to connect to make every segment it's own shape. And then I lost it. I've been all over the forums again, looking at every topic on expand stroke and I cannot, for the life of me, recreate what I did. Is there a tutorial out there or a Mov? Thanks for all your help. Bill 32 division Circle1.afdesign
  25. Hello, I'm trying to get back into drawing and found this program. I downloaded the trial version and have outlined a screenshot, but I can't seem to find the expand stroke option in layers (like how the other forum posts explained). Help please?