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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I have created a layout but I cant export in PSD and other format, the size is 5370 mm x 2469 mm 300 dpi. Im having problem exporting big sizes. Attached below is my layout design. Global Rise Group World Map.afdesign
  2. Hi, I am encountering a lot of ERRORS and system falling without saving the work. It seems to me to be it something like 1 out of 4 opened sessions that it falls unexpectedly.... And honestly that is a lot.... usually I loose some work, not a lot, but still, for professional usage it is hard for me to catch up with the time missed. I know I am filling it up a lot, but I think it is not others do not do - cca 1.5GB a file and my PC is quite capable of holding such application (i5, SSD, enough RAM....). Otherwise good SW, I like it, not thinking of returning to P....S... Thanks guys for support ;) Jindra
  3. I am having a difficult time "going backwards". I don't always seem to be able to use the (. < undo) command - sometimes it doesn't have any effect. How can I de-select individual edits and/or delete a line in the history index?
  4. Excited to try Affinity Photo, but upon opening I get no toolbars or topbar and just see a grey box with the image in. Tried reinstalling, reset computer, hit tab, ctrl shift something that was recommended, and just dont know what to try. Anybody know a fix? Images attached! Thanks, Sam
  5. 1. When i press ctrl+c to copy with a lasso selection active, no matter what you do it copies the entire layer. It should copy just the contents within the selection lasso. (Photo) Is there a way to do a lasso selection and then do > copy select to layer? This is one of the most common actions used in Photoshop. 2. When I attempt to fill a layer it doesn't do anything? (Photo) video link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ay10mllt0tfw77a/BrokenFill.mp4?dl=0 3. It appears i can not set the brush color without it automatically adjusting the color of my entire image....why is this? It appears broken and rather serious in my opinion. (Photo) 4. If i open multiple files by dragging and dropping them into Photo and then try to eye-drop a color it crashes the program. video link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sulm3lc7qr7vwig/eyedropper_crash.mp4?dl=0 DOWNLOAD the videos from my dropbox for high quality.
  6. Hello everybody, i am having lots of problems with my newly purchased Affinity Designer :( I used the free trial for the last week and really liked AD. Today i purchased the full version on the App Store. Now i can’t use AD anymore. Here are the problems i know of so far: 1. I can’t open any AD files i created with the trial version. Nothing happens if i click on a file. 2. I can create but I can’t save new files. I keep getting this message: "Failed to save document: <Untitled> Save failed because the file path that given was not valid." This happens regardless of the folder i choose to save the file in. 3. AD crashes whenever i try to place a file inside the file (like a scan of a sketch). So, what can i do? Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Henry