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Found 102 results

  1. Hi All, I recently got Affinity Photo to stitch some panoramas I've shot and I'm starting to get frustrated. I shoot 360 tours so I'm always on the lookout for new photo stitching software, but I'm not exactly ecstatic about the results. When I upload a folder of about 82 photos and hit stitch all I get is a light blue rectangle with just a little bit of one photo in the middle. All the photos have sufficient overlap, probably about 80%. The photos were shot in brackets, but I converted them to singular HDR photos. Is there a solution to this problem. I was thinking maybe some way to force all photos to be in one panorama, like Autopano. I was pretty excited to use AP, not going to lie. The features like roll correction and autofill are pretty amazing, I just hope I can connect the photos so I can use those features. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. So I recently downloaded Photo and Designer on my new PC. Before, on my old computer the programs worked fine. This time though whenever I'd open up these programs they'd crash once I'd click new document or anything on the usual pop up.
  3. Whenever I draw a line in designer with my huion tablet the lines end up wobbly and bumpy with too many anchor points, is there anyway to fix this, maybe settings I don't know about?
  4. Hi, I'm learning some digital painting techniques and hoped to use Affinity Designer for my work. However, I'm experiencing errors when using my pen tablet and light pressure during faster work. Basically, it seems as if: 1. Clicks are registering and therefore leaving single circles/stroke shapes at random times 2. The drawing isn't starting at the beginning of applying pressure, but rather, after a short amount of movement. Here's a video: Can anyone shed some light on this issue? I'm not experiencing the problem in Photoshop or Krita. Thank you.
  5. I am having an issue with exporting a file as a PDF file of any type. At one point the PDF export included strange characters for text, now I am not able to export the PDF at all. I receive an error message that says "An error occurred while exporting to:" I have even tried to export to an external hard drive.
  6. Hi, My app kept crashing while I was editing. So I decided to delete it and reinstall it. But all my files were gone!!! Total panic!! Luckily I had an old cloud backup so I could save most of my files. My how on earth can I reinstall Photo without losing my files (I hope nog saving and exporting them one by one, there must be an other way!).
  7. Hello Iv just started using Affinity Photo to composite my renders. When I go to export a PSD file choosing any preset, I get a error and it fails to export? System: Windows 7 64bit pro 32gb ram 5930k cpu gtx 780 6gb Thanks, Dan
  8. Hi all, I have designer installed on 2 machines and I cant export any type of PDF from either. I have searched the forums a lot and all the answers are different to solve the problem and they all don`t work for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The file is attached. Thanks in advance Core Standards Sep 17.afdesign
  9. Hallo and Regards to all the Affinity Community and Forum: Well, I just bought Affinity Designer a few days ago and the installation was ok. I decided to buy it after testing the Demo, because the demo run perfectly. Then uninstalled the demo and installed the real soft, but every time I try to create a new document (doens't matter what size or ppp, etc) it gives an error, reported at the botton. What`s happening if it's the same situation than before, the same hardware and computer? -I'm using windows 10 64 bits Home version 1709, on laptop ASPIRE 3830TG -Nvidia Geforce GT540M CUDA, with driver version 388.43 Error reported as: 7e26f947-6625-4890-81a2-ce04a1206993 I don`t know what means. the program itself allows you to send a report with your email but since now, I have not received any answer yet. Even I contacted Affinity Twitter profile, sending a tweet but no answer received at all. Could someone help me? Thank you in advance. Hola y saludos a la Comunidad Affinity y Foro: Recientemente he comprado la licencia del programa Designer, pero tras desinstalar la demo (que funcionaba perfectamente) e instalar el programa completo, resulta que me da un error al crear documento nuevo. Siempre que creo documento nuevo, por lo que no puedo hacer absolutamente nada. No importa ni el tipo de documento, ni el tamaño ni la resolución, nada que yo sepa. Da el error sin importar esto. Es extraño, pues la demo funcionaba perfectamente. Mi sistema es el que figura arriba descrito y el error lo dejo bajo estas lineas. Agradecería que alguien pudiera ayudarme al respecto, pues esto me preocupa, después de adquirir la licencia no puedo hacer uso. Los mensajes enviados desde el programa, cuando se produce el error no han sido contestados en modo alguno. Igualmente me he puesto en contacto con la cuenta en Twitter que tiene Affinity sin recibir contestación alguna. Gracias de antemano.
  10. At first, Affinity Designer lags while I'm working on a project. After quitting the program. It shows an error whenever I try to reopen it. I've uninstalled the program and tried to reinstall but this time it doesn't install at all. I'm using Window 10 I've also tried to download twice from your website but to no avail. What should I do?
  11. Hi, yesterday I shot a panorama of a sunset and decided to try and use affinity photo to stitch it together. After uploading the images, this is what I got: Is there something I am doing wrong or is it just a bad panorama? Thanks, Jayvin.
  12. Hello, I'm having an issue opening PSD files created in Adobe Photoshop CC2018 via Affinity Photo v1.6.6. I get a parse error when attempting to open the file, I couldn't seem to find any documentation of what exactly the error is referring to? Thanks! Connor
  13. Facing layout problem while typing or pasting foreign language like Arabic, Hebrew, Bengali, Hindi etc. check the attachment example...
  14. Hello, whenever i start up Affinity Designer it notifies me that there is an update available, but when ich click on "Download" all i get is the following text: "An error occured while opening the following URL in the Web Browser:" followed by a "Close" Button. Any ideas why this happens? AD still works just fine, as always, it just wont download the update. Note: I translated the error from German, so it might not be exactly the same in English.
  15. Hello, I am working on a poster for a school project using Affinity Designer. I am trying to export it to PDF but I keep getting the following error message: An error occurred while exporting to: /Users/Michael/Desktop/GEOL429_poster-II copy.pdf I've searched the forum for similar issues but I couldn't find any (or I'm terrible at searching). It's probably the largest file I've worked with (dimension-wise) at 1.5 m x 0.9 m, which is probably why it's not exporting. But I made one back in December at 0.9 x 0.6 m that was almost certainly a larger file due to using more graphical content. I was wondering if anybody had run into this problem before or had any possible solutions? I have trouble believing that Affinity Designer is not capable of this task (since it rocks at everything else). Thanks for any ideas.
  16. I'm trying to export a jpg image edited in Affinity to an existing folder/s. An action which has been successful in the past. This time I'm getting the error message - "Output folder cannot be created".
  17. Hi, I recently bought the Affinity Designer Workbook and have really been enjoying the practical examples and working my way through it. Just a minor error that I'm not sure has been reported or not (I don't have Facebook or Twitter to contact directly so posting on here) but I noticed a formatting error on page 109 - half of the words at the start of each line seems to be cut off a bit. I included a screenshot below. I have to say that the book is excellent so far, I've always found most design software to be quite intimidating and time consuming to learn but the workbook is getting me to grips with the software really quick and it's been surprisingly intuitive to use. If I notice anything else as I work through the book, I'll use this thread to continue posting.
  18. First and foremost, Hello! Happy to be here with all of you, and I look forward to being part of this community! I know there are alot of installation posts on this forum, but I could not find an answer to my issue. I currently am running windows 64 bit, with all drivers, updates, and software up to date including direct x. When trying to install affinity photo my installation hangs up on the starting screen : I have tried restarting the program only to get the previous setup bug so I had to clean out windows temp and windows temp installer and try again. I also re downloaded the file and such. Can anyone help with ideas other then disabling antivirus (also already done)
  19. I'm trying to export a mockup for a site to the dev with all the fonts / styling & spacing intact to PSD since the dev doesn't use Affinity. Been trying various ways to export it and still yields no results - pretty frustrated. Please help, thanks.
  20. Affinty Designer when I press Save and the computer has no access at the moment to the storage medium e. g. in my case the network hard disk. So he gives an error message that he cannot save and closes the unsaved file.... The solution would be: instead of closing the file without saving it, it should simply leave it open. This allows the user to specify a location of his own. System: Windows 10 Affinity Designer:
  21. Hi, I'll write here all the wrong translation that I will found on the two programs! Thanks! Photo: ABILITà "Salva" su file PSD importati - to be - Abilita "Salva" su file PSD importati (In Preference -> General) Seleziona - to be - Selezione (in Photo Persona) up between Livello (Level) and Disposizione (Disposition)) Designer: Seleziona - to be - Selezione (in Photo Persona) up between Livello (Level) and Disposizione (Disposition)) Smarginatura - to be - Pagina al vivo (in Document Setup)
  22. I live in an area where my internet connection is intermittent and I have repeatedly tried and tried downloading a sample only to get a timed out download error resulting in the download to start back to zero... Could you please provide an external link to the samples? It would be so much appreciated!
  23. Hi all. Thank you for your work on Affinity Designer. When I hold down the "Zoom Out" Hotkey, SPACE + COMMAND + ALT (or SPACE + ALT) it plays an error "beep" sound effect on repeat. Thanks again.
  24. Hi, after the update to i have an error when i want to edit the font of the text (screenshot in attachment) Is anybody have similar problem or is there a way to fix this? My OS: Windows 10
  25. Hello, I noticed that when I copy/screenshot an image from a website or a graphic software and paste it in the AD, it generates different colors than the original image. Is this a bug? OS: Windows 7 Software version: 1.6. File example (attachment): The top images are copy-pasted from other sources (screenshot, copy image from website or graphics program). The bottom images are imported by dragging the saved image on the desktop into the software with the original color.