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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, I am trying to save a document (publisher) I just started and keep getting error messages: Save failed because the file could not be written to. Does anybody know what this means and how I can save my document? I am using the latest version of affinity and Mac, thanks, petra
  2. I'm getting this very unhelpful error message when trying to export my Adesign or Apub documents if more than one page / artboard.
  3. I'm on Affinity Photo v. with Windows 10.1093. For the last week or two, I've noticed that I can't open my older .afphoto files (not older than 1.6) anymore that have layers in them. I have stored most on an external hard drive. I've tested trying to copy to C: drive, but I get the same fault. On clicking open, the attached error messages flashes across the image, which I can see is loaded in the background. The dialogue closes and the file remains unopened. Please assist asap as I need access to my work.
  4. I installed Affinity Design yesterday and I got it installed. However, every time I try to open Affinty, the attached error message pops up and tells me that I need to download the version of .NET Framework in order to start the program. I followed the link and downloaded it, and I kept getting the same message. I restarted my computer, 'Installed as an Administrator' and nothing seems to work. I have even un-and re-installed it and there's been no progress. Any ideas would be much appreciated.
  5. Warning message: This would be more helpful if it stated the reason (in my instance because the PDF file with that name was already open in another application).
  6. Hi Support and team, I am facing a new problem now days. every time when I close the application then a message appears "Quitting ! At least one file is currently being opened. Please wait for files to load before quitting the application." I am surprise when all files I have close then why it is comes and application not close. And then I have to close it by task manager help. Today I have install Affinity photo (Beta) and still problem comes. If I open application and close without do any file open or work It also comes that time. Thanks, Chetram Kumawat
  7. Hello, My name is Jana, I'm from Germany. I bought Affinity Photo about two months ago and everything worked out fine, I found no bugs. Until around last week suddenly I pounced on the following: 1. I clicked on the desctop Icon to open the program as usual 2. It showed the normal loading design (first Picture) 3. It displayed the following error message: (see second picture) 4. The Service terminal opened (third picture), where I should enter my email address and then describe my problem, which I did two times. Since then, no feedback from Affinity Photo and I find no ways in the internet or elsewhere to solve the problem. EDIT: Someone in the forum advised to upload the crash report files. I attached them as well, I don't know which one is the right one so I included all four. Could you tell me what it is and what I have to do now, in order to make it work again? My assumption is that the upgrade may be the cause, but I am not sure as I'm no tech-freak at all. I just want the program to start and work ;). Thanks in advance for your help! Cheers, Jana 1ec90406-9504-485d-9437-cabe08e85dae.dmp 9cd1bcf1-e811-4e6c-8882-47e887a553d5.dmp 64e0f4ba-c220-4e0a-a431-26dbaff881a1.dmp 0437a731-30b8-4154-8faf-fbcd9a15ed97.dmp
  8. Hi iPad Pro affinity unable to export images dbqueued upload manager error domain...... as a working photographer this has ruined my day any help please. thanks Jon
  9. Hi I am getting the operation could not be completed DBQueued upload manager error domain error 0. i am a working photographer and this has ruined my day all works fine and then boom cant get my pic out. any urgent advise please. thanks Jon.
  10. The file I was working on since two days just broke after saving it. It is not possible to open it any more - "The file type is not supported." It seems like the file size has shrunk down - but that's just a guess..
  11. I can't see another thread that mentions this problem, so here goes. I've been playing with stacking photos, which looks to be a very useful tool, as well as great fun. But if I try to change the stacking method without expanding the stack ... ... Photo crashes with this Windows error: When Photo restarts it gives this message: If I expand the stack before changing the stacking method, everything is fine. I take it from the messages that the details have been sent to you, but I thought I'd put my two-penn'orth in anyway. I'm running Windows 7 on a Toshiba Satellite laptop.
  12. Greetings. I created a file IN Affinity Photo. When I export the .afphoto file to a PSD and go back to open the PSD in Affinity, the file does not open, with the error message "The File Could Not Be Parsed." I created two files (inside and outside of a matchbook) and my local printer could only open 1 of the files. Why would this one (randomly) not work? Again, when I go back to open it in Affinity, I get the error message, "The File Could Not Be Parsed." Thoughts? Thank you.
  13. Greetings, Great Creators of Affinity Photo, I finally updated my 27" iMac to El Capitan, however Affinity Photo keeps telling me that it needs version 10.3 to download, and I keep getting "download error" messages each time I try to update the program. I bought the full version shortly after it came out and have it running on my MacBook just fine and it's been running El Capitan shortly after its release. I should be able to run this app on two computers, and don't understand the problem. BTW, there is one other update that won't download and is giving me the same error message -- it Apple Configurator. Keeps saying it needs v 10.3 instead of the 11.3 (or whatever we are currently up to). I love this application and am anxious to use it on my more powerful machine - the 27" iMac is an i7, 344 GHz, with 16 gb of DDR3 RAM. It should have the required specs to run this app with ease, given that my MacBook Pro is an i5 2.7 GHz (or at least that's processing speed number that pops into my head right now) It also has 16 gb of RAM. Any suggestions on how I can go about getting my purchase to download correctly on the iMac??? I thought about deleting it entirely from my apps folder and trying to download it as a new purchase, however, I wanted to check here first for advice. Thanks so much in advance!! I am a professional photographer, having done much political event, photojournalism and other work on and around Capitol Hill in DC. I am currently disabled and am working on my fine art images that I have taken over the course of decades, and haven't seen the light of day as of yet. Lana aka "Ms. Focused"
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