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Found 11 results

  1. I just found that "Replace Document" doesn't do what it is supposed to for this scenario: I have a large Designer layout (a poster) I have an embedded document, also created in Designer (a beanie) I have an updated version of said beanie on my disk Selecting the object and pressing "Replace Document" lets me choose the updated file, but it doesn't actually update inside of Designer. No biggie, but I consider this unintended bahaviour and hence a bug. WIN 10 1809, AD
  2. Another essential feature I would like to suggest is the addition of vector and other objects on a line or in a frame of text thus it can flow with the rest of the text.
  3. I am trying to use a PSD template. Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo both open the document. It is a template meant to show how my png files will look on tshirts and other items I sell on redbubble.com. The tutorial they have is on Photoshop. I cannot recreate what the video shows on either Affinity product. Help? The document has a layer that you are supposed to click on to open an embedded document which will be your png or jpeg design. They describe it as a smart layer. It says to replace what is in that layer with your design. Usually what is in the layer says "Your artwork here." I cannot figure out a way to do that. Here is the link to the documents and video tutorial. I hope someone can help me. Otherwise, does anyone know of a tutorial I could follow to do the same thing on either Affinity Product? Showing what a design would look like on a t-shirt or other item? http://blog.redbubble.com/2016/09/introducing-artist-promotional-templates/ http://blog.redbubble.com/2016/09/introducing-artist-promotional-templates/ RB_Unisex_Shirt_template.psd RB_Laptop_Template.psd
  4. Hi, I desperately try to find out how I can recreate the packaging example in the 1.5 promotion video: -> Minute 1:10 How can I perspectively transform in AD? How can I wrap the design around the box? (Are there multiple instances of an embedded file in the example or is it just one single file wrapped around the box?) I would be really glad if somebody could help me with this issue. Maybe anyone knows a tutorial for this? Thanks in advance! Great software btw :)
  5. Hi, When I watched the affinity designer promotional video on their website, I saw that they somehow were doing real-time 3d embedding on a shoebox for a fiction company. I know how to do real-time embedded document editing, but it looked like they were designing it on a flat surface, and then it appeared on a 3d looking shoe box. Thanks for any help you can give me! :) Here is the link to the video https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/designer/ It is around 1:12 into the video.
  6. I am a regular user of Page Plus X9 and have used the legacy Serif programme Photoplus to edit embedded images in Page Plus. I have just purchased Affinity Photo and have added it to the list of external programmes that Page Plus can use for editing. When I select an image and get Affinity to edit it I do not seem to be able to save it back into Page Plus. Photoplus "understood" that the image had come from another programme and "asked" me whether I wanted to save it back there. Have I missed something or does Affinity Photo not have this capability to react with Page Plus?
  7. Hi, In LibreOffice I have the option to embed the fonts used in creating a document in the document file (for those interested, you'll find it under the "font" tab in the file properties). This has as advantage that someone else working on that document can also work with the fonts used without having to explicitly install them - they remain contained in the document and are only available there. Would it be possible to have such also available for AD and AP? If not, is there a way to get a list of fonts used so it can be checked if they are available at any other party involved in the workflow? Thnx ! :)
  8. This might be dreaming, but I wondered if it's possible to embed .psd files and have the default behaviour on double clicking them to open them in Photoshop? I often have to use mockups, and embedding is not a feature I've used before. AD can open the .psd file, but it doesn't work with smart objects, it seems. What I'm trying to do, finally, is put together a series of templates (often I need to show things in similar ways) and be able to just double click in AD and go to that embedded file in Photoshop, where I can edit the smart layer and save. Any way to do this? Until now I just select mockups manually, create my image, and put them direct in AD files.
  9. Hi, I'm trying desperately to ditch Photoshop but have a couple of issues I am having problems recreating in Affinity Photo. I am trying to create a mockup file that has a framed image in perspective in a hall - imagine an art gallary view looking down a corridor. I have all the frames in situ, but want to be able to add and change the content of those frames from embedded images that are then transformed with the perspective tool. This I can do manually, but I'd like to be able to get the embedded images in position then be able to easily change the embedded file for new images which automatically update the perspective in the main image. I create lots of digital art and like to frame it in a realistic looking setting so need to do this on a regular basis. In Photoshop I would have used a smart object to do this easily but am having trouble in AP - as soon as I apply the perspective tool the embedded photo seems to be frozen and no longer am I able to replace the embedded image and have it update in AP. I noticed a video tutorial in AD about placing a logo on a billboard and then changing the embedded file, but there doesnt appear to be a perspective tool in AD so again I'm stuck. Anybody out there solved this one? Regards Gareth
  10. Hi, I'm trying to replace Photoshop with Affinity Photo, but I'm kind of stuck in my process right now. I've read smart objects are on the roadmap, but I'm trying to figure out if I can just use the current feature allowing to embed an image. So let's say I want to make a basic compositing with two pictures in the same file. I have "placed" my two picture A and B, on the left and the right side, and grouped them. Now I have duplicated that group, switched A and B to get B on the left and A on the right. I there any means to have A replaced in both group if I "replace image" ?
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