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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, Hi, Moin! I described my issues regarding the PDF format but they may apply to all other formats and also Images. (In example like improved the linking function etc.) I encountered following bugs: Pdf Bugs Fonts which are used and embedded in the PDF but not installed on the System are not displayed. No matter if PDF is embedded or linked. Preflight notices it but a button only links to the font manager wich shows everything is fine (since it only shows font issues in the afpublisher file). Using the embedded font/font Letters like a PDF reader may be a solution. Linked PDF cant be edited anymore like in the usual way of double clicking it. PDFs should be editable if embedded or linked. When a font is not installed and only embedded in the PDF, Replacing the fonts, creating vector paths from the embedded font, or using the embedded font/font letters may be a solution to continue the workflow anyway. Not a Bug but: Please make it more comfortable to relink ressources in the document. Like if the tree structure of the files and folders remains but with a change to a new location (a new drive). In example Lightroom searches for more missing files in same directory that has been used to relink another file. Sorry if some of the terms i used regarding Affinity Publisher doesnt make sense ... im not using the Affinity Suite in Englisch but in the latest Version 1.8.3
  2. A big problem for me is the fact, that I cannot place PDFs in APub with embedded fonts that are not installed on my computer. Well, I can place them but they don’t look like they should, because the missing fonts were replaced! In a magazine I have to place a minimum of 70 ads that I get as PDFs from multiple customers. I only have to place them onto my pages within the editorial content. And they have to be ‚as they are‘ when it comes to printing. It’s not possible to tell all the customers: "Please give me all the fonts you have used"! So please make it possible to use PDFs the common way: Put a PDF on a layout as it is, whether the fonts used in it are installed or not. Kindest regards Udo
  3. Affinity Publisher (and Designer) do not import PDFs generated by LaTeX properly. So far, it seems to be not influenced by the LaTeX engine (pdfLatex or XeLaTeX, for instance). First obvious problem is that Publisher does not use the fonts that are embedded in the PDF. First workaround tried by me was to install LaTeX specific fonts into macOS, and choose them in the replacement dialog, but this does not completely work (math doesn't read at all convincingly. Text works better that way, but diacritics (German umlauts) don't set correctly (the dots are set off to the left)). After some digging into the forums, a better workaround is to change the LaTeX source to use the macOS installed replacement fonts, and open and re-save the PDF with Preview. This does produce an improved import, as far as text is concerned. Math still has some problems. The equations are by now recognizable, but there are still the occasional (completely) wrong glyph used, and some sizes are wrong (for normal Roman font used within math environments). I have attached a small test file with some common elements (mostly equations). This file is done with standard pdfLaTeX and the LaTeX-specific Computer Modern fonts. As far as I checked, all fonts are embedded within the PDF. The PDF opens properly on my Windows test system in browsers and PDF readers, and prints properly. I can produce other variations, if needed. equations.pdf
  4. Will there be better support of importing PDFs created with LaTeX? Currently, Publisher (and Designer) do not work with the embedded fonts , and even if one installs special fonts and sets up the LaTeX source to use installed fonts, some PDFs (in particular containing math) do not resolve correctly, to put bit it mildly. I know a correct import is possible.
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