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Found 10 results

  1. Adding a "Update" button so the embedded document updates. I use Photo the most, because I can work both with vectors and rastered images and use all the pixel editing tools, also Photo has Live Filters. But, when I want to mount everything in artboards in Designer, and I embed my assets, they don't auto-update, or at least there is no update button. Having to click on Replace Document, find the document, click ok, in order to update changes is not practical. Auto-update would be even better but it's optional. Thank you.
  2. How can I transform an embedded document (e.g. change perspective) without it being rasterized? I saw a video from several years ago that seemed to suggest it was possible to use embedded documents similarly to smart objects, but when I try to change the perspective of a placed image, it gets rasterized and is no longer editable. ? Thanks.
  3. Is there a way we can edit SVGs that we import into affinity designer on the iPad? It is labeled "Embedded Document" once imported. I saw that you can edit it on the desktop version but I haven't found anything about the iPad version. Thanks in advance for any help!
  4. Steps to reproduce, on Windows 10 16299.248 and Affinity Photo Create a new Affinity Photo document, which will be the main document Create a second Affinity Photo document, add something (a piece of text, a brush stroke, etc) and save it somewhere Drag the just created second document file into the main document, thus embedding it Double click the just embedded second document, add a Snapshot, close the document window Save the main document and close it Reopen the main document Double click the embedded second document Try to restore the Snapshot in the said second document Affinity Photo will crash The saving and reopen main document seems to be crucial, the Snapshot restoring works fine if you don't save the main document.
  5. Steps to reproduce on Windows 10 16299.248 and Affinity Photo Create a new main document Create a new secondary document, save it somewhere Drop the just created secondary document into the main document to embed it Duplicate the embedded document in any way you prefer (Ctrl + J, Alt + dragging) Double click the last duplicated embedded document, change something Back in the main document only the document you double clicked changed To force the change on others duplicates you need to zoom in and out a bit Thanks!
  6. Hello! I was trying to create a Photoshop mockup like one in Affinity Photo I just opened an image on Photo and placed a vector document which I worked on Affinity Designer. Then I applied the live perspective filter which didn't rasterize the document and worked as a perfect Photoshop smart object alternative. But whenever I try to align the corner points of the live perspective filter, the software crashes with no crash reporter popup window. And also sometimes it doesn't crash instead render the document improperly. I have attached the links for you people to take a look at the issue. Please look into this issue! I have no additional plugins installed, latest graphics drivers installed and have even tried a fresh install of the software but the issue persists. Watch this video to see AP crash when applying live perspective filter - Watch this video to see the improper rendering of the same filter when applied succesfully with no crash.
  7. If I apply a Layer Effect (tested with Outer Glow) to an Embedded Document (Affinity Photo document), this effect will always scale when I resize the embedded document, even if the option "Scale with Object" (present in the Layer Effect window) is disabled. Let me explain with my particular situation: 1. I open an iPhone mockup image and save it as an Affinity Photo document 2. I drop/drop the above image into a new document holding multiple mockups, thus embedding it 3. I apply an Outer Glow layer effect with 50px radius to the embedded document, Scale with Object option is OFF 4. I scale up the embedded document using the Move Tool 5. The Outer Glow radius is now 84.6px (for example), I expected it to still be 50px. Thanks!
  8. Hi, I'm currently placing all Material Design Icons (https://material.io/icons/) into one .afdesign file to have them handy at one place. These icons are all SVGs and Affinity Designer place these as "Embedded document". Everything works fine until I wanted to place the 488th (I hope I counted correctly) SVG. Drag 'n dropping the SVG to Affinity Designer doesn't do anything. If I use the "place" from the menu I got the error msg that the SVG is not found. When I open a blank new document in parallel I can't place a SVG there neither. It seems to be that Affinity Designer is not able to handle more than 488 "Embedded document"s. I attached the .afdesign file. You can place one more SVG but not a second one. Material Design Icons.afdesign
  9. I have several embedded Affinity Designer documents in my file, and when I export my file as a PDF, the portion of the file containing the embedded document appears pixellated and blurry in the output PDF. Meanwhile, all other components are completely sharp. When I view the Affinity Designer file in Affinity Designer, all the embedded documents appear normal: completely sharp vector images as expected. This seems like it is a bug with the export as PDF feature. Thanks! Abhimat
  10. I was watching a couple videos on the Affinity Vimeo account because I am a novice (I don't know exactly how to grade myself in design / artistic prowess) of graphic design and the such. so then I came across the IPad Affinity Designer Teaser. I instantly loved it, my eyes lit up with love, and then I thought of an app that lets you mirror your mac screen and thought that would be a beautiful mix if I could double click an embedded document and make it show up on my iPad screen through the iPad app (affinity designer or whatever the name would be as an app) and then edit the embedded document from there while it is also showing up on my mac as i edit it ! it would make embedded documents so much easier to control on this 13 inch macbook pro screen. just a little food for thought when and if the app of iPad comes. i started out graphic illustration and design on an iPad mini with procreate, adobe apps, and idraw. this would be beautiful to see the affinity app come to life :D
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