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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, i found a secound real Problem in using Affinity Photo as a replacement for our Photoshop inhouse workflow. The first and even bigger Problem is, that Affinity Photo imports and embedds PDF files printed from CAD applications as a vektorfile, and not as a pixellayer.... the reason for this is that affinity photo for sure tries to stay flexible so you can still change the curves. but in this case this is nonsense, because you allways make the changes in CAD applications. and so, you get an embedded vektorlayer, which has strong antialiasing problems in between of the fillings.. ....... i ll get to this back later in another post, even when this Problem is allready known. Just because this workflow problem, prevents the whole architektural society from using affinity photo, which is very sad and could be solved " easily" (maybe its not ?) by just importing pdfs as rasterised layers that are embedded.. just like in photoshop... (So i developed a Workaround for this by using layer effects, coloring an embedded pdf and after this putting a outline in the same color on top, to fill the antialiasing gaps..) Now here comes a good message.. in afinity Photo 1.6 i can decide to just print my contend and also the embedded pdf files and overwrite the used 300 dpi, in the print dialog, and use for example 1200 dpi. so in the printing i can get rid of the antialiasing seams inside the pdf file, while i can still see them in the viewport. But the print is allright. but now the Secound problem for this post.. When using the embedded pdf, Architects often use differing colors inside the embedded file, and i need to make selections from those differing colors. THIS at the moment doesnt work .. i have to duplicate the embedded pdf, rasterise it and than make the selection from the rasterised file, use it, and afterwords delete the pixellayer.. THIS costs so much time again, that the architects in my company will kill me if i force them to use affinity photo. is there any other way to get a solution from this ? i put a screenshot for clarification to this post.. please Affinity...... Help the architectural Soziety.... there are about 130 000 Architects in Germany !!! most of them that do Competitions use this one workflow to print pdf´s and use them in Photoshop to make them better and they need it embedded... and working.. Its the one Single by far most important feature for them when they do Plans ........ (renderings are another thing).. So is there another way ?
  2. Hi there is this allready possible ? Can i embedd an external Object, for example an pdf file plotted by a cad programm, combine several of them into my Affinity Photo document, and use these embedded Objects still linked to the original objects, so when i change my cad plan, i just have to plot out my new pdf´s, and the affinity document gets actualised instantly ? would be sooooooo sweeet... greetings Tom
  3. Hi everyone, can anyone help us please ? In my architectural company, my Collegues have develloped a smart workflow using Autocad and Photoshop, to easily bring Changes, that happen all the time , Back to Photoshop... in Autocad they can print all whised layouts with the needed objekts automaticaly to a folder. in Photoshop they combine the plotted pdfs to a Photoshop document.. the layer in Photoshop get their colour by a fill layer, so they doesnt have to care about colors in Autocad and are much more precice and flexible to change their Photoshop layer to the exakt color they need. No i tried to reproduce this in Affinity Photo. Everything worked fine, untill i try to use the embedded pdf file to mask my fill layer. Affinity still tells me that the now embedded pdf , used as the mask for my fill layer, is an embedded dokument, but i am no more able to use the "Replace" Button. This is essential for us for a flexible autocad - or revit- to affinity workflow... it saves us about half an hour to two hours of recombining the affinity layout, using the replacd button.. but in affinity it seems not to work... any ideas, or workarounds ? Here i pose some immages..

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