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Found 62 results

  1. How do I create a duplicate layer in iPad version of Affinity Photo?
  2. Hi I'm using the latest Affinity Designer version 1.6 from the AppStore. IIRC in the previous version when i duplicate an artboard/layer, it automatically duplicated on Export persona as a slice. This is very convenient, because i could easily modify as needed and rename it as new image name (as slice name to be exported). But in the current version when i duplicate an artboard i have to create a new slice to export. I'm working with UI assets with hundreds artboard. Each artboard could be unique but most them are a variation of previous design. It's very tedious to create a new slice, rename it as the layer/artboard each time new assets created from the duplication. Please bring back the previous behaviour, or at least an option to do so. Thanks
  3. I have an AD document with around 150 artboards. The current file size is 163.3 MB Each artboard has a character vector illustration in a different pose, to make a new pose I often use a previous one as a starting point. If I duplicate and then attempt to move an artboard, AD crashes. The work around I have at the moment is to hide all the artboards (including the one I want to duplicate) and then duplicate and move the artboards I want one at a time. I understand that this is most likely due to the size of the document. However I am hoping this can be addressed as the ability to contain an entire project in a single AD document is one of the best features. I think it's possible as my system resources are not being taxed from what I can tell. I'm using a 13-inch Mid 2012 Macbook Pro El Capitan 8GB RAM 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7 Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB
  4. I have seen some posts about this from a couple of years ago, but cannot find an answer yet. Is it possible to duplicate just one segment of a curve for use on another layer? Sorry if this has been answered before and I have missed it. Pauline
  5. An Option-drag of a selected object on Mac mostly causes the selected object to be duplicated after it gets released. I'd appreciate to use this GUI behave in Affinity. On document page view and in Layers panel, too.
  6. I am seeing a bug where an original shape changes position when I drag a duplicate from it. Here are the steps in the GIF… Draw a square. Control + Drag to create a duplicate (snapped to the right-hand side of the 1st square) Press Shift + Right Arrow to offset the 2nd square from the first. Control + Drag on the 2nd square to create a 3rd copy. The 2nd square immediately jumps back to its former position, snapped to the 1st square, as if the duplication is undoing the keypress. This is in both v1.5.3.69, and in the current beta v1.6.0.80.
  7. When duplicating and moving an object in Affinity Designer with option+drag, 3 history items are created: Transform Duplicate Transform Intuitively, I expect only one, and when "undoing" with command+z, the "Duplicate" action doesn't make a visible change, leading me to frequently end up with unintended duplicates all over the place. I think that merging these into a single history item would be a huge usability improvement. Check out the bug in a tiny screencast:
  8. Hello I am trying to duplicate one image into 4 even parts on my layer. I am not trying to split the image - rather have the image duplicated evenly into 4 or multiple parts Thank you kindly -Cunningham
  9. Hi am experiencing a weird issue, and I think I've seen this before, but for the life of me cannot remember how to work around it. Create SVG object, save to file. Create new Designer document (with Artboard, not sure if that matters). Import the SVG file created in step one and drop it onto the artboard. Duplicate the imported object. Double-click on the duplicate to edit it. It opens in a new tab. Make your edits. Switch back to the tab of the document and observe that both the original object as well as the duplicate have these edits applied to them How do I edit a duplicate object without it also editing the original? I made this recording of the problem: Thanks! ~Mike
  10. Searching the help did not produce any result. How do I draw for example a 12-leaf-daisy by only drawing one leaf and than duplicate/rotate it along a circular path? Is there any built in function like "actions" or "automatic repeat by angle and path"
  11. Hi well i upload the gif when you copy element with ALT+drag and then copy with CRTL+J the copy doesn´t take the last element distance is a weird function it takes.
  12. It took me some time to find it in the command menu. Still, there is no layer alpha lock. Have to use individual brush alpha feature.
  13. As the title describes, AD crashes when I duplicate the artboard. I saw that this happens on a Mac Version too, (see here: I uninstalled and re-installed AD but no change :(. The solution in the Mac-Forum was to delete the Symbols, which makes the file worthless. The Error Code: 0xC0000005 + Cannot start the Crash report!! Any ideas when this gets fixed?? I did spend some hours on this file whould be bad if I am loosing the work. Best regards NOD
  14. In iPad AP. I've got some pixel layers and adjustment layers. Is there a simple way to copy what I see to a new pixel layer? For example, so I can sharpen it? I can select all layers, duplicate, then merge selected. But the order of the duplicated layers is wrong.
  15. A feature I use very often in Photoshop and which I seem to be missing in Affinity Photo is the option to duplicate a layer from one open document to another. I use this feature on a day to day basis and I think it is very handy. Would be great to have that in Photo. I am a new user so I hope I didn't miss it if it exists already by any chance, but since I didn't find it in the help section I guess it isn't available. Thanks!
  16. wish file/thumbnail commands for efficiency... Duplicate Save to [iOS] Photos Export
  17. It would be helpful if i could hit the option key than click/drag the object without selecting it before. (At the moment i have to select the object on the canvas or in the layer-panel before) Its just one click less but a huge productivity step in my workflow.
  18. Hi guys, since updating to OS X Sierra I've been experiencing more and more crashes of Affinity Designer. I can now repeatedly crash the application by duplicating a certain layer in one of my files - let me know if you want to take a look at the file (preferredly non-public) or if I can provide any more details (is there a crash log?). I hope you can help me out, up until now I've been having nothing but a great experience with AD. Thanks, Ole.
  19. Hi, I am trying to do a power duplicate while rotating an ellipse. the amount of rotation needs to be as precise as possible. I and trying to create seven ellipses in a perfect circle. The attached file shows what I am trying to do. I need seven smaller ellipses equally spaced around a larger ellipse. I have created one and changed its rotation point to the center of the larger ellipse. It works fine if I manually rotate it but if I enter a precise rotation value (51.428571429) in the transform panel, the rotation point is ignored and it just rotates around itself. Thanks.
  20. Is there a quick way of duplicating layers in both Apps? At present I only seem to have found the following way: 1. Create a new layer 2. Go to the layer to duplicate - Copy it. 3. Go to the new layer - Paste in the contents of the copied layer. I find it useful to duplicate layers someimes - partly for safety reasons, but sometimes it enables more powerful editing which may not at first occur to one. Also, I'm not quite sure about some of the messages which appear about Pixel layers, and various optimisation messages re Layers - some which pop up from time to time.
  21. Hello everyone, this is a bug related to 1.5.5 version (Mac). It wasn't there in v1.5 - I can tell because I use it a lot. Looking at screen recording: drag duplicating a shape, nudging it 20px, Cmd dragging* to make a duplicate - and then it happens: the shape being duplicated snaps back 20px! Drag duplicating is the fastest way to duplicate shape / text and it speeds up many designers workflow, so please fix it ASAP. *Cmd drag or Option drag, no matter.
  22. I am not sure if it's the isometric grid or what, but when I go to duplicate an object, about 1/3 of the time it duplicates WAY away from where I last duplicated an item- sometimes in the opposite direction of the previous duplicate. Has anyone else seen this or has it been reported?
  23. Duplicate or Copy change the empty space distance btw. the lines - WHY ? PLEASE HELP No matter how I copy the group or duplicate multiple circles - the distance between the lines changes in proportion ? Why ? I want to keep the distances, how to do that please ? My steps is : 1. Drawing 10 Circles w. distance (step) of 0,5 mm (r-10mm, r-9,5mm, r-9mm ......) :blink: GREEN COLOR 2. Group this all 3. Copy and Paste OR Duplicate this Group ! 4. go to Trasfomation and change Group2 to 5mm X 5mm RED COLOR 5. FxCK look at this ... ......the Distance between the Circles is NOT 0,5mm Step. IT IS SMALLER ! :angry: 6.
  24. Hey there, Affinity Designer: When switching to export persona I get the small Attention-Icon that says: "This item has duplicate paths" although the artboard is empty and there are no paths. In the attached screenshot you can see, that two artboards above - which are also completely empty - don't get the error. Greetings, Johannes
  25. Hi, Why when duplicating a page, symbols is converted to groups and are not symbols anymore at the new page ?