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Found 9 results

  1. Hello all, I am struggling to export a design (in Affinity Designer) with drop shadow. I have text with the effect 'outer shadow' which looks great however, when I export this as a PNG, it is no longer there!? The file dimensions (if you need to know) are 7632 px by 6480 px in 300 dpi. I simply select 'export' and click PNG but don't have many options. I'm just leaving it as PNG. Not sure what PNG-8 (dithered) is or if that will make a difference? I'm using version Please help! I can't see what I'm doing wrong? Thank you all in advance Helen x
  2. Hey, just wanted to share with you my latest tutorial on Affinity Designer. In this video you will learn how to create a nice looking flat design moon in Affinity Designer. Hope you'll find it useful! Click here to view the tutorial
  3. How can i make this text effect in Designer? I've had some suggestions from an Illustrator user but I don't know how to replicate what they've done. I've tried the Effects-Outer Shadow but can't get this crisp edge or the layers to "blend". "Glitter test" shows what I was able to do so far just using the Effects-Outer Shadow... help!
  4. Why Affinity Designer can make drop shadow as effects, but when I try it was very time duplicate object and changing them. I found easier and faster way in alternative software. What I try Corel Draw drop shadow tool (I don't know languages in videos above, but image is more than words): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vy1F1owO-oU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CII84lHlV9c Drop shadow with posibility: - using blend modes - mixing effect and styles with them - using textures - using gradients it would be outstanding. Corel Draw drop shadow tool working very well. I'm started learning Corel too and is a very intuitive tool. Simply drag and adjust line similar to Affinity Designer Transparency Tool. Drop shadow tool can be as like duplication object but more automated with preset of gaussian blur and posibility making with them all what we can do in AD with other shapes fx. make shadow by drag and then adjust them by Transparency tool.
  5. I must have missed this one. In Photoshop i could make a dros shadow in the layerstyle. Where is this option in AP?
  6. Hi, in diesem Affinity Photo Tutorial zeige ich wie man Schatten erstellt. Es geht um 3 Arten von Schatten: Schlagschatten, gemalter Schatten und realistischer Schatten auf dem Körper. Das ist meine Idee „Traum ein Superheld zu sein“. Viel Spaß Ciao Jack Hi, In this Affinity Photo Tutorial, I show you how to create shadows. Here, there are 3 kinds of shadows: drop shadow, drawn shadow and a realistic shadow on the body. This is my idea of „dreaming of being a super hero“. Ciao Jack YouTube: Schatten (English Subtitles)
  7. Hi all, I've taken a PSD file (exported from CS6) and imported it into Affinity Photo. Although the import worked fine and all layers/groups are as expected, I've found all layers that had the drop shadow layer effect applied from Photoshop have had the effect merged into the layer in Affinity Photo. So I can't remove or edit the layer effect. This is the only layer effect that the PSD uses so I can't tell if it would do this for all layer effects or if it's specific to drop shadow. Is this meant to happen or is there a way I can prevent it from flattening the layer in future imports? Thanks.
  8. I've attached the simple project that I created where the bug is happening. If you want to test it. Select all, then in the effects panel either change the offset of the shadow or the angle. I'm not really sure how I got into this state. I've only been using Affinity Designer for a few hours so far. Notice the shadow of the i's in the screenshot below. Steps I took in the project (roughly): Created Text Converted to Curves Modified a few shapes (the i's) by subtracting with other shapes Grouped the rows of shapes Applied Outer Shadow effect Change the offset When changing the offset i notice that the shapes I subtracted from have the drop shadow applied at a different rate than the other shapes. When inspecting the values of each individual shape from the Layers toolbar I can see that the "normal" shapes have a value of around 30.7px for offset, while the "modified" shapes have a value of 13.3px. I could see it being useful as a sort of parallax effect, but in this instance that wasn't my intent. :) Just thought it was a little weird. Anyways, I'm loving the program so far. Thanks, Cesar Limitlis-test.afdesign
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