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Found 18 results

  1. Hallo zusammen, Ich werde so langsam richtig sauer auf Serif, keine Hilfestellung, gar nichts kommt von dieser Firma. Alles muss man durch ausprobieren und testen sich erarbeiten. Serif Drawplus 8 war wesentlich besser an Werkzeugen ausgestattet als der Designer 1.8 und auch Photoplus war besser, da konnte man selbst noch Filter einfach nachladen, und sie funktionierten auch noch. Ich werde das Gefühl nicht los die Firma Serif meint das nicht so ganz ernst. Jedes Jahr ein update und das wars dann. Rüstet endlich die Tools von Drawplus 8 nach, ihr habt den Programmcode doch. Da gab es ei
  2. Hello, I am a very longtime Serif software user. Over the years I have had the following products. Serif Drawplus 4 Serif Drawplus 6 Serif Drawplus 7 Serif Drawplus 8 Serif Drawplus X2 Serif Drawplus X4 Serif Drawplus X8 Serif Webplus 10 I still use Serif Drawplus X8 almost exclusively, though I own a more recent version of CorelDraw. I prefer Drawplus overall. I would like to move to Affinity Designer soon, however, for the past 5 YEARS I have seen threads again and again with an employee claiming that gradient mesh is on the roa
  3. Here are some layouts I created for two poems with a spider theme in Affinity Publisher ... The corner spiders were created using the Autotrace function in DrawPlus X4 from a photo I took and saved as a wmf file. I wish Publisher would support the smf file type as well. The background image was created in Corel Paint It.
  4. Hi I use PagePlus X9, DesignPlus X8 and PhotoPlus X8 can documents saved in these be opened in the Affinity equivalent?
  5. I am not an experienced user but use drawplus x6 in my classroom to create keyframe animations. When the animations are viewed they look as expected. Once they are exported as a video all the characters are black - what am i doing wrong?
  6. I am in the process of switching from a pc to a mac. I have always used Serif Draw Plus for my designs, but now have to switch to Affinity on the mac. I can not figure out how to open and edit my work from Draw Plus into Affinity. I have tried converting the files to SVG, PNG, and JPEG but I can never edit the pictures. Please help me figure this out.
  7. I started using WebPlus Started and moved to X5, X7 and finally to X8. Been very happy with the program UNTIL GoDaddy one day stop supporting the software I was uploading to my web page. With no notice just literally KICKED ME OUT And I was KICKED OUT! Question Will this be the trend from Hosting companies. I learned not long ago that even SERIF was getting out of Hosting. So what is the deal? But this is not a WebPage forum so IS AFFINITY DESIGNER Serif's substituted for WebPlus? Went to an affinity store and found some Affinity Designer Web Pages . . . and this is what prompt m
  8. Hello, Last year I purchased Serif DrawPlus and was just getting stuck into it when Lo! Affinity Designer for Windows was released! I love this program of all that I have and also still am using Drawplus too.however DrawPlus has more useful content that I would love to use in designer, as this is the program to really lean.( i have the Workbook too). Can I legally transfer some of the content from DrawPlus to Designer? Or must I use DrawPlus to use them? I Have DrawPlus X8 and Designer 1.5.xxxxx. Thank you!
  9. A question I have not seen raised yet concerns importing the vast number of DPP files I have made on Serif DrawPlus. Are there plans to enable users to import DPP files from SD without having to open Serif Draw and save the DPPs as SVG files first?
  10. I'm being a bit cheeky, I have to admit! Someone a while back pointed out that you can pass vector images from DrawPlus to AD by exporting them as PDFs. The Autotrace studio in DP is a lot of fun to play with, and these pics were put through it with suitably tweaked parameters. I imported the PDFs into AP to clean them up a little and trim any white space from the edges. I don't claim any artistic merit (except in the Dad-ist sense that I chose the originals and decided which ones to post and which ones weren't good enough). But I like the kind of near-abstract decomposition that often comes o
  11. This should support import/export of DrawPlus files, especially since DrawPlus was made by the same company. I can't currently open a .dpp file that I can in DrawPlus in any of the Affinity projects to carry them over.
  12. Installed smoothly (and remarkably quickly) on a Windows 10 system. I have some work-in-progress vector graphics (illustrations for a book) created using DrawPlus X8 as .dpp files. I thought I'd try opening one of them in Affinity Design for a road test. But I can't find a .dpp suffix in Open and I don't see an Import option. Am I missing something? Hebz
  13. I have been using Serif Draw Plus for years and I bought a set of decorative brushes from Serif which I have found to be incredibly useful when creating cards and posters. Many of these brushes are multi coloured, eg flowers etc and I often use them by creating a rectangle, choosing - brush - as the stroke, and this gives me a border with the design. With flowers it is often nice to be able to paint a scattering of flowers by just selecting that brush. I have been trying to convert a few of my Serif brushes to use in Affinity Designer with only partial success. The attached photo shows
  14. What's the main difference in these two programs? They're both made by Serif, so I'm stuck wondering why I would use one vs the other. Should they not be combined?
  15. Is it really so much better than DrawPlus? Of course this is how it is advertised, but before I buy, I would like to know. I'm using DrawPlus and I like it, but to be honest, I never felt it was serving me completely, so I see a chance here. Thanks for any feedback.
  16. I use for years the different versions of Serif DrawPlus. I have installed Affinity designer this evening. Although it seems to be nice, I noticed that it seems not possible to open or import files from serif draw plus. If this is really the case, I find that very inconvenient. Furthermore, it seems that the sofware needs a larger time to start than DrawPlus.
  17. Hi I have been a serif Draw Plus user for a while using it under parallels since moving to mac a few years ago. I have to admit that I mainly just draw line diagrams flow charts schematic diagrams of air flows etc. Does this program allow the same functionality as Draw Plus and can it open my previously created work? Paul
  18. I am new to the forum and am very interested in the Affinity program. I must say at the start. As a 16 year user, and veteran of Serif's Page Plus layout program and Draw Plus programs, I just want to put it out that really all I want is these two marvelous programs made for Mac. If you folks at Serif would just do that; I would be an ecstatic camper!
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