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Found 169 results

  1. Hello! I had this problem at least twice now, and want to report it. When using the brush repeatedly, while having pen pressure on, affinity designer freezes and crashes, after a few quick brush strokes. I tried it without the pen pressure and it works fine without it, i think. Only setting I have changes i that I disabled Windows Ink inside of Affinity Designer and on my tablet. I don't have any issues with pen pressure on Affinity Photo, so I personally think the vector brush tool in Affinity Designer with pressure sensitivity ON is just bugged. Hope you can reproduce this problem and fix it. Thanks for your time and patience! Extra Specs, just for good measure: GPU: RX Vega 56 CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 CPU Graphics Tablet: Huion Inspiroy 950P. RAM: 16 GB of something. affinitybrushbug.mp4
  2. Hello folks, My name is Dennis. I created this pixelated self-portrait a few days ago. Started it in Dottable, a pixel-art app on a mobile phone, then traced it in Affinity Designer with the grid snap feature. Then I added a few grunge textures over masked areas, imported it into Affinity Photo, and finished it off with LUT filters and monochrome noise for a subtle paper-like feel. I like how precisely the applications work together and that you can add pixel-based textures directly in Affinity Designer without having to change the application, it integrates very fluidly into the workflow. Anyway, I hope you like the result. Dennis aka MrDoodlezz
  3. So this is my first attempt at drawing and I thought I´d share this one. It´s also my first time using Affinity Photo and drawing on a digital device. I only used chalk brushes in the creation and a lighting filter on the suns and the moon. Feel free to leave your feedback on it
  4. Made with Designer and Photo. I went through the movie frame by frame for references and then came up with something that was a little modern but more anchored in the art deco design of the original movie. I also looked through Willis O'Brien's pre-production images of Kong since i wanted him to have a rougher look.
  5. https://www.bodobe.de/strichzeichnung/
  6. Latest vector/raster digital artwork. By me, an avid DC's music listener. Not commercial, personal work.
  7. Raster digital brushes artwork. Personal work. Recent one. The title on the cover says "The book that read me". By unknown author.(!)
  8. Is there a way to maintain line integrity when removing nodes in Affinity Designer? Being a Corel Draw user, I've always appreciated the way that Corel will try to maintain the flow of a line when a node is removed. It's handy for smoothing curves and areas where shapes have been joined together. Affinity Designer and Illustrator tend to really lose the shape when a node is removed so I'm always having to manually re-align the curve. Affinity Designer's node editing tools seem pretty basic when compared to Corel Draw and it's not even a recent version of Corel that I'm comparing to. The curve smoothing button has a mind of it's own, that's useless too. I've included some examples to illustrate. If anybody could recommend a solution, I'd be most grateful.
  9. Hello. This is my first serious artwork in Affinity Designer. It was made 100% vector, based on a real image.
  10. Can scale drawing also be visibly recorded on a drawing with multiple figures so that while drawing I can see how big the previous object is and can also print, for example, A4 format?
  11. Let it go, let it glow https://www.bodobe.de/mela-mondkind-mr-mautz-vor-dem-mond/
  12. A portrait drawing: green eyes and a surprised facial expression. https://www.bodobe.de/facial-expression/
  13. Been reading Spy X Family lately and ended up loving it. Just wanted to make a fun little drawing of the cutest character in the manga, Anya. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/aYgyGq
  14. Found in the archive: Old drawing "Ludwig van Beethoven - Unrest in Music" (approx. 1992), watercolor & sepia ink. https://www.bodobe.de/ludwig/
  15. Hi, I am using AD to do some inking illustrations and it's doing the best job. better than Ai. However there is one little thing that hinders the work. When drawing with pen tool I don't always need to close a path (eg drawing a human figure) But after finishing one stroke as you move far away to start new stroke it automatically joins to the last point. In Ai what I would do is hit the shortcut 'p' on keyboard and I am able to draw a new stroke without closing the previous path. in AD as a workaround now after drawing a stroke with pen tool (unclosed path) I click 'v' for move tool and then click anywhere on canvas to get rid of the continuous path, and then again clicking 'p' for pen tool to draw new stroke. This adds 2 new steps and when you have to draw a lot it is kind of annoying and slowing you down. Is it possible to refresh the pen tool by clicking p so it drops the existing stoke and you are ready to draw new stroke. I hope I am able to explain. Let me know if I am missing any setting for this.( eg. keep path selected). Think of drawing something as simple as the attached jpg. thanks and regards, Raman
  16. Vector graphic in retro poster style https://www.bodobe.de/faye-the-butterfly/
  17. Deborah Ann "Debbie" Harry was / is the front woman of the band "Blondie" and is a part of the soundtrack of my life. Through the disco-like song "Heart of Glass" I became aware of the band at the time and bought the previous albums: Punk, Wave, New York. Next to Bowie, Debbie Harry was the Icon of my youth. https://www.bodobe.de/debbie-harry-frontfrau/
  18. Well I got a new idea but instead of writing Tons of lines I just decided to open a 2 questions poll to see if my idea stands. Well, can discuss about here but answering the question would talk better while the points will stand as complementary ideas. Blessings!
  19. Another dude, a new drawing https://www.bodobe.de/another-dude/
  20. First off I mostly enjoy drawing in affinity photo. I would want to supply a small list of features which is holding my work speed back tremendously and which I find would be great additions to the affinity apps: Hover Option for the eye dropper color pick: It would be great to have an option to enable a hover color pick without clicking on the canvas after pressing alt for picking up a color. It just needs to much timing and coordinating when painting fast to press alt (assigned to stylus keys) and then click the canvas. Sometime the canvas is hit first ending up to redo one step to try to choose the color again. I would want an option to always pick up a color as soon as alt is pressed and that click and dragging then opens up the more precise view for picking colors. Color wheel of the box version: It would be great to have an additional rectangular color wheel option. Quick solution to rotate workspace: button and drag to show a compass/indicator and rotate the workspace Straight lines for brush tool by dragging a line preview: option to draw straight lines with the brush tool at the actual recorded pressure level. The line should be previewed so that the drawing angle can be adjusted until the additional button for drawing these straight lines is released, would be immensly helpful for fine lineart, as the resulting line can be previewed and adjusted. Would be a great addition to the current draw from dab to dab. Direct slider option for width, opacity, flow and hardness in the brush toolbar: Option display the sliders without the need of clicking the drop down option to display the sliders Scale slider for the UI: Something I have noticed on the work with high dpi-monitors, is that the UI is appearing pretty small. That would be very helpful also if these apps are used on high dpi smaller monitors like a surface pro. Re-sizeable dockers: More flexibility to set up your workspace Brush performance improvements Photoshop Plugin Compatibility for photoshop panels
  21. “Bernadette” is a semi-realistic drawing that I created with Affinity Designer. AD is a (truly) excellent tool for vector graphics, but it also offers the best conditions for creating drawings and digital painting in the pixel range. more about this work: https://www.bodobe.de/zeichnung-mit-affinity-designer/ Best regards, stay healthy 😌
  22. Recently I have started painting in Designer. I use a Huion kamvas 16 pro. I have the software up on my main display and basically just the file up on my tablet. I use the tablet's pen on the tablet and configurate brushes and such with my mouse on the other display. Now I have experienced several (4) crashes, losing a lot of progress. These crashes don't work like regular windows crashes but rather make the program freeze in place but dont make it have that white overlay. The only option i have after that is force closing the program. At this point the program will ask if I want to save the file but I can't answer that because the pop-up is on screen for only a split second. Specs: B450M PRO-VDH MAX Motherboard RTX 2070 Super Graphics AMD Ryzen 5 3600 @3.6Ghz 16G Ram Win10 Pro running on an ssd Thanks
  23. Hey, developers. There is a suggestion to improve one function in the program. I think that many others who draw on iPad and use the symmetry function lack accurate positioning on canvas. The symmetry guides have no anchorage and there is no way to change the angle accurately or go back to the previous position. Please add either the snap or the possibility to position the symmetry guides by numerical values. Thank you very much.
  24. Hi, I'm hoping that somebody can help me. I am wanting to turn a colour photograph into a black and white pencil drawing, but I am struggling. I'm using photos of nature, and would love the finished product to look very natural, hand drawn. It doesn't seem to matter what I do, I just can't get the look I want. Many thanks, in anticipation of your help, Debbie
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